Eli Greenblat

Eli Greenblat

Eli Greenblat is a business reporter covering the retail and beverage sectors.

Big retailers bullying online stores, claims eBay

eBay website.

Eli Greenblat Online retailer eBay has claimed that well-known bricks and mortar stores have placed pressure on distributors and wholesalers to stop selling particular items online that are also available in their...

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Harvey squeals as profit climbs


Eli Greenblat 'Australians should be happy as pigs in s--t'. Gerry Harvey gives voice to Australian retailers' frustration in climate of collapsing consumer confidence.

Fair dealing in short supply, says Masters

Eli Greenblat ON THE eve of the start of the hardware battle between Bunnings and new rival Masters, the chief executive of the Masters chain has accused some suppliers of refusing to sell him stock because of...

Bleak August compounds woes at ailing Harvey

Eli Greenblat GERRY HARVEY has given voice to the frustration and despair of Australian retailers in the climate of collapsing consumer confidence and recession-like trading conditions, putting it in terms only...

Masters cries foul


Eli Greenblat Chief executive accuses suppliers of refusing to sell him stock because they fear repercussions from the market leader.

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Masters ready for hardware battle

Eli Greenblat Hardware chain Masters ramps up to open its maiden outlet - and secure 150 sites in the next few years.

Heinz blasts supermarket power

Baked beans

Eli Greenblat FOR the second time in as many months, global food manufacturer HJ Heinz has publicly slammed the dominant market power of Coles and Woolworths for fostering an ''inhospitable environment'' for...

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Heinz cans Coles, Woolworths

Eli Greenblat Global food manufacturer slams market power of Coles and Woolworths for fostering an ''inhospitable environment'' in Australia for suppliers.

Dollar rise exposes glass jaw

Wine bottles and other glass bottles on there way to being recycled at the VISY plant in Broadmeadow, Wednesday October 14, 2009. For story on recycling of wine bottles.
SMH GOOD LIVING Photo by Domino Postiglione SPECIAL 00115616

Eli Greenblat Jacobs's Creek ships bottling offshore rather than locally in fear of the rising dollar.

Winemakers lose bottle to vie overseas

Eli Greenblat JACOB'S CREEK has shipped its entire batch of wine destined for its British and Irish markets overseas to be bottled, rather than locally, as a hedge against the rising Australian dollar which is...

Woolies' slim pickings


Eli Greenblat Woolworths' earnings will grow as little as 2 per cent this year, its slowest in more than a decade.

Woolies slowing to a standstill

Eli Greenblat WOOLWORTHS will notch its slowest profit growth in more than a decade as weak trading conditions, start-up costs for its hardware joint venture, and the lack of any sizeable acquisitions reduce...

Woolies says thrifty customers will hit profits


Eli Greenblat Outgoing Woolworths boss Michael Luscombe has forecast the slowest profit growth for the supermarket giant in more than a decade as shoppers continue to favour saving over spending due to the turmoil...

Out of fashion with shoppers

Noni B store.

Eli Greenblat Women's fashion retailer Noni B ditches its final dividend for the first time in three years.

Strong $A hangover for wine

Wine cellar.

Eli Greenblat Australian Vintage will push ahead with additional currency hedging and shifting more of its wine packaging and bottling overseas.

Wine sales dry up as drinkers cut back

Eli Greenblat THE logic behind Foster's carving off its wine arm into an independently listed company was confirmed yesterday when fresh figures from the Bureau of Statistics showed sales of local wine were...

Not-so-Fantastic: growth hit by shrink in sales at Dare and Le Cornu

Eli Greenblat DWINDLING sales at furniture retailer Dare Gallery and South Australian-based store Le Cornu dragged down the 2010-11 performance of its owner, Fantastic Holdings, with the company confirming...

Foster's shouts at shareholders

John Pollaers.

Eli Greenblat Foster's will funnel at least $500 million won from its drawn-out battle with the Tax Office into its shareholders' back pockets to shore up their support in the face of the hostile takeover bid from...

Ordinary going for Fantastic


Eli Greenblat Dwindling sales at furniture retailer Dare Gallery and South Australian-based store Le Cornu dragged down the 2010-11 performance of its owner.

Inflation pressures hit Specialty

Eli Greenblat STRUCTURAL shifts in the retail sector driven by higher labour costs, inflationary pressure from China and rising rents has plunged Specialty Fashion Group into a loss for the second half and forced...