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Lessons for the young ideas man

CBD He may not have hit the big four-oh yet, but misunderstood mining royalty Nathan Tinkler says he has learnt a few thing in his eventful life.

Mediation may end Adventures

CBD Kathmandu founder Jan Cameron has been a busy lady of late, but at least she has been spared a public examination by liquidators.


News Corp's not ready to pop pill

CBD The future might be print, but it doesn't mean the bods at News Corp are not busy future-proofing the shop.


Courting cash for novel nuptials

CBD The pending nuptials of Peter Holmes a Court have taken on a new twist with he and his intended, Alissa, using the new avenue of crowd funding.


Mike O'Donnell trading in his Trade Me role

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD Trade Me's revhead-in-residence and chief operating officer Mike O'Donnell is handing back the corporate keys and preparing for life outside of New Zealand's eBay.

Kim Dotcom offers some largesse

CBD New Zealand's answer to Clive Palmer, cyber renegade Kim Dotcom, is not letting his budding political career distract him from the business of listing his online storage service, Mega Ltd.


Lowy split gets a sporting jinx

CBD The pressure is mounting on the chairman of the renegade trust, Richard Francis Egerton-Warburton, AO, LVO, EIEIO, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.


Padded packages at the Post office


CBD It's been a busy week for Australia Post's chief postie, Ahmed Fahour.


Daredevil John Pearce laughs in the face of conformity

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD UniSuper chief investment officer John Pearce is known for being risk averse when it comes to the $40 billion of members' funds he oversees.


Public to pay for Gina expose?

CBD Do you want to be part of the journey discovering the real Gina Rinehart?


Former Wallaby out of the action

CBD When the executive scrum packs down for the newly merged Centric Wealth/Findex it will be without former Wallabies hooker and Centric boss Phil Kearns.


A live wire with boardroom nous

CBD Hong Kong venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures has crossed the final frontier by appointing a computer algorithm to its board.


Jealousy or envy? Gina Rinehart says 'jealousy-inspiring profits' essential for mining

gina rinehart

CBD Australia's richest person Gina Rinehart says that ''jealousy-inspiring profits'' are necessary for investment in the mining industry.

Cabcharge finally names names

CBD One month after the death of Reg Kermode, CBD was wondering whether the company was ready to move on.


Gina Rinehart waxes lyrical on Roy Hill project

Colin Kruger dink

CBD The Roy Hill project is under way and Gina Rinehart's dynastic ambitions for the family to operate its own iron ore mine are already drawing accolades.


Lachlan Murdoch shows a knack for paper profits

Lachlan Mudoch

CBD Lachlan Murdoch knows how to make a paper profit, even in radio land.


Breaking up is hard for DJs and Woolies

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD What's in store for Woolies South Africa as billionaire Solly Lew makes a late dash down the aisle?

Lynas Corp's Nick Curtis: Fire sale in the Vanquish hold

CBD Lynas Corp chairman Nick Curtis has put some fire into the sale of his 120-foot gin palace, Vanquish.


Lowy: no wasting money, or words


CBD We know he can afford it, but CBD is wondering if Westfield founder Frank ''Sinatra'' Lowy has thought through the implications of Westfield Group going it alone with a demerger plan if Westfield...

CBA chairman gets wake-up call

CBD In a recent interview, Commonwealth Bank chairman David 'Modesty' Turner said he was no longer losing sleep over the financial planning scandal that has tanished the bank's name.