Colin Kruger

Colin Kruger is a business reporter. He joined the Sydney Morning Herald in 1999 as its technology editor. Other roles have included the Herald's deputy business editor and online business editor.

Illustration: John Shakespeare

Wal King reclaims an ASX throne at coal miner Terracom

CBD was shocked to hear that former Leighton boss Wal King still has a coveted ASX chairman's crown, and will get to test his appeal with investors in Brisbane this Thursday when Terracom shareholders get to elect him to the board for the first time.

Mingling: Gina Rinehart and Anthony Pratt at mining's Gala Dinner.

Gina dances to her own beat

Gina Rinehart wasn't going to let the Barnaby Joyce fallout from her National Agricultural Day rain out the party for her National Mining and Related Industries Day.