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No accounting for Deloitte taste

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron is finding it hard to stay out of the spotlight these days


NAB chiefs at home in a scrum

CBD Melbourne-based NAB might be trading in Sydney boy Cameron Clyne for a local, Andrew Thorburn, but the major AFL sponsor still can't claim to have a dyed-in-the-wool Aussie rules fan in the top job.


Buddy system a matter of trust

CBD Let's hope the KPI's and return-on-investment targets in the merger between Winston Sammut's Maxim Asset Management and Sydney Swans director Greg Paramor's Folkestone Group are better than those...


Nicolaou eyeballs sleepout queen

CBD The cry goes out for the 2014 Vinnies CEO Sleepout although several prominent names have already signed up.

Voelte sidesteps Nexus conflict

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CBD Seven Group Holdings' takeover of oil and gas tiddler Nexus is generating all sorts of excitement concerning the conflicting roles of Don Voelte, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.


Sewer backwash hits Macquarie Group

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD Macquarie Group looks flushed with success, but one of its British investments is going down the sewer, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.


Nick Curtis' Lynas Corp stake keeps shrinking

CBD Nick Curtis is losing interest in rare-metals miner Lynas Corp, although it is not of his own volition.


Murdoch's exit adds twist to Ten reality show

CBD Just when you thought the Ten Network’s reality show couldn’t develop any fresh twists Lachlan Murdoch decides to step down as chairman and get another job with dad back at News Corp.


Channel Ten faces harsh ratings and revenue realities

CBD It might be time for the Ten Network to embrace its calling as the ultimate reality show, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.

A few gremlins in ASIC system

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CBD ASIC watchers clicking on to Greg Medcraft's speech on the corporate hound's website on Monday may have felt a sense of deja vu, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.


Sirius deal not nickel and dime

Blank CBD dink

CBD Fancy frocks could be de rigueur for this year's Red Shield Appeal charity lunch with special guest Cate Blanchett and her 'sidekick' David Gonski.


Melbourne's own Fort Knox

CBD Maybe David Jones boss Paul Zahra should sleep with one eye open after Bernie Brookes' slip of the tongue.


Leaks off the menu at Leighton lunch

Illustration: John Shakespeare.

CBD Spotted having lunch not far from Leighton Holdings HQ: Stewart Wallis, ex-Leighton CEO, Wal King, ex-Leighton CEO, and Hamish Tyrwhitt, ex-Leighton CEO.


Hold your breath for Pimco gossip

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CBD Former Pimco chief executive Mohamed El-Erian has launched his own Twitter account.

Enduring the flight of fancy

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CBD Alan Joyce will be hoping senators at yet another inquiry into the Flying Kangaroo on Tuesday night stay focused on the terms of reference, writes Carolyn Cummins in CBD.


A prayer on high may help Buddy Franklin

Sam Walsh

CBD Not even Cardinal George Pell or his equally passionate mate Mike Willesee could save the Sydney Swans, writes Carolyn Cummins in CBD.


Tearful day for Leighton's boss

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CBD Terminated or resigned, you choose, but for Leighton's chairman Thursday was a torrid day.


It's only good news for NAB's Cameron Clyne

CBD Cameron Clyne says we're talking ourselves into a economic funk and he wants to do something about it.

Clive Palmer's latest water features

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CBD Clive Palmer's new parliamentary career has not stopped other projects from progressing to plan, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.

Rupert Murdoch to be inducted into TV hall of fame

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CBD The most normal media mogul Malcolm Turnbull knows is to be inducted into the US Television Academy hall of fame, writes CBD's Colin Kruger.