Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates reports on banking and finance and is a former Canberra business correspondent.


Advice industry split on reforms

Georgia Wilkins and Clancy Yeates Critics of the government's wind back of financial planning laws are turning to a Senate report out next week.


Anger as Coalition waters down financial advice laws


Georgia Wilkins and Clancy Yeates Consumer groups and industry super funds have hit out at the federal government's decision to push ahead with controversial changes to financial advice reforms.


Banks' fees back on the rise thanks to credit cards and personal loans

Do you know how your credit card works? (Thumbnail)

Clancy Yeates Households paid more in bank fees in 2013 for the first time in four years.


Superannuation returns having another double-digit growth year


Clancy Yeates Retirement funds are on track for another financial year of double-digit returns, with the typical superannuation fund notching up growth of 12.6 per cent over the 11 months to May.


Westpac, ANZ lead commercial property lending charge

Clancy Yeates Westpac and ANZ Bank have been the most aggressive of the major banks in increasing their lending to commercial property, as banks pump billions more into a sector offering growth but also posing...


Westpac's business customers the most confident

Clancy Yeates Westpac has the most confident business customers among the big four banks, while National Australia Bank's clients are the gloomiest.


From toothless tiger to jungle king: Wayne Byres' rise to banking regulator

Wayne Byres

Clancy Yeates Wayne Byres will find himself at the centre of the biggest policy debates in global finance.


'Too big to fail' levy would make things worse, says Westpac

Clancy Yeates Westpac has rejected calls for Australia's major banks to pay a levy because they get cheaper funding due to assumptions they are "too big to fail".

Home prices outpacing earnings: IMF


Clancy Yeates Australian homes are among the most expensive in the world when household incomes and rents are taken into account, International Monetary Fund figures show.

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Macquarie Group's options perk finally fades

Macquarie Bank.

Clancy Yeates Macquarie Group staff are finally saying goodbye to one of the perks that employees of the investment bank once enjoyed.


Banks more cautious on high-risk home loans


Clancy Yeates Banks have been winding back the number of mortgages with deposits of less than 5 per cent, adding to signs lenders might have become more wary about high-risk loans.


RBA's Glenn Stevens says financial buffers needed sooner

Glenn Stevens

Clancy Yeates Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens is backing moves requiring banks to aggressively build up capital buffers ahead of schedule.


Banks to benefit on Europe's bold move

Clancy Yeates Australian banks are tipped to benefit from the shift to negative interest rates in Europe.


Europe's negative rates a plus for Australian banks

Bank vault

Clancy Yeates Australian banks are tipped to benefit from the shift to of negative interest rates in Europe, as the historic move drives more investors towards the lenders' bonds, dragging down funding costs.


New ANZ India presence expands Asia strategy


Clancy Yeates ANZ Bank is lifting its presence in the fast-growing Indian market


RBA says no need for high-risk lending rules

Luci Ellis

Clancy Yeates A senior Reserve Bank official has signalled the central bank remains unconvinced by the case for rules to rein in higher-risk lending in Australia's housing market.


Big mortgage, big discount: Major interest rate cuts on offer as competition for best borrowers heats up

REAL ESTATE AFR 050508 PHOTO BY ROB HOMER ---- real estate fro sale in the western suburbs --- generic property , for sale , real estate , mortgage , investment   AFR FIRST USE ONLY

Clancy Yeates Banks are granting deeper discounts to customers who take out big mortgages, with some lenders offering the biggest reductions in advertised rates since before the global financial crisis.


After mining, banks divert nearly all lending to finance property

Low interest rates have helped to funnel tens of billions of dollars in debt into property

Clancy Yeates Some 95 per cent of the extra credit extended by banks since mid-2012 has financed residential or commercial property, according to an analysis that highlights the lopsided nature of the post-mining...


HSBC targets migrants, wealthy in push for mortgage market

Investigation: Senator Carl Levin called  HSBC?s compliance culture 'pervasively polluted for a long time'.

Clancy Yeates Banking giant HSBC aims to double its share of the $1.3 trillion mortgage market within three years.

Foreign buyers claims mostly false, RBA says

Reserve Bank of Australia

Clancy Yeates Foreign investors may be helping to push up the prices of some Australian homes, but are probably not crowding out first home buyers, the Reserve Bank says.