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Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Elizabeth Knight

Why Telstra wants to Wi-Fi Australia

Elizabeth Knight Telstra can't sell itself as the largest and the most reliable mobile network forever.

Elizabeth Knight

Nerves of steel a must in the iron ore game

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight Australia's most important guessing game is how low the price of iron ore could move.

Elizabeth Knight

Two-edged sword for retailers

Elizabeth Knight The impact of the federal budget on the retail industry should be binary.

Qantas flies into yet more trouble

Qantas: A push for a major redundancy program will see as many as 300 pilots go.

Elizabeth Knight This week possibly hundreds of Qantas pilots will be offered redundancy packages as the airline moves to achieve its goal of reducing staff by 1200 by the end of June and a targeted 5000 cull of...

Elizabeth Knight

Watkins and Coke playing to new tune

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight The flushing out of Coca-Cola's top management ranks looks to be almost complete.

Elizabeth Knight

Why Gyngell took a fall for Packer

david gyngell

Elizabeth Knight The fallout from the weekend's public punch-up between billionaire James Packer and Nine Entertainment boss David Gyngell has all the hallmarks of a public relations stitch up -- where Packer plays...

Mystery remains on what caused the David Gyngell-James Packer punch-up

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight The Sydney business community is small, closely knit and James Packer sits at its centre.

No cheap shots yet emerging

Elizabeth Knight The Sydney business community runs on money and power as much as it does on cuff links, clubs and breast-pocket kerchiefs. It's small, closely knit and James Packer sits at its centre.


ACCC's Rod Sims finally drags Coles to checkout

ACCC chief Rod Sims

Elizabeth Knight Finally the courts will get to decide whether the howls of protest over the behaviour of Australia's big supermarket companies towards their suppliers are justified.


Westpac hits the mark with solid result

Former teacher: Gail Kelly, CEO, Westpac.

Elizabeth Knight Observing Gail Kelly's performance in delivering Westpac's half-year earnings, its easy to imagine her teaching as she did in the early days of her career.

Elizabeth Knight

Coles case: watchdog bares its teeth

The Age, Life, Melbourne, CLARINGBOLD:

Pic shows Cath Claringbold getting groceries at Coles Supermarket in Prahran for cooking three dishes for

Elizabeth Knight Today's much anticipated Federal Court stoush between the supermarket giants and the competition and consumer watchdog may not have the spectacle of Sunday's punch up between James Packer and David...

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Elizabeth Knight

Asian growth validates ANZ chief's strategy

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight As the National Commission of Audit released its recommendations on how to save billions from the annual budget, ANZ chief Mike Smith was lending his support to business leaders concerned that...

Elizabeth Knight

ANZ lives up to the hype


Elizabeth Knight Call it a bribe or call it a generous reward - the fact is ANZ shareholders will be very pleased with the 83 cent dividend and the strength of the headline profit result that underlies it.

Elizabeth Knight

Photo finish to determine winner of Australia's two-horse retail race


Elizabeth Knight If Australia's supermarket industry is a two-horse race, Coles has demonstrated itself as a superior sprinter, but Woolworths looks to have it's nose in front.

Elizabeth Knight

Buying Goodman Fielder will not be easy for Asian consortium

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight There are hurdles to overcome before Wilmar and First Pacific buy Goodman Fielder.

Elizabeth Knight

Apple can't settle for maturity

Elizabeth Knight Another quarterly earnings report and another bout of wailing from diehard Apple followers.

Elizabeth Knight

Gloves off and contenders enter the ring over Australand takeover

Elizabeth Knight Australand's Bob Johnston has been shadow boxing with numerous suitors in the listed real estate market for many months as his company appears to be the No.

Start-ups starved of venture capital

Elizabeth Knight In Australia the venture capital sector is not starved but neither is it properly supported. Why is so much talent that's pregnant with possibility moving to the west coast of the US?

Elizabeth Knight

Fortescue well-placed to ride iron ore price volatility

Elizabeth Knight Recent history shows the iron ore price is susceptible to bouts of volatility.

Elizabeth Knight

TPG gives NBN Co some good reasons to pick up the pace

Elizabeth Knight The delivery of high-speed broadband to Australian consumers has turned into a race.