Colin Kruger

Colin Kruger

Colin Kruger is a business reporter focused on the retail and gambling industries. He joined the Sydney Morning Herald in 1999 as its technology editor. Other roles have included the Herald's deputy business editor and online business editor.

New Metcash grocery guru Steven Cain certainly knows how to make an impact

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Colin Kruger Metcash boss Ian Morrice has scored quite a coup with the recruitment of former Coles executive, Steven Cain.

Joe Hockey spares the stick at PricewaterhouseCoopers tax summit

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Colin Kruger When Joe Hockey speaks to the 'industrial scale' tax avoidance promoters at PwC, a sandwich is just a sandwich.

Would Gina Rinehart's old envoy Alexander Downer calm the rage at Lakes Oil?


Colin Kruger With all the battles on her plate at the moment, billionairess Gina Rinehart might need some help to cool the temperature in the board room of her unconventional oil and gas operation, Lakes Oil.

Forget Senate inquiries, IOOF chairman Roger Sexton would rather grill lobster

Export grade lobster.

Colin Kruger It must be heartbreaking when a chairman has to divide his finite day between competing interests.

Is the UK ready for the super group of Barclays, John McFarlane and Mike Smith?

Colin Kruger Britain has produced many super groups over the decades, but are they ready for the super combo of Barclays, McFarlane and Smith?

Chris Fraser's boys will need Sirius help to make their potash dreams reality

Maybe Chris Fraser could pay Sacha Baron Cohen to do a corporate version of Borat and sing the praises of British Potassium.

Colin Kruger The Fortescue alumni running British explorer Sirius Minerals may have won their own Ashes series – nabbing the right to build a potash mine beneath North York Moors National Park – but...

Nine's investors have 50 million reasons to howl over David Gyngell's $500k gain

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Colin Kruger Nine boss, David Gyngell, probably doesn't need reminding that he is more than $500,000 better off after selling some of his Nine shares weeks ahead of the May downgrade.

Boris Ganke's Southern Cross Exploration dumps Fijian resorts dream

Fiji: For many years Southern Cross Exploration has held a mortgage over beachfront property at Nadi Bay.

Colin Kruger When a veteran wheeler dealer like Boris Ganke leaves the corporate scene, there will always be a few odds and ends to clear up from the chairman's bottom drawer.

Con the Fruiterer is the answer to our Greek woes, according to PM Tony Abbott

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Colin Kruger Prime Minister Tony Abbott is leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to fend off Europe's Greek indigestion.

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CBD: Listen up, nervous nellies

Greek (centre), German (L-R) and French (top-L) Euro coins. Europe's failure to solve the Greek debt crisis risks lasting damage to the post-war dream of 'ever closer union' at a time when it faces new threats on its borders, analysts said.

Colin Kruger As the Greeks threaten to trigger the biggest financial quake since THE financial crisis, your columnist could not help but think of the recent words of former Treasury Secretary, Ken Henry, on the...

Nine chairman David Haslingden steps in for the fun ride at Ardent Leisure

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Colin Kruger The company behind fun park rides like Tower of Terror II, The Wipeout and Tail Spin, has recruited Nine Entertainment chairman, David Haslingden, to fix its share price terror ride.

Is there a white knight or a stallion riding to Woolies' rescue?

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Colin Kruger As the shell-shocked Woolies board goes hunting for a new boss, the question is, how far afield will they look for a new grocer?

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp set for more shuffling


Colin Kruger  News Corp boss, Rupert Murdoch, has not put away his corporate chess board just yet.

Aussies win the battle for the potashes in North York Moors National Park

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Colin Kruger Forget the Ashes. Australia has already scored a big win in the unlikely setting of England's picturesque North York Moors National Park.

Are you Sirius? Aussies win the battle for the potashes in North York Moors National Park


Colin Kruger Forget the Ashes. Australia has already scored a big win in the unlikely setting of England's picturesque North York Moors National Park.

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James Murdoch's career highlights do not include his start in journalism

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Colin Kruger The first day of the new financial year is shining on a very special pair of billionaire princelings who start their first day at CEO school, having been given the keys to the kingdom (on paper at...

Greece debt crisis: Crowdfunders come to rescue

Samples of a sour vodka schnapps called

Colin Kruger As the musty old world of banks and bureaucrats fails the Greek people, the digital economy is stepping in to rescue an economy on the brink.

Will professional courtesy stop Slater & Gordon being hit with a class action?

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Colin Kruger With two big share price plunges halving the value of its stock in a matter of months, it might be time to ask the big question of listed litigation funder Slater and Gordon: is anyone knocking on...

There is nothing timid about this African adventure for Frank Timis

<i>Illustration: John Shakespeare</i>

Colin Kruger Despite two convictions for possessing heroin in Australia, our shores obviously proved far too tame for Aussie-Romanian businessman, Frank Timis, who has been having quite an adventure in Africa.

An insider's book on our flying roo was always going to get feral


Colin Kruger Your columnist feels a warm inner glow every time our CBD scribbles wind their way into court documents which do not involve a defamation suit.