Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell

Happy Birthday Henry Parkes! We wouldn't be here today without you

Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell Henry Parkes was a real person who worked in a real world and he made a real difference.

Looking for a pot of gold in carparks

Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell We've all moved on from Joe Hockey's budget.  It seemed to be a very clever strategy about saving jobs. 

Federal budget 2015: Government needs lesson in business 101

Budget time: Treasurer Joe Hockey and Treasury Secretary John Fraser outside the Treasury building in Canberra.

Harold Mitchell We need to create a bigger economy and you can't do that by fiddling at the edges.

Harold Mitchell: Help the nurses to keep us all alive

A qualified nurse earns between $52,000 and $79,000 a year - less than any executive's PA.

Harold Mitchell The cost of health is exploding in Australia.

War reaches deep into our country


Harold Mitchell War is a terrible thing. And this very special day reminds us of the horror and the heroism of Gallipoli.

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It's time to merge Australia and New Zealand

Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell I've always argued that the best leaders are those who plan a long way ahead.

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Abbott government: managing through the messaging

Harold Mitchell It seems that an old noun has recently given birth to a new verb – "messaging". It has probably grown out of the public service, as I know it likes to take credit for many things.

Even Easter Bunny can't sweeten tax pill

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Harold Mitchell Charlie's 11-year-old niece Lilah says she still believes in the Easter Bunny.  But we think she is pulling our leg so she can compete in the Easter egg hunt.

Prizing partnership is a road to success

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Harold Mitchell History is filled with great people who were even greater because they operated in partnership.

Australia's time to shine on the big stage and avoid a haircut

Harold Mitchell Money talks in New York and if you're prepared to pay a bit over the odds, anything can happen.

Ricky Muir opens door to a true house of review

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Harold Mitchell The major parties had better realise that they’ve got Senator Ricky Muir and the other independents for at least another five years, if not 11 years if they get re-elected.

Joe Hockey has it right on legacy for our children

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Harold Mitchell Two men, whose ages are more than 40 years apart, have dominated my week and they're both on the same track.

Harold Mitchell: New year dawns on fewer borders with China

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Harold Mitchell The Chinese New Year is perhaps the biggest day of the year in every Asian culture throughout the region.

Harold Mitchell 'was sending Kerry Packer broke'

Harold Mitchell.

Harold Mitchell It was an early evening dinner at the famous La Strada restaurant, Potts Point Sydney, in the winter of 1982 and Trevor Kennedy, Kerry Packer's right hand man, Sam Chisholm, the legendary boss of the...

Harold Mitchell

Cutting interest rates hasn't worked in Europe or Japan

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Harold Mitchell Earlier this week Louise asked what the interest rate cut means. Like most of us, she had no idea what a reduction from 2.5% to 2.25% is all about.

Harold Mitchell

Balancing the budget: we should follow the wisdom of Auntie Sam

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Harold Mitchell Right now the argument is that Australia is living beyond its means. And we are.

Time to recycle Australia's economy

Refuse tip

Harold Mitchell This week’s column is all about rubbish. And the great thing about rubbish is that it’s all about the only constant thing we have in our lives – change.

Harold Mitchell

Aussies will support mavericks making sure others get a fair go

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Harold Mitchell The attitudes of Ned Kelly not only had a place in history, they are always present.

Harold Mitchell

Camping with Gen Y

Harold Mitchell Whatever your holiday choice, camping or not, getting away from it all really means sticking together with those we love most.

Let's stay close together in time-honoured summer holiday spirit

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Harold Mitchell There’s excitement in the air. It’s finally time to get away from it all. Some will be travelling overseas, but the time-honoured Australian tradition is to head for the beach or the...