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Avoiding tax is not an option

CBD You have to feel a tinge of sympathy for James Bateman over the saga of his 1 million free options over shares in the family shop, Primary Health Care.


The irksome task of a top banana

CBD The Wesfarmers chief executive, Richard Goyder, appears to be itching for a job demotion. Goyder has displayed a tinge of jealousy about the freedom his underlings enjoy in not having to front a...


Oh, what a lovely Wal, says Leighton

CBD War? What war? Leighton Holdings' majority shareholder, Hochtief, appeared baffled yesterday over reports of its alleged rift with the group's outgoing chief executive, Wal King.


Gore blimey, the offer of a lifetime

CBD His father had a well publicised phobia of cockroaches and a fetish for white footwear.


Better get that crystal ball fixed

CBD Herston Economics, the think tank of which the former NSW premier Neville ''Nifty'' Wran and his business associate Albert Wong are directors, appeared to be suffering a case of sour grapes yesterday...


Seeking critical mass in a critical mess

CBD The shipwrecked hulk of the SS Mariner Corporation has provided a very novel explanation on a proposed capital injection (aka bailout package) it is set to receive from a Melbourne investment manager.


A punt on property offers rich rewards

CBD The founder of the copper explorer Cudeco, Wayne McCrae, appears to have dug up some nuggets around downtown Cloncurry, despite his company recently disappointing the market with an underwhelming...


Every corporate watchdog has its day

CBD The corporate regulator has again displayed its lightning-fast reflexes by being the first to recognise something that appears to have been missed by the general market.


Mates' rates make jet hire a saving

Scott Rochfort column dinkus

CBD The Asciano Group chairman, Malcolm Broomhead, has dispelled concerns that the port and rail operator is incurring unnecessary costs by using the chief executive Mark Rowsthorn's Gulfstream 450 jet.


Sharp end of the pay scale despite losses

CBD It is a shame the loss-making safety syringe company Unilife switched its primary listing from the ASX to the Nasdaq this year.

Flush, or you'll pay the price

CBD Ill-founded rumours have surfaced that the Singapore Inc part-owned Singapore Exchange could push for an overhaul of trading and disclosure rules - and penalties - if it succeeds in its takeover of...

Haunted homeowners spook NAB's UK arm

CBD One of the National Australia Bank's British subsidiaries has revealed that demand at the haunted house end of the residential market has been hit particularly hard during the financial crisis.


Banker joins noisy Hunter gas protest

CBD Not all the arguments between the current and former directors of Macquarie Group relate just to making money and more money. They also involve wine and methane gas.


And the new Master Chef at Ten is Packer

CBD The purchase by Bondi's richest man, James Packer, of a substantial stake in the Ten Network has fuelled speculation of a possible programming revamp at the television broadcaster.


Smooth ride was down to the vehicle

CBD The Aston Martin enthusiast and ANZ chief executive, Mike Smith, has provided his most definitive explanation yet on why Australian banks pulled through the financial crisis better than their...


Name is proof of those big aspirations

CBD Bell IXL Investments, the Newcastle Stock Exchange-listed investment company inspired by the spirit of the 1980s corporate raider Robert Holmes a Court, has provided perhaps one of its most upbeat...


Help, but not on apprentice wages

CBD Getting the local host of the TV show The Apprentice to help steer around an ailing industrial fastening company does not come cheap.


Alf's Ali reference takes cryptic cake

CBD The managing director of the virtual office provider Servcorp Limited, Alf Moufarrige, is becoming increasingly cryptic in his communications to shareholders.


Catholics hail an investing miracle

CBD While Sydney's Anglicans have been bemoaning their recent poor investment choices, the Catholics have been out celebrating.

Scott Rochfort

Where have all the women gone?

CBD It is the question on more than a few lips: just how many women are in senior positions at Gail Kelly's Westpac?