Eli Greenblat

Eli Greenblat

Eli Greenblat is a business reporter covering the retail and beverage sectors.

Retailers face crunch

Eli Greenblat Leading corporate restructure and insolvency expert has warned that next month will be the crunch time for many retailers feeling the pinch of higher costs and a downturn in consumer spending.

Retailers hope, but banks delay

Benjamin Preiss, Eli Greenblat, Michael Evans RETAILERS have welcomed the Reserve Bank's interest rate cut in time for Christmas but some economists believe it is too late to save festive sales.

Welcome rate cut could come too late for retailers

Christmas shopping

Benjamin Preiss, Mark Hawthorne, Eli Greenblat Retailers have welcomed the Reserve Bank's rate cut in time for Christmas but some economists believe it is too late to save festive sales.

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Woolies unlikely to hit private-label target: UBS


Eli Greenblat A UBS report has cast doubt on Woolworths boss Grant O'Brien's ambition to double the supermarket group's sale of private-label foods.

Woolies' ambition 'optimistic'


Eli Greenblat A UBS report cast doubt on Woolworths boss Grant O'Brien's 'private label' ambition.

High street pulls out all stops to compete

Retail stores are increasingly offering free delivery.

Eli Greenblat The battle between traditional bricks and mortar retail outlets and online sites will heat up from today.

Investors call last orders for Foster's

Eli Greenblat A BREWER whose culture and brands took more than 100 years to create was buried in less than 45 minutes as the shareholders of Foster's overwhelmingly, but still somewhat reluctantly, backed a $12.

Shareholders overwhelmingly approve Foster's last shout

Fosters bought for $12.3b (Thumbnail)

Eli Greenblat Brewer whose culture and brands took more than 100 years to create buried in less than 45 minutes.

SABMiller completes seizure of Foster's

Fosters beer.

Eli Greenblat Foster's is Australian no more as shareholders overwhelmingly back a $12.3 billion takeover from global brewing giant SABmiller.

Metcash strategy is a brand apart


Eli Greenblat Grocery wholesaler Metcash has anointed itself the ''champion'' of brands.

Metcash looks to cash in on home brand spat

Supermarkets push for generic brands (Thumbnail)

Eli Greenblat Metcash has declared itself the 'champion' of brands, declaring it will distance itself from the proliferation of private labels.

Treasury Wine goes upmarket in the UK

wine.hunter valley.vineyard.grapes red.white.shiraz.generic.photograph by edwina pickles.taken  on 2nd jan 2003.archive SPECIALX WINE SPECIALX 010108

Eli Greenblat Treasury Wine Estates has sharpened its focus on premium wines in the crucial British market.

Lew sounds upbeat note at Premier AGM


Eli Greenblat Premier Investments chairman Solomon Lew has mirrored comments made by David Jones.

Treasury Wine looks to exploit growing premium market

Eli Greenblat TREASURY WINE ESTATES has sharpened its focus on premium wines within the crucial British market and has created a new fine wine team that will push wines in the £15-plus ($23.

Wine industry digests unpalatable truths

The future is not so rosy for Australian winemakers.

Eli Greenblat Faced with a grape glut and cheap imports, Australian winemakers have some challenges ahead.

Americans bemoan our closed purses

Australia's despondent consumer confidence is earning an international reputation.

Eli Greenblat Australia's downbeat consumer is starting to infiltrate the boardroom discussions of some of the largest companies in the US.

Myer sets endgame for Brookes

Bernie Brooks.

Eli Greenblat Myer boss and Bernie Brookes will most likely make way for a successor in 2014.

Glimmer of hope for Myer's Christmas sales

new myer

Eli Greenblat Myer offers a slightly more upbeat assessment of the trading environment, in contrast to the poorer picture of retail painted yesterday by its competitors.

Top chain hit by low wealth effect

Eli Greenblat DAVID JONES has posted its biggest quarterly sales slump in recent memory, doubling the first quarter fall by its rival Myer, as volatile equity markets shattered the confidence of shoppers.

Grim Christmas tidings for retail

Christmas in Melbourne.

Michael Evans, Eli Greenblat and Mark Hawthorne Woolworths boss Grant O'Brien has warned that the Melbourne Cup day interest rate cut will not be enough to deliver Christmas cheer to Australia's largest retailer, saying ''tough'' and ''patchy''...