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Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Can Macquarie's millionaires factory make billions?

Elizabeth Knight The year is 2007 .. It's pre the Global Financial Crisis and the big punt occupying the minds of market traders is whether Macquarie Bank share will reach that $100 mark - by May it was inches away...

The death knell for performance (review) anxiety?

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight The decade of the 1980s is responsible for all sorts of atrocities, from padded shoulders to boy bands in music.

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Queens Wharf casino: James Packer may have pulled punches on Echo in battle of Brisbane

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight James Packer won the mega casino battle of 2013 between his Crown Resorts and its smaller NSW-based rival Echo.

Who pays to fortress Australian banks?

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight It is a near certainty that banks will pass on some of their newly imposed capital safety cost to their customers by way of charging higher interest on loans or paying lower interest on deposits.

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Bank customers set to bear the cost of having safer banks

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight It is a near certainty that banks will pass on some of their newly imposed capital safety cost to their customers by way of charging higher interest on loans or paying  lower interest on...

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Negative gearing just one culprit in the housing-bubble blame game

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight Negative gearing is the topic du jour thanks to the Reserve Bank of Australia's suggestion this week it should be considered in the context of the wider tax debate.

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Why small iron ore producers should be scared

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Thursday marked the first wave of quarterly production reports allowing us a glimpse into the performance of our major oil and gas producer, Woodside and iron ore behemoth, Rio Tinto.

Woolworths 'listening tour' seeks investors' opinion on strategy

Fresh opinion: Woolworths has embarked on a listening tour, but won't say what it has heard.

Elizabeth Knight It's the latest thing in shareholder engagement but it sounds like the title of a John Farnham series of outer Western suburb RSL club gigs.

Regulator suggests soft capital landing for big banks

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight Will the Australian public get hit with higher interest rates and bank charges on the back of increased regulatory bank capital requirements or are our banks safe enough already to withstand...

Shareholders name and shame the gender offenders

Elizabeth Knight The bad news is there are still many boards governing Australia's 200 largest listed companies that don't have any women directors. The goods news is they are now the outliers.

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Iron ore plunge – a deodorant tester for producers

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight Iron ore is shaping up as the latest casualty of the hysteria that has gripped the Chinese stock market.

The Chinese stock market is the world's biggest casino

Wild fluctuations in the Chinese stock market have forced the government to intervene.

Elizabeth Knight It is bizarre to contemplate, but what is happening in China is very real, and it affects everyone.

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Greece debt crisis: China is the real elephant in the room

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight Europe is someone else's problem, China is our problem.

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Tony Abbott's chance to get on board with women

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight The Abbott government has a rare chance to be in the vanguard of gender policy.

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Asciano target of $9 billion pitch from Brookfield

Elizabeth Knight Port and rail operator Asciano has been transformed since its near-death experience post the global financial crisis into a company with strong cash flows, a healthy balance sheet, improving...

No Greek tragedy for Australia

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight The fact that both countries are part of global debt and equity markets means that we do get caught up in the contagion effect to some degree.

Woolworths v Coles - the report card is in

Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight Poor service, bad prices, low morale - you don't have to cast a wide net to find a Woolworths customer with a gripe about Woolworths.

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Myer negotiates a new lease – of life

Elizabeth Knight.

Elizabeth Knight Department store Myer may have dodged one bullet but hasn't demonstrated it has found the silver bullet to address falling sales growth.

Housing bubble yields billions in profits

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Elizabeth Knight We might be in the middle of a property bubble but convincing home owners and speculators who sold in the first three months of this year for a profit of $13.

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Woolworths is far from a supermarket

Illustration: Simon Bosch.

Elizabeth Knight Woolworth's decline was an accident waiting to happen.

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