Gareth Hutchens

Gareth Hutchens


RBA needs to be more accountable

Gareth Hutchens Former CBA boss David Murray has questioned the concept of the RBA's 'independence'.

RBA's rate decisions need to be more accountable: Murray

treasury - Reserve Bank boss Glenn Stevens

Gareth Hutchens Former Commonwealth Bank boss David Murray has questioned the concept of the Reserve Bank's political ''independence'' and said it should be more accountable.


Banks change ads as ASIC cracks whip

ASIC logo.

Gareth Hutchens Two of Australia's biggest banks have been forced to change their advertising.


'Tipping' leading to trading spikes

Gareth Hutchens Some brokers are ''tipping'' privileged clients before recommendations are made public.


Djerriwarrh cautions on confidence

Worst day for US stocks since 2011 (Thumbnail)

Gareth Hutchens One of the country's biggest listed investment companies, Djerriwarrh, has cautioned the market could remain volatile for months, with concerns about a pullback in US quantitative easing, and the...


Market defies China growth concerns


Gareth Hutchens The market jumped nearly 3 per cent this week despite bleak comments from China.


Gold swamped by flood of extra money

Generic Gold Mining.

Gareth Hutchens Gold has fallen 30 per cent in the past nine months as the world's central banks have flooded their economies with billions of extra dollars.


Profit fall but Mirrabooka confident

Gareth Hutchens Influential listed investment fund Mirrabooka is confident of long-run returns from the Australian market despite record lows in business confidence and an expected rise in unemployment next year.


Telstra outsourcing hits big banks


Gareth Hutchens Some of Telstra’s biggest blue chip customers - including NAB, Qantas and Westpac – will see critical support operations performed out of India if the telco pushes ahead with plans to outsource jobs...


Telstra axes jobs in offshoring drive


Gareth Hutchens Telstra has flagged it will cut up to 170 jobs as it shifts part of its back office operations to India, amid sweeping changes to the company’s operations.


Analyst cutbacks cloud briefing rules

Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Gareth Hutchens Big cutbacks in the number of broking analysts covering Australia's largest companies are partly responsible for controversies around selective analyst briefings, a key investor group has said.


Shares rebound, thanks to Europe easing


Gareth Hutchens The sharemarket closed higher for the week as global central banks once again took centre stage.


Expect a bumpy ride as mining boom peaks

truck and mining and stop.

Gareth Hutchens Australia's top economists warn the fallout from the mining boom could get messy.


Trio fall: five more banned

Gareth Hutchens APRA accepts five more enforceable undertakings from former directors of failed Trio Capital.


Bears circle Goldilocks as Aussie is tipped to slide

Bear and ASX

Glenda Kwek and Gareth Hutchens More bears have joined the downgrading party against the dollar, with a major investment bank expecting the currency to fall to US75¢ in 12 months.


ANZ backflips after RBA confirms 'joke'

Glenn Stevens.

Glenda Kwek and Gareth Hutchens Deputy RBA governor confirms his boss made a "light-hearted remark", prompting ANZ to revise its rates revision.


Bank alerts save clients billions

Big Four Banks

Gareth Hutchens Customers have saved billions of dollars since Australia's banks began to disclose that high-interest-rate term deposits automatically roll over to much lower interest rates on maturity.


Regulator warns on annual reports

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Gareth Hutchens The corporate regulator has warned Australia’s biggest companies about its areas of focus for financial year reports.


Bears back in hibernation as shares rally and dollar settles

Gareth Hutchens After the carnage of last week, things were being mopped up this week.


Sharemarket recovering as dollar settles


Gareth Hutchens After the carnage of last week, things were mopped up this week as the sharemarket recovered its losses.