Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates reports on banking and finance and is a former Canberra business correspondent.


Money talks: Banks offering cash to entice customers

Clancy Yeates Banks are increasingly offering borrowers cold hard cash in an attempt to sign them up as mortgage customers.


NAB lowers fixed loan rates as bonds fall

Clancy Yeates A slide in bond yields has pushed down banks' fixed borrowing costs, with National Australia Bank the latest lender to cut rates on a range of fixed-rate home loans.


NAB cuts fixed rates as competition heats up

NAB logo

Clancy Yeates National Australia Bank has cut a range of fixed home loan interest rates, as competition in the mortgage market heats up.


NAB's Gavin Slater on bank's shift to people power

Clancy Yeates Three years after National Australia Bank claimed it was ''breaking up'' with its rivals, its strategy is undergoing a subtle but significant shift.


ANZ chief Mike Smith sells shares to buy property

Mike Smith CEO ANZ.

Clancy Yeates ANZ chief executive Mike Smith has sold $17.3 million of shares in the bank.


ANZ boss Mike Smith sells shares to fund new property

Clancy Yeates ANZ Bank chief executive Mike Smith has sold $17.3 million worth of shares in the bank, and will use some of the money to fund a property purchase.


New ways to fund infrastructure needed, says World Bank chief Bertrand Badre

People walk past the headquarters of Swiss bank UBS in Zurich April 30, 2013.

Clancy Yeates World Bank's managing director concedes banking rules will restrict infrastructure lending.


Loan regulations too strict, says Small Business Minister Bruce Billson

APRA logo.

Clancy Yeates Minister Bruce Billson says the APRA has gone too far with rules to make banks safer.

G20 Australia

G20 pledge to hit global company tax dodgers

Clancy Yeates The world's biggest economies vow to get tough on tax dodging by multinational companies.


G20 to act to unlock infrastructure investment

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors begin their annual meeting in Sydney

Clancy Yeates and Glenda Kwek Finance ministers say they will act to unlock trillions of dollars in infrastructure investment.


Goldman executive Gary Cohn tips another financial crisis

GFC Global Financial Crisis.

Clancy Yeates Policies that force banks to withdraw capital from financial system threaten to choke growth.


Goldman Sachs executive foreshadows next financial crisis

Clancy Yeates The second most senior Goldman Sachs executive has warned the world risks sowing the seeds of the next financial crisis through regulation aimed at making banks safer.


Financial watchdog tells banks to back off

Big four banks

Clancy Yeates Australia’s financial regulator has hit back at bank lobbying for safeguard rules to be watered down.


Commonwealth Bank's Ian Narev backs tough stance on bailouts

Ian Narev.

Clancy Yeates Commonwealth Bank boss throws his support behind government's tough stance on bailouts for failing businesses, saying Australians must recognise they face a more challenging economic climate.


Commonwealth Bank ups shareholder dividend on strong profit result

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Clancy Yeates The Commonwealth Bank has delivered a better than expected half year cash profit of $4.27 billion.


ANZ defends Asia business: First quarter profit up 13%


Clancy Yeates ANZ chief executive says its big customers in Asia continue to benefit from region's growth.


ANZ Bank boss Mike Smith urges tax breaks for regions


Glenda Kwek and Clancy Yeates ANZ chief Mike Smith urges governments to provide tax breaks to businesses setting up in regions hit by the exodus of car manufacturers.

ANZ Bank boss Mike Smith urges tax breaks for regions


Glenda Kwek, Clancy Yeates ANZ chief Mike Smith has urged governments to provide tax breaks to businesses setting up in regions hit by the exodus of car manufacturers, amid fears the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in...


ANZ's improved bad debt provisions a good sign for big four

Clancy Yeates Australian bank profits tipped to receive further boost from low bad debt charges in 2014.


ANZ update points to boost for big four profits

Clancy Yeates Australian bank profits are tipped to receive a further boost from falling bad debt charges in 2014, after ANZ Bank's quarterly results revealed a significant improvement in credit quality.