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No winding down the clock at UGL

CBD - Colin Kruger - dinkus Dinkus

CBD News is finally filtering through of the walkabout in the Northern Territory a few weeks back by Westpac boss Gail Kelly.


Kathmandu's departing Peter Halkett dumps almost all of his stock

Outgoing Kathmandu CEO Peter Halkett

CBD Who needs to camp when you've got a travel budget like this to play with.

Is Glencore and Rio a match made in heaven, or tax exile?

Kolin Kruger - CBD dink

CBD They might not be talking at the moment, but what’s not to like about a potential tie up between Rio Tinto and Swiss tax exiles, Glencore.


Bank boss finally notices lighter pay packet

Blank CBD dink

CBD A managing director who is underpaid? And a bank boss to boot?

Tinkler's nag stays in colourful hands

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CBD CBD was pleased to hear that when Nathan Tinkler’s last winner on the track changed hands, it was going to another colourful character.

Sporting gigs take their Toll; just ask Paul Little

CBD - Colin Kruger - dinkus

CBD Who wouldn't want to ditch their corporate threads for the shot of adrenalin that only a major sporting code can offer?

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Luke Hodge.

CBD Women hold up half the sky as Mao Tsu-tung famously put it, which Spark Infrastructure has taken to heart with the momentous decision to appoint two more women to the board so that half of its...

No naked pride for this Air NZ boss

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CBD With airlines this side of the Tasman swimming in red ink, one of the few things the Kiwis have to worry about is the reception to the change of livery on its planes –from teal on a white...

Qantas boss Alan Joyce says ATO biggest loser from airline's red ink

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CBD CBD always thought positives would flow from Qantas posting a $2.8 billion annual loss.

Spring Carnival already has a winner in new Emirates boss Rob Gurney

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CBD With the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival just a champagne flute away, Melbourne Cup sponsor Emirates has changed jockeys at the latest juncture.

Dick Smith and hardware disasters not a blot on pay packet of Woolworths' boss Grant O'Brien

Illustration: Spooner

CBD CBD was pleased to see that, despite all reports to the contrary, it really has been a great year at pokie and grocery giant, Woolworths.

Gerry Harvey hopes for 'Magic Millions' from sale of Nathan Tinkler's nags

Kolin Kruger - CBD dink

CBD Gerry Harvey is going to great lengths to make the sale of Nathan Tinkler’s thoroughbred racing empire a success.

Fortescue, fortune and now Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has brains to match, well, an honorary doctorate anyway

Andrew Forrest.

CBD Fortescue chief Nev Power may have received an increase in base pay to $2 million as of July 1, but there are some things that money can't buy.

NAB boss Andrew Thorburn hoping it's Scotland the not so brave

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CBD NAB’s new broom Andrew Thorburn probably had enough on his plate already and didn’t really need to think of a Scottish independence vote this week.

Big cheese David Lord gets the cream at Warrnambool Cheese with $2m pay day

Kolin Kruger - CBD dink

CBD David Lord may be preparing his departure from Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Co. Hold. Ltd. but there is no disputing he is still the big cheese.


Cost cuts hit ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft's overseas adventures

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CBD Cost cutting is crimping one of the few remaining perks of being chairman of corporate pup, ASIC - the international airport departure lounge.

Festival of vengeance? Or best friends forever?

Kolin Kruger - CBD dink

CBD If Kim Williams really is persona non grata at News Corp after the embarrassing leak of its 2013 financial accounts, Sir Rod Eddington didn't get the memo.

Kiwi billionaire Graeme Hart upgrades his gin palace Ulysses

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CBD Keeping ahead of the billionaire pack is a tough game - if you don’t have the right toys that is.


Babcock boys Phil Green and Trevor Loewensohn go for frock and awe at Noni B

Kolin Kruger - CBD dink

CBD If there is one benefit to being as well connected as corporate doyen David Gonski it is in keeping a step ahead of the game.

Tough decisions for BoQ boss turned pawn star Stuart Grimshaw

CBD It appears Bank of Queensland boss Stuart Grimshaw left to pursue a "unique opportunity" with Nasdaq-listed pawnbroker EZCorp after BoQ's board and Suncorp declined a "unique opportunity" to merge.