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Malcolm Maiden

Malcolm Maiden analyses and comments on business, the markets and the economy.

Tighten the reins on currency trading

Malcolm Maiden Market participants have been talking about the retail currency trading phenomenon for some time.

ADM still hovers in GrainCorp's vicinity and may pounce

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Malcolm Maiden Wilmar International and First Pacific want a fast answer from Goodman Fielder after delivering a ''take it or leave it'' sweetener to their original $1.3 billion offer.

Wilmar group, First Pacific put takeover squeeze on Goodman Fielder


Malcolm Maiden Singapore's Wilmar group and its Hong Kong bidding partner First Pacific are putting a classic takeover squeeze on Australian food group Goodman Fielder.

Malcolm Maiden

Business can expect a collateral hit

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Malcolm Maiden Has Joe Hockey given companies a gymnasium leave pass? To some, it seems so.

Crisis? What crisis? Budget bluff finally becomes clear

Malcolm Maiden The sense of urgency that the government engineered going into this budget can now be seen in perspective. There was no crisis forcing savage spending cuts and revenue-raising measures.

One on the board for ASIC as the watchdog finally bites

Malcolm Maiden The cases have to be heard, but ASIC and the Australian Federal Police appear to have scored a major insider trading swoop with the arrests of a NAB employee and an Australian Bureau of Statistics...

Rural Bank's suitor was kept in the dark

Malcolm Maiden Government sold Rural Finance in exclusive deal despite knowing others were interested.


Is NAB floored or on the rebound?

Malcolm Maiden It is not yet clear whether NAB is stuck on the bottom, or positioned for a rebound.

Malcolm Maiden

Recovering retailers brace for tax whack

Malcolm Maiden It's likely Bernie Brookes will be telling his staff to prepare for tighter trading conditions.

Malcolm Maiden

Commission of Audit: Weighty report outlines regime for much leaner government

Malcolm Maiden Weighty government reports have a habit of finding their way to the top shelf in ministerial offices, lightly thumbed and lonely.

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Port partners take a punt on coal

Malcolm Maiden The Baird government may have set a new mark with Wednesday's $1.75 billion sale of a 98-year lease on the Port of Newcastle.

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Masters, Big W still on Woolworths' fix-it list

Grant O'Brien

Malcolm Maiden Comment: Woolies is not yet firing on all cylinders.

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Small beer a big problem for CUB

Byron Bay

Malcolm Maiden The ACCC has announced something that could prove to be the tip of an iceberg.

Malcolm Maiden

Revenue squeeze is Joe Hockey's sticking point

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Malcolm Maiden The Abbott government prepares for a budget that will be one of the most important in decades.

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Transurban looks long-term with $7b deal


Malcolm Maiden Measured against the income it is currently throwing off, the $7.06 billion price the Transurban-led consortium has paid QIC for Queensland Motorways and its network is staggering, about 26 times...

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Softer CPI figures offer a little breathing room, for now

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Malcolm Maiden Wednesday's March quarter consumer price index result is a get-out-of-jail card for the markets, the Reserve Bank and the Australian government as it prepares a budget for 2014-15 that will walk a...

Malcolm Maiden

Inflation figures give RBA, Hockey and markets breathing room

Joe Hockey

Malcolm Maiden The March quarter consumer price index result is a get out of jail card for the markets, the Reserve Bank and the Australian government as it prepares a Budget for 2014-2015 that needs to very finely...

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High hopes for some big share deals

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Malcolm Maiden If earnings don't have more growth momentum than they do now, share prices will fall, too.

Watchdog observes light-speed probe on high frequency trades


Malcolm Maiden The speed of light is constant, but regulation of the way it is leveraged by sharemarket high-frequency traders is not.

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Australia Post's 'win-win' in the mail

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Malcolm Maiden Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour is on tenterhooks as the May 13 budget looms and the Abbott government prepares to release the Commission of Audit's report on how to make the government...