Harold Mitchell

Harold Mitchell

Inequality is no recipe for prosperity

Harold Mitchell The rich need to realise their fate is tied to everybody else's.

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Go to Davos? You're better off at the tennis

Harold Mitchell We are laconic and laid back. Perhaps a little too laid back for our own good.

It's hard to fault family bonds in business

Harold Mitchell I've been thinking about the value of families and their contribution to the world of business.

Talk, sure, but try listening this Christmas

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Harold Mitchell Good communication is the key to the stability we need in politics, in business and in our personal lives.

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Disruption in Australia is not a new innovation

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Harold Mitchell We've a long history of challenging accepted business wisdom.

Time for flowering after hard year's work

Harold Mitchell Smell the roses over Christmas while you can, there could be plenty of fertiliser around next year.

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Harper review proves again competition produces winners

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Harold Mitchell Review fatigue aside, the competition inquiry has delivered food for thought.

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Let's beef up our relationship with Indonesia

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Harold Mitchell It's all too easy in times like these to think that the world is dominated and controlled by conflict and violence. 

America shows how to harness have-a-go migrants with university educations



Harold Mitchell Our universities are terrific institutions but we could help them be even better.

Small towns like Mansfield show their strength in numbers

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Harold Mitchell Little towns like Mansfield can teach us how to deal with the doubters, just like female jockey Michelle Payne did this week.

We can learn from how Macau has played its hand

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Harold Mitchell When a country can build a $US15 billion bridge in three years, it may be able to show us a thing or two.

The young show why diversity is key to our development goals

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Harold Mitchell We all have to be involved in the solutions to our problems and challenges – particularly when it comes to sustainable wealth generation around the world.

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Time to get on with pushing the economy upwards

Harold Mitchell There's much to be done given a parlous performance on the three P's.

Bill Clinton's presidency was a warm-up act

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Harold Mitchell Armed with the world's best contact book, the former president has set about solving the world's worst problems.

In business, as in sport, the motto should be 'don't cheat'

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Harold Mitchell Whether it's the fall of Carlton Football Club or the scandal at 7-Eleven, the simple lesson is culture is key.

A memo to Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten: Just sign ChAFTA

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Harold Mitchell China is going to be the world's dominant nation. It's time we embraced it.

Advertising drives the nation's true sport

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Harold Mitchell Events in Canberra this week seem to have been like a national sport: a series of own-goals, captain's picks, head high tackles, even a shirtfront or two.

Harold Mitchell

24 hour news cycle: Why the media eats political fakes

Donald Trump says it like it is and that's part of his success.

Harold Mitchell The reason politicians are held in such low regard is not because of the 24-hour news cycle but because people don't believe them.

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Desalination's day will come as water resources dry up

Harold Mitchell Changing our views about water is fundamental because absolutely nothing works without it.

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Time for Aussies to stand with Papuans and fix what we can

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Harold Mitchell Ordinary Aussies could make a difference and save 1000 Papuans a year from dying of snake bites.