Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates reports on banking and finance and is a former Canberra business correspondent.

Miners deny wiping out manufacturing

Clancy Yeates The Minerals Council of Australia has rejected claims the mining boom is wiping out manufacturing jobs, saying new employment in resources is more than making up for the pain being felt in the...

Investors warned to be careful

Clancy Yeates The corporate regulator has warned investors they face a growing risk of suffering losses.

Retailers hope nascent spending recovery will blossom


Clancy Yeates Spending rose across the economy last month, delivering a ray of hope to retailers.

Clancy Yeates

Business lobbyists likely to increase pressure to lower corporate taxes

It's a fair bet some of the biggest winners from a company tax cut would be the big four banks, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.

Clancy Yeates Business lobbyists have a simple solution to the nation's productivity woes: lower corporate taxes.

Clancy Yeates

Risky to turn a blind eye to inequality

Clancy Yeates Outrage about the widening gap between rich and poor is gripping much of the developed world, forcing politicians into action.

Clancy Yeates

Australia should not turn blind eye to growing divide between rich and poor

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates Countries that turn a blind eye to rising inequality do so at their peril.

Wealth managers call on Canberra to water down reforms

Clancy Yeates WEALTH managers owned by banks are calling on the government to water down reforms that would force customers to regularly approve financial advisers' fees.

Financial advisers want softening of fee reviews


Clancy Yeates Suncorp says opt-in rule will have people cancel financial advice against their best interest.

Credit card debt swells to record $50 billion

Credit cards

Clancy Yeates Australian credit card debt has struck a new record high of $50 billion, ballooning by almost a third in the past five years.

Covered bonds undermined by debt crisis

Clancy Yeates, Sarah Mcdonald EUROPE'S debt crisis is undermining a Gillard government policy designed to ease bank funding costs, by wiping out savings to lenders who issue covered bonds.

Non-mining states feeling the pinch


Clancy Yeates THE number of unfilled jobs has slumped to its lowest level in 18 months, in a sign weak economic conditions are deterring employers from hiring new staff.

Bonds that break banks


Clancy Yeates, Sarah McDonald Europe's debt crisis is undermining one of the Gillard government's main policies designed to ease bank funding costs.

Retail stalls despite rate cut


Clancy Yeates The last interest rate cut failed to spark the shopping spree retailers were hoping for.

Clancy Yeates

Banks assume a licence to print profits


Clancy Yeates It's always risky to make sweeping predictions but here's one thing you can count on in 2012: the stoush over interest rates is only getting started.

Future Fund urged to go green and clean

Clancy Yeates THE Future Fund's investments in tobacco and companies involved in nuclear arms production face growing scrutiny this year, as the Greens step up calls for tighter rules on what assets the fund can...

Mine profits to come back to earth

Clancy Yeates GLOBAL economic weakness has set the scene for weaker growth in mining profits this year as the nation's export prices retreat from record highs.

Mining profits to weaken

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Clancy Yeates Global economic weakness has set the scene for weaker growth in mining profits this year.

Foreign tourists spend 15% less

Clancy Yeates FOREIGN visitors have slashed their monthly spending on Australian tourism by almost $450 million in the past year, underlining the crippling effects of the high dollar on the travel and hospitality...

Clancy Yeates

Tourism industry weathers a sea change

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates If you're reading this at a beachside getaway, there's every chance the local area is doing it tough.

Clancy Yeates

An Indian summer for tourism


Clancy Yeates Visitors from the world's economic engine are helping tourism, by Clancy Yeates.