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Myer said it would close stores in Colonnades in Adelaide, Belconnen in Canberra, and Hornsby in northern Sydney.

Is New Myer just the old Myer with lip gloss?

Only two years into the making of New Myer, its architect Richard Umbers is in strategy redesign - or as he would characterise it , refinement - as the business has fallen behind on its ambitious targets.

APRA chairman Wayne Byres sought to emphasise the inquiry would aim to restore public confidence in the Commonwealth ...

Has watchdog already made up its mind on CBA?

Listening to Wayne Byres, the chairman of the financial regulator APRA, being grilled in a parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday, it's hard to escape a keen sense that it thinks that there isn't too much fundamentally wrong at the Commonwealth Bank despite having launched an unprecedented prudential inquiry into it.

The cost of renewables technology is coming down, but coal is not.

We're not a Liddell bit closer to good energy policy

Exactly who is looking after the national interest when it comes to the environment or energy security? Is it Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or Andy Vesey - the bloke who runs one of the nation's largest energy suppliers, AGL?