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Breaking up is hard for DJs and Woolies

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD What's in store for Woolies South Africa as billionaire Solly Lew makes a late dash down the aisle?

Lynas Corp's Nick Curtis: Fire sale in the Vanquish hold

CBD Lynas Corp chairman Nick Curtis has put some fire into the sale of his 120-foot gin palace, Vanquish.


Lowy: no wasting money, or words


CBD We know he can afford it, but CBD is wondering if Westfield founder Frank ''Sinatra'' Lowy has thought through the implications of Westfield Group going it alone with a demerger plan if Westfield...

CBA chairman gets wake-up call

CBD In a recent interview, Commonwealth Bank chairman David 'Modesty' Turner said he was no longer losing sleep over the financial planning scandal that has tanished the bank's name.


Denials of corporate leaks full of holes

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD The launch of the AFL's indigenous round brought out the big guns in Sydney on Tuesday.

High-level chat veiled in secrecy

cbd app tues- Mathias Cormann and Ian Narev.jpg

CBD CBD's Colin Kruger doesn't know what to make of Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann's secret meeting last week.


Qantas boss Leigh Clifford returns to rock 'n' roots at mining symposium

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD At first, CBD was not sure what attracted Leigh Clifford to the Broken Hill Resources Investment Symposium, then there is the dress-up party.


Protest vote from a bored student

Illustration: John Shakespeare

CBD Uni students of Australia take heart. Treasurer Joe Hockey has been in your shoes.


Patinack buyers go for gold, again

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD We don't yet know what Nathan Tinkler will receive for offloading his threadbare nags business, Patinack Farm, but the meagre price is certain to crystallise hundreds of millions of dollars in losses...


Nathan Tinkler sells Patinack Farm

Nathan Tinkler.

CBD Nathan Tinkler has reached an agreement to sell off his thoroughbred racing and breeding operation, Patinack Farm, for an undisclosed sum to a consortium of ‘‘overseas parties from the Middle East.’’


'Genius' Coop's the king of spruik

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD Move over Jordan Belfort. The ''Wolf of Wall Street'' may have some stiff competition on the public self-promotion circuit, thanks to irrepressible Australian conman Brad Cooper.


Leighton bosses sing ole ole ole

cbd app tues  Hamish Tyrwhitt and peter gregg.jpg

CBD Don't be surprised if former Leighton boss Hamish Tyrwhitt and his former deputy Peter Gregg are supporting Spain at next month's World Cup, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.


Sex Party chief lashes zealots' budget

CBD In a budget reply that deserved more attention, Sex Party president Fiona Patten lashed out at PM Tony Abbott's federal budget.


In search of the missing millions

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD The self-proclaimed Wolf of Wall Street - convicted fraudster Jordan Belfort - faces a bit of competition as he attempts to bankrupt his former Sydney business associate Ashley Howard over a $255,000...


Wall Street wolf takes on a dingo

CBD Convicted fraudster Jordan Belfort claims a local dingo has taken his money.


Ahmed Fahour's corner post box of champions

cbd app tuesday-Ahmed Fahour.jpg

CBD Things are pretty tough for the humble postie at the moment - just ask Australia Post boss Ahmed Fahour and chairman John Stanhope, who are crying poor and hinting at a user-pays model if the service...


Rob Melhem: Personal bust amid the boom

CBD, dink and Colin Kruger

CBD So you can't lose money on Sydney property at the moment, huh?

Grange-gate update: Ray Hadley spills all

cbd app thurs james packer .jpg

CBD CBD's Colin Kruger is sure Crown's legal beagles have been looking at the nation's various casino laws and will brief James 'The Great White Hope' Packer.


Murdoch has an eye for romance

CBD Can't you just imagine Rupert curling up in bed with a warm cocoa and something a little milder than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Island paradise or Finger Wharf?

cbd app Monday-Ian Gowrie-Smith.jpg

CBD Flamboyant expat Ian Gowrie-Smith has ramped up the sales campaign for his piece of Papua New Guinea paradise, writes Colin Kruger in CBD.