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It seems Medicare is paying the price for the scandal over its customer treatment.

Medibank Private's health scare

Australia's largest health insurer, Medibank Private, has given investors a pretty worrying prognosis: industry growth is weakening and it is losing market share. The treatment? It's time to look after customers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 12:  Head of the CBA, Ian Narev, announcing the full year results for the CBA on August 12, ...

CBA: Better be a shareholder than a customer

The Commonwealth Bank's result profit was enough to nourish the critics, led by the government which is squirming after its decision not to force a Royal Commission into the big banks' behaviour.

The upgrading of the business class cabin may be one of the last major announcements made by Virgin boss John Borghetti.

Race is on for the emile-high club

Australia's airline wars have entered another battle ground. This time it's the Wi-Fi wars - be it tweeting over the Tasman or joining the emile-high club, the race is on.