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Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth Knight comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Elizabeth Knight

Gloves off and contenders enter the ring over Australand takeover

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight Australand's Bob Johnston has been shadow boxing with numerous suitors in the listed real estate market for many months as his company appears to be the No.

Start-ups starved of venture capital

Elizabeth Knight In Australia the venture capital sector is not starved but neither is it properly supported. Why is so much talent that's pregnant with possibility moving to the west coast of the US?

Elizabeth Knight

Fortescue well-placed to ride iron ore price volatility

Elizabeth Knight Recent history shows the iron ore price is susceptible to bouts of volatility.

Elizabeth Knight

TPG gives NBN Co some good reasons to pick up the pace

Elizabeth Knight The delivery of high-speed broadband to Australian consumers has turned into a race.

Elizabeth Knight

You've come a long way since the One.Tel days, Packer

Elizabeth Knight Packer would enjoy the pictures of him that flashed across TV screens on the weekend.

Fast-fashion invasion in store for 2014

Elizabeth Knight H&M will take off in Australia more strongly than most of the recent or anticipated entrants

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Elizabeth Knight

Questions follow Cameron Clyne out the door at NAB

Elizabeth Knight When a chief executive announces an unexpected or abrupt departure, the usual response is to question whether they have been shown the door.

Elizabeth Knight

Family man: NAB chief Cameron Clyne walks away

Elizabeth Knight At 46 the outgoing chief executive of the National Australia Bank was given the option of staying a further three years - but in a rare step for one from the upper echelons of business, Cameron Clyne...

Elizabeth Knight

QBE class action: Companies can't be sued for bad judgment

Elizabeth Knight At first blush the move by class action litigators Maurice Blackburn against troubled insurance group QBE looks like a reasonable prospect given the magnitude of the disclosure debacle last year.

Home owners feel the wealth effect


Elizabeth Knight If you are a Sydneysider who owns a home - you should be feeling 15.6 per cent wealthier than you were a year ago.

Nexus: A low-cost way for Kerry Stokes to get into the energy industry

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight It was a 'the price is right' moment for West Australian billionaire Kerry Stokes.

Rupert Murdoch shows his creative flair for corporate governance

Rupert Murdoch

Elizabeth Knight Rupert Murdoch has never been one to adhere to the niceties of corporate governance.

Elizabeth Knight

Murdoch family feud: Lachlan's return all about Wendi

Wendi Deng

Elizabeth Knight The prodigal son, Lachlan Murdoch, was in Sydney when the first major plank in his father Rupert's succession plan was revealed.

Elizabeth Knight

Coles, Woolies shopper-docket rumble going down in Federal Court

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight Whether to stack or bundle - that is the question being pondered in the Federal Court.


Myer-DJs talks to kick off with advisors in coming week

bernie brookes

Elizabeth Knight Myer boss Bernie Brookes says he expects that Myer and David Jones' investment bank advisors will begin talks in the coming week.

FOFA delay bad news? Not for the big banks with other fish to fry

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight The last thing the banks want is a public relations war on financial services advice.

Macquarie Group's fortunes perking up

Elizabeth Knight Macquarie is one of those stocks that traders love because the share price is so volatile.

David Jones stores up ammunition to take to Myer merger

Elizabeth Knight The stronger the financial performance of David Jones, the less likely that a merger with Myer will proceed.

Elizabeth Knight

David Jones' Paul Zahra passes his first audition


Elizabeth Knight The David Jones half year result was probably chief executive Paul Zahra's biggest test

Elizabeth Knight

Alibaba poised to amass more treasure

Elizabeth Knight Dinkus

Elizabeth Knight Mention the word Alibaba and most Australians will chime in with '40 thieves' or 'open sesame'.