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Fortescue chairman Andrew Forrest's call for iron ore production cap may have backfired

Andrew Forrest, chairman of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd., speaks during the company's annual general meeting in Perth, Australia, on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013. Fortescue, the most indebted junk-rated mining company, is accelerating repayment of $2.04 billion in bonds to help cut debt and lower interest payments. Photographer: Aaron Bunch/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Andrew Forrest

Elizabeth Knight Andrew Forrest's call for the big iron ore producers to cap production may have backfired, with the commodity's price falling to its lowest level since a daily tradeable market was established in...

Arrival of Netflix and SVOD set to change Australian TV

Video streaming services such as Netflix are seen by some as heralding not only the demise of free-to-air television but a also catastrophe for Foxtel.

Elizabeth Knight and Jared Lynch The entry of video-on-demand services into Australia could be the demise of free-to-air TV and a catastrophe for Foxtel.

ACCC throws the fridge at Andrew Forrest and Fortescue

Twiggy Forrest's call on the mining majors to

Elizabeth Knight Andrew Forrest's suggestion of a cap on iron ore production when down like a lead balloon with Rod Sims.

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Gentle budget will help lift Solly Lew's star 'children' at Premier


Elizabeth Knight Mark McInnes describes the brands that make up the retail portfolio of Solomon Lew's Premier Investments as "the children".

Myer's results; thimble and pea disclosure?

The six-month honeymoon period for incoming chiefs has been severely truncated for the new Myer CEO Richard Umbers.

Elizabeth Knight It's hard to know what upset analysts more: The fact that Myer's half-year earnings were wildly disappointing and that its full-year earnings will also plunge, or the feeling that they were given a...

CBA's kickback scandal raises new questions about banking culture

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight The latest bank scandal, involving high-flying IT executives allegedly involved in bribery and fraud, puts the spotlight on the industry's practices and how they might foster bad behaviour.

Twiggy's plan B for Fortescue's debt billions

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Fortescue Metals founder Andrew Forrest's recently hatched plans to recalibrate its debt load have not gone according to the script.

Rupert Murdoch and Malcolm Turnbull in the media boxing ring

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has drawn the personal ire of Rupert Murdoch.

Elizabeth Knight Picking a fight with Rupert Murdoch can be career suicide, so why has Malcolm Turnbull stepped into the ring?

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NBN's hot rod hopes for old pipes

Sources said the higher costs were caused by contractors demanding more pay to work on the project.

Elizabeth Knight The Coalition's NBN case could be helped immeasurably by improvements in technology.

ACCC hands industry Davids a slingshot to hit Telstra's Goliath

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight In  telecommunications land of the Telstra Goliath and its competitor Davids - the competition regulator  crafted a masterful slingshot on Wednesday.

As ACCC delivers blow to Telstra, smaller rivals win

Wednesday's draft decision from the ACCC on the prices Telstra can charge the likes of Optus and iinet for the use of its copper infrastructure will be a blow to the telco giant.

Elizabeth Knight While the $11 billion deal struck by Telstra with the National Broadband Network and the Federal Government will go down in history as one that reaches new heights in generosity, the ACCC could...

Distrust makes pariah of privatisation

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Plans to partly privatise NSW's electricity network and defeat of a similar move in Queensland has exposed public disdain for "asset recycling."

Aldi ends the Woolworths fantasy

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight Aldi's rapid expansion means the Australian supermarket industry is at a tipping point.

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Glencore delivers a left hook to Rio Tinto

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight From the predator's perspective, Rio is all the more vulnerable. For its part, Rio has reiterated recently that the merger is a no-fly zone. But, ultimately, it is up to shareholders.

Myer's executive clearance

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Myer has embarked on a massive renewal of management inventory. The chief executive, Bernie Brookes, is part of the old season stock, as is the chief financial officer Mark Ashby.


Myer readies for transformation as Richard Umbers takes the helm from Bernie Brookes

It may still take a full year before the strategic review at Myer is complete.

Elizabeth Knight Myer has embarked on a massive renewal.

Qantas a wild ride for investors as tailwinds build

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Investing in Qantas has been a wild ride during the past couple of years.


Tailwinds could carry Qantas to a billion-dollar full year profit

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight With the right tailwinds, it's reasonable to predict that Qantas will make the magic billion for the full year.

ASX200: Nail-biting wait for market to hit 6000

Elizabeth Knight Anticipation has been growing as punters wait to see if the market will hit the magic 6000 mark. The index came tantalisingly close on Wednesday. But no cigar.

Post office bleeding red ink

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight The trouble with Australia Post is that a big chunk of its business is in a sunset industry – selling stamps and delivering letters – all of which is costing it more than it collects in...