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Malcolm Maiden

Malcolm Maiden analyses and comments on business, the markets and the economy.

Banks may need to set aside rainy-day capital

Malcolm Maiden A stress test conducted this year concluded the banks could rack up losses of $170b during 5 years.

Six reasons oil's price plunge has shaken the markets

Oil rigs will continue to push out oil at 2014 levels despite demand falling in 2015.

Malcolm Maiden Oil is a key economic input, and its price has fallen sharply. All things being equal, that’s a plus for global growth, but the markets are in turmoil.

RBA between a rate cut and hard place

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Malcolm Maiden Philip Lowe’s comments added to the sense that the lie of the land is subtly shifting.

Sale done - now Medibank must deliver

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Malcolm Maiden Medibank’s trading debut suggests that the government got its privatisation sums almost right, but the health insurer is going to be under pressure to justify its price tag.

Medibank makes 'Goldilocks' ASX debut, but still needs to deliver

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Malcolm Maiden After a solid debut, the challenge is to deliver the earnings growth the share price predicts.

Malcolm Maiden: Strong demand for Medibank Private shares

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Malcolm Maiden The government can be reasonably confident a price like the $2.15 it has opted for with Medibank Private will be supported when the shares are quoted and begin trading on a deferred settlement basis...

FOFA doesn't clean up the financial advice minefield

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Malcolm Maiden Financial planning will continue to be a can of worms, regardless of the fate of the Future of Financial Advice regime.

Bull market is old, but last rites can wait

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Malcolm Maiden Bears insist the current bull market is already older and bigger than average, however the bulls may graze a while longer.

Medibank float: Big Squeeze sets up strong debut

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Malcolm Maiden The government is now in position to sell Medibank Private shares at the top of its float price range to retail investors, charge institutional investors even more, and leave enough demand...

Gail Kelly's legacy: positive, and growing

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Malcolm Maiden A St George Bank television advertisement that ran during Gail Kelly's leadership of the former building society summed up its position in Australia's banking market.

ASIC gutted by new data retention regime

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Malcolm Maiden The federal government's new data retention regime enhances the ability of law enforcement agencies, including federal and state police, to investigate terrorism and other criminal activities.

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Pressure is on institutions to bid big for Medibank


Malcolm Maiden A sentence buried deep in the Medibank Private prospectus is exercising the minds of fund managers as they prepare for a three day-long bookbuild auction next week that will determine how much the...

Australia's foreign bribery law needs to be tightened

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Malcolm Maiden The central role that Asia has in Australia’s future was on display at Thursday’s packed Financial Review and J.P. Morgan Chanticleer lunch in Melbourne.

Medibank is not a privatisation no-brainer

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Malcolm Maiden A friend of mine has done well over the years selling services to the government. Despite that, being on the government drip-feed infuriates him.

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Whitlam's legacy was to win vital reforms

Malcolm Maiden Successes and failures both helped create a business and economic legacy for Gough Whitlam that far outweighs his government's brief time in power.

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Gough Whitlam 'changed the way business is done' with lasting competition laws

The Trade Practices laws introduced by Gough Whitlam and Lionel Murphy have been described as possibly the most important piece Australian of economic legislation of the 1970s.

Malcolm Maiden The Trade Practices Act that the Whitlam government passed in 1974 was one of Gough Whitlam's outstanding achievements, former competition czars said on Tuesday.

Masters and Bunnings price war takes on a new hue

With entry-level paint, Masters is seeking to be a price-setter.

Malcolm Maiden The $3 billion paint market is the site of a skirmish in a war between Bunnings and Masters.

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ACCC's action against Coles may set precedent

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Malcolm Maiden The new Federal Court legal action against Coles by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission looks very similar to the action it launched against the supermarket group five months ago, but...

CSL shows how to run a buyback campaign

Malcolm Maiden The lambasting that Telstra got at its annual meeting on Tuesday over its $1 billion share buyback was a reminder that buybacks are sometimes difficult to market to shareholders.

RBA weighs the price of ignoring risk

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Malcolm Maiden Investors who are thinking of joining the market’s spring selldown run the risk of making a classic mistake. If this is a correction, it is well advanced.