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Lucy Battersby is Trends Reporter for The Age. Prior to this, she worked as a technology reporter. She worked on communications policy for the federal government before joining Fairfax in 2006.

NBN's $14b gift to Telstra


Lucy Battersby TELSTRA will receive more than $14 billion in cash from NBN Co over the next 30 years in decommissioning and leasing payments, a summary of NBN Co's business plan reveals.

NBN bill to come in $7b cheaper


Lucy Battersby The proposed national broadband network will cost a total of $35.7b to construct, and Telstra is set to receive $14b in cash from NBN Co.

Future Fund vents anger at Telstra meeting

Lucy Battersby THE relationship between Telstra and its largest shareholder continues to decay, with the Future Fund voting against all resolutions at the company's general meeting yesterday, while shareholders...

Future Fund's slap in the face for Telstra


Lucy Battersby Future Fund uses its hefty shareholding to deliver a protest vote against Telstra at its annual meeting in Melbourne.

Exetel sues ombudsman for complaints

Lucy Battersby EXETEL is suing the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman for allegedly falsely accepting and charging for consumer complaints, in breach of its obligations under

Sir Ralph rides to the defence


Lucy Battersby THE chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank, Sir Ralph Norris, has staunchly defended the record profits earned by the industry and cautioned law makers against punishing or taking revenge on banks...

Norris hits back at bank bashers


Lucy Battersby CBA chief Ralph Norris hits back at politicians for picking on banks to score points and admits he has had a ‘‘tough couple of weeks’’ since lifting the bank's mortgage rates.

Vodafone tempts phone customers to hang up on landline


Lucy Battersby THE mobile phone operator Vodafone is trying to lure Telstra and Optus fixed-line customers with new plans offering unlimited calls to all phones for the same price as monthly landline fees.

Telstra shares dive to record low in shadow of separation

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA shares closed at a record low of $2.58 yesterday as politicians debated new laws to structurally separate the company and bring to life a deal worth $11 billion to the company.

Nextgen flexes its muscles in competition with Telstra

Lucy Battersby THE construction giant Leighton is cementing its position as a wholesale competitor to Telstra, with subsidiary Nextgen signing commercial contracts to sell services on a new 6000-kilometre...

Optus chief brushes off Telstra push

Lucy Battersby THE chief executive of Optus has dismissed Telstra's aggressive attempts to win back customers in the mobile business, saying Optus's latest results show it is increasing momentum and profit margins.

How assets are valued - spoof video reveals shonky banking practices

Spoof banker

Lucy Battersby A spoof video thought to be made by bank employees lampoons the working culture inside international investment banks.

Governments abandon Tasmanian side-deal

Lucy Battersby THE Tasmanian and federal governments have quietly killed off a secret joint venture that would have given the state government shares in NBN Co's privatisation in return for granting free access to...

Moody's warning on Telstra credit rating

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA risks a damaging hit to its credit rating unless it can make new mobile products and internet services as profitable as the fixed telephone network had been.

Reserve Bank rate rise surprises markets

Lucy Battersby THE Reserve Bank's surprise decision to increase the official cash rate yesterday lifted banking shares and sent the Australian dollar above parity with the US dollar.

RBA sends $A above parity


Lucy Battersby Australia's dollar pushed through parity with its US counterpart for the second time in three weeks after a shock lift in rates by the Reserve Bank.

Macquarie hits back over telco claims

Macquarie logo

Lucy Battersby Macquarie Group has hit back at claims it acted improperly by taking on equipment leasing deals designed by telecommunications companies.

Telstra to cut 950 jobs around Australia

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA will axe 950 executive and middle-management jobs in corporate offices around Australia in a bid to cut costs and reduce bureaucracy, the company announced yesterday.

Telstra to slash 950 jobs


Lucy Battersby Telstra will slash almost 1000 jobs across the country.

Futures trading grinds to a halt

Lucy Battersby THE futures market froze for almost two hours yesterday when three products tripped up the wider market just seconds after key economic data was released.