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Elizabeth Knight

Woolworths takeover of David Jones a corporate chess game

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Elizabeth Knight Time's up for Solomon Lew if he wants to throw a precisely placed grenade at Woolworths of South Africa's $2.2 billion takeover of David Jones.

Elizabeth Knight

Pollaers loses out in tussle over direction

Pacific Brands new CEO John Pollaers.

Elizabeth Knight What happens when a evangelist-like chief executive, with a big corporate vision, cultural change and lofty long-term aspirations for his company's greatness goes head to head with a tough investment...

Wotif hits its use by date as big players dominate

Wotif founder Graeme Wood still holds 15.5 per cent of the company.

Elizabeth Knight It started as a pioneering disrupter in the hotel booking space 14 years ago, but Wotif has already reached its use by date.


ASIC rebounds to bark up the wrong tree at David Jones and Solomon Lew

Elizabeth Knight With bruises still fresh from the lashing it received at a recent Senate inquiry, the corporate regulator appears to be working on an image makeover.

Elizabeth Knight

Wesfarmers not giving up on family

Richard Goyder CEO Wesfarmers Limited speaking at  the 2013 National Congress of the Group 100, Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. Tuesday 28th May 2013 AFR photo Louie Douvis

Elizabeth Knight Wesfarmers boss Richard Goyder has two problem children in Target and the Coles liquor division.

Elizabeth Knight

Qantas loss could break billion barrier

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Elizabeth Knight We won't see any of the impact on the Virgin/Qantas truce for a while yet.

Elizabeth Knight

Will a cashed-up Solomon Lew strike at Myer?

Elizabeth Knight I wonder whether Myer boss Bernie Brookes had a few restless sleeps this week.

Industry orphan Ten Network is in a downward spiral

Elizabeth Knight If the current crop of Ten Network tyre kickers don't bother to ask its chief executive, Hamish McLennan, for a peek at the log book and rego papers, the future of the third commercial network could...

Elizabeth Knight

Massive payout ends 17-year war

Elizabeth Knight Ian Moir raised the white flag on Tuesday and as a result Solomon Lew will collect a $400 million bag of cash.


Whatever it takes: Solomon Lew has his Country Road revenge

Solomon Lew.

Elizabeth Knight Billionaire rag trader Solomon Lew has cemented his reputation as a master tactician - and one capable of using whatever it takes to achieve a commercial outcome.

Elizabeth Knight

Backing a winner in casino race

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Elizabeth Knight In the Echo versus Packer-controlled Crown race the latter has been firmly in the lead, having snared the NSW government's second casino licence.

Elizabeth Knight

Clash of the titans in DJs battle as Lew, Moir go head to head

Elizabeth Knight Solomon Lew is a canny, tough and extremely wealthy rag trader with a long memory and legendary patience. Woolworths Holdings is South Africa's biggest retailer.

Elizabeth Knight

David Jones a hostage in 17-year Country Road war

23 March 2012.  BRW.  Solomon Lew Chairman of Premier Investments.
Photograph by Arsineh Houspian.  +(61) 401 320 173.  arsineh@arsineh.com

Solomon Lew & Mark McInnes01.jpg

Elizabeth Knight Solomon Lew has had a long time to fantasise about his revenge against South Africa's Woolworths Holdings.

Solomon Lew playing a tough game in high-stakes David Jones nail-biter

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Elizabeth Knight The poker game being played between retail mogul Solomon Lew and his South African arch-enemy Woolworths is a high-stakes nail-biter with billions of dollars of David Jones shareholder money...

Coles looks ready to take the plunge on banking services

Elizabeth Knight Despite the press releases and investor presentations, the fact is Coles and Woolworths have, to date, been tinkering at the edges of offering financial services, placing their toes in the water...

Elizabeth Knight

Frightened consumers can only mean bad news for retailers

Elizabeth Knight Retail companies and their investors that were hoping the sudden sharp fall in consumer confidence in response to the federal budget would be short-lived are now starting to worry.

Elizabeth Knight

Playing for high stakes in the financial games of billionaires

Elizabeth Knight Australians might admire or envy billionaires, but it's a fair bet that most don't necessarily trust them.


Qantas to clip wings of 223 pilots


Elizabeth Knight Qantas informs its 767 and 747 pilots that 223 of them will be surplus to requirements.


Qantas confirms 'surplus' pilot numbers

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce (3rd L under umbrella) walks with Qantas pilot captain Richard de Crespigny (4th L) and captain David Evans (front L) in front of Qantas Airbus A380 jet dubbed

Elizabeth Knight Qantas has informed its Boeing 767 and 747 pilots that 223 of them will be surplus to requirements by the end of June as part of its 5000 company-wide staff cutting exercise.

Optus fires first shot in data war

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Elizabeth Knight It was a matter of time before Vodafone or Optus became fed up with customers going to Telstra.