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Lucy Battersby is Trends Reporter for The Age. Prior to this, she worked as a technology reporter. She worked on communications policy for the federal government before joining Fairfax in 2006.

NBN in wrangle over rural pricing

Lucy Battersby NBN Co and the competition watchdog will consult the telecommunications industry for two weeks on a controversial engineering recommendation aimed at making broadband services available in rural...

Regulator rings the changes on numbers

Lucy Battersby THE communications regulator is to overhaul Australia's telephone numbering system after noticing an increase in the use of phone calls on the internet, as well as general consumer apathy about the...

Phone numbers set for shake-up

Mobile phone

Lucy Battersby The communications regulator is set to overhaul Australia's telephone numbering system after noticing an increase in the use of internet-based phone calls, as well as general consumer apathy about...

ACCC steps in to regulate prices

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA may be forced to charge lower wholesale prices for fixed broadband services as the competition watchdog considers backing out of a 2008 decision not to regulate wholesale services.

Up to 90% see the need for speed

Lucy Battersby NBN Co is overwhelmed by the number of households in mainland test sites signing up for an optical fibre connection to the national broadband network.

Job cuts flagged as Australia Post turns to retail

Post office

Lucy Battersby AUSTRALIA POST has set aside $150.2 million for redundancies over the next five years as it is restructured to reap more revenue from retail products, providing services for the government and...

$1 a day marks the start of telco prepaid price war

Mobile phone

Lucy Battersby Optus has fired a defensive shot ahead of Telstra's anticipated grab for lucrative prepaid customers with a new pricing strategy offering calls for $1 a day.

Battle for prepaid customers heats up

Lucy Battersby OPTUS has fired a defensive shot at Telstra's expected grab for lucrative prepaid customers with a pricing strategy offering unlimited calls for $1 a day.

NBN Co set to use semi-idle satellites to deliver remote broadband

Lucy Battersby NBN Co is close to signing up a satellite provider to supply broadband to remote households, delivering on a promise that helped Labor secure the support of the independents to form government.

Online banking expert to help Telstra win back customers

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA has hired a former banking e-commerce specialist to improve its online capabilities as part of a plan to increase self-service among its customer base.

Unstoppable dollar poses threat to big miners

Iron ore mine

Lucy Battersby MINING earnings are at risk if the Australian dollar remains strong against the greenback, as retail investors look for opportunities to benefit from the currency's historically high levels.

Limitations of 'unlimited'

Lucy Battersby THE competition regulator says slowing broadband speeds after customers exceed a download limit on an ''unlimited'' plan is like selling them a Ferrari with one gear.

NBN a cloud over Telstra, says fund


Lucy Battersby TELSTRA'S recent profit results are ''concerning'' and the company faces years of uncertainty if the national broadband network is built, according to senior investment staff at the Australian...

Uncertainty sends share price down

Lucy Battersby TELSTRA'S share price reached fresh lows as investors abandoned it despite its promises to become more competitive and responsive to customers.

Telstra nonchalant on NBN


Lucy Battersby TELSTRA is not ''transfixed'' by the government's broadband project and would quickly get on with life if the $43 billion NBN were cancelled, the company's chief executive said yesterday, as the...

Telstra toughens NBN stance


Lucy Battersby Telstra was not "transfixed" by the government's $43 billion broadband project and would quickly get on with life if it was cancelled, chief executive David Thodey says.

Telstra boss gets close to customers

Lucy Battersby THE new head of Telstra's consumer business is moving his desk right to the coalface of customer service - inside one of the company's customer call centres.

Seven looks at $10m windfall from replay

Lucy Battersby THE Seven Network will try to squeeze another $10 million out of the AFL grand final replay on Saturday. Every five minutes of advertising is expected to rake in about $1 million.

Tables turned over complaints: telcos whinge about customers

Lucy Battersby TELCOS have used a national inquiry into customer care as an opportunity to whinge about regulation rather than deal with the high number of complaints against the industry, the chief regulator says.

Vital NBN legislation caught up in Senate delays

Lucy Battersby THE legislation supporting the national broadband network is unlikely to reach the Senate before the last week of October and still relies on the support of an unpredictable minor party senator.