Gareth Hutchens

Gareth Hutchens

Abbott government's budget deficit smaller than expected

Gareth Hutchens The Abbott government's budget bottom line is in slightly better health than expected just weeks away from its second budget.

No evidence of suspicious behaviour before RBA rate announcements, $A moves: RBA

Glenn Stevens says ASIC has been unable to find any evidence of behaviour that could have helped foreign exchange dealers pre-empt the RBA's announcements in February and March.

Gareth Hutchens Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says authorities have found no evidence of suspicious behaviour that could have contributed to sharp movements in Australia's dollar just seconds before the RBA's...

RBA governor Glenn Stevens says Sydney house prices are 'exuberant' but more rate cuts may come

 Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens said governments around the world were putting 'too much weight' on monetary policy.

Gareth Hutchens Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says it is hard to escape the conclusion that Sydney house prices "look rather exuberant" at the moment with "very easy" credit conditions, after prices have...

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Apple Australia denies Double Irish with Dutch sandwich tax avoidance

Apple Australia managing director Tony King.

Gareth Hutchens Apple Australia denies tax avoidance but the numbers just don't add up.

Is the ABS unemployment data finally believable?

Economists still expect the unemployment rate will rise again.

Gareth Hutchens Economists have been surprised by today's decline in the unemployment rate to 6.1 per cent, but their surprise hasn't been accompanied by the usual head-scratching.

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Jobless rate falls in March, taking pressure off Reserve Bank to cut rates

The drop in the unemployment rate will take pressure off Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens.

Mark Mulligan and Gareth Hutchens Australia's unemployment rate has fallen to 6.1 per cent in March, taking pressure off the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates next month.

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BHP Billiton reprimanded by senators, told to disclose more information to tax avoidance committee

Jane Michie, BHP's head of group tax, during a break in the inquiry.

Gareth Hutchens BHP Billiton has been reprimanded by a senate committee on corporate tax avoidance and given two weeks to report back after it refused to disclose basic financial information about its own operations...

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Reckon we need smaller government? Think again

Gareth Hutchens dinkus Dinkus

Gareth Hutchens We've heard plenty of ideological talk about the need for smaller government in recent years.

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International Monetary Fund says it knows what is holding back business investment


Gareth Hutchens In its latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF argues there is a "strong case" for increased public infrastructure investment in advanced economies with "clearly identified infrastructure needs",...

Rush for Government-sponsored apps

US doctors are tracking the health of patients at risk of heart failure using smartphone apps.

Gareth Hutchens What has the government ever done for you?

Harper review member wants business leaders to prove they back competition

Gareth Hutchens Peter Anderson, a Harper review panel member, says it will be a test of the business community's "consistency" to see how it responds to the compwetition report

Harper competition review: Taxis pharmacies, shopping hours ripe for shakeup

Taxis are 'virtually unique among customer service industries', the Harper review found.

Gareth Hutchens, Peter Martin Rules that restrict taxi licences, shopping hours, the location of pharmacies and the resale of goods legally purchased overseas would be swept away as part of a package of measures proposed by the...

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Australia's scientists forced to rely on pseudo-science to be taken seriously in Canberra

Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb at the science report launch at Parliament House in Canberra on  March 25.

Gareth Hutchens It’s a shame that scientists have to stoop so low.

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Abbott government questions dividend imputation and company tax rate

A corporate tax cut is on the table.

Gareth Hutchens The government warns that Australia's reliance on business and personal income taxes may become unsustainable in coming decades and says the country needs to quickly reform its tax regime to adapt to...

Trowbridge report on life insurance sector to crack down on adviser remuneration

Nearly 40 per cent of the advice given by financial planners failed to comply with the law when selling life insurance products.

Ruth Liew and Gareth Hutchens Addressing conflicted adviser remuneration and how insurance is sold to customers will be key components of a major report on Australia's troubled life insurance sector due out on Thursday. 

Treasurer Joe Hockey rejects Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest's iron ore 'cartel' suggestion

Beg to differ: Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, left,  and mining magnate Andrew Forrest.

Gareth Hutchens Treasurer Joe Hockey has rejected a suggestion by mining millionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest that the world’s iron ore companies should band together to restrict iron ore supplies...

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Interest rate reductions have benefited top 20 per cent the most

Nassim Khadem and Gareth Hutchens Interest rate reductions have benefitted the highest 20 per cent of income households with average gains of $536 per year, compared with just $38 per year for the lowest income category.

Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says we must invest to survive mining downturn

RBA governor Glenn Stevens says in some respects the international environment is improving.

Gareth Hutchens Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens says he believes Australia will survive the winding down of the mining investment boom without a serious downturn, but we will need to do things like invest in...

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Mining companies shedding jobs by the thousands

The mining industry has shed thousands of jobs in the past 12 months.

Gareth Hutchens Australia’s mining companies are shedding jobs by the thousands, with 50,000 workers losing their jobs in the past 12 months.

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Federal government predicts huge falls in commodity export earnings

Iron ore exports are sinking.

Gareth Hutchens The federal government is bracing for another multibillion-dollar fall in iron ore and coal profits, just months away from its second budget.