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We've jobs enough for the clever, in healthcare and finance


Malcolm Maiden Where will our children's jobs come from? It's something to ponder after the implosion of one of the manufacturing sector's linchpins.

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Malcolm Maiden

Why Toyota’s exit will hurt more than Holden


Malcolm Maiden Toyota’s decision to halt local vehicle manufacturing in 2017 is a bigger body blow than Holden’s decision late last year to do the same.


Opposing faiths find belief in a volatile new-year market


Malcolm Maiden There are two candidates that have not derailed the markets but nevertheless can't be ignored.

Malcolm Maiden

Woolies' chief needs a big winner

Supermarket Shopper

Malcolm Maiden The growth gap between Coles and Woolworths has been closing.

The argument for an SPC lifeline

Malcolm Maiden dinkus

Malcolm Maiden Government's general aversion to company-specific handouts could have been usefully set aside in SPC's case.

Market slide chaotic, not catastrophic

A man stands in front of an electronic board displaying stock information inside the Australian Securities Exchange, operated by ASX Ltd., in Sydney, Australia, on Monday, Sept. 9, 2013. The Australian dollar's strongest weekly advance since December 2011 is a reminder to Prime Minister-Elect Tony Abbott that his plans to revive a slowing economy will be hostage to currency markets. Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg

Malcolm Maiden Don't panic. What we are seeing is a healthy reduction in valuations that became stretched in the final quarter of 2013.

Malcolm Maiden

Don't panic. This is a correction, not a cataclysm

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Malcolm Maiden Don’t be surprised if cheap shares soon have buyers coming back

Spurned Myer offer to DJs uncorks takeover genie

Malcolm Maiden Myer wanted to avoid putting its department store competitor David Jones into a classic takeover 'bear hug' when it approached DJs with a merger proposal at the end of October last year.

Malcolm Maiden

Myer offer for David Jones has let the genie out of the bottle

David Jones.

Malcolm Maiden With the takeover genie out of the bottle, Myer’s offer to DJs probably won’t be the last.

Malcolm Maiden

Punch-drunk Treasury a prime target

Penfolds Magill Estate, Adelaide.

Malcolm Maiden When Treasury was spun out of the Foster's brewing group almost three years ago, hopes were high.

Malcolm Maiden

Australia Post eyes price rise

Australia Post.

Malcolm Maiden Australia Post wants to lift the price of stamps for only the fourth time in 22 years


Privatisation may engulf some sporting sacred cows

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 19:  Nick Kyrgios of Australia during the first hit out of the new look Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne Park on December 19, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. Australian Open 2014, the roof will be fixed in an open position while the stadium remains under a construction phase. In 2015 Margaret Court Arena will feature a fully retractable roof, making the Australian Open the only Grand Slam event with three retractable-roofed stadiums.  (Photo by Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images)

Malcolm Maiden Question is not so much whether popular assets such as Melbourne Park should be sold, but what else might be sold if they are not.

Malcolm Maiden

Telstra exits unsuccessful Hong Kong detour

David Thodey.

Malcolm Maiden Telstra's $2 billion sale of its stake of its Hong Kong mobiles business to PCCW-controlled HKT Ltd completes what has been a lengthy and ultimately unsuccessful detour by the Australian telco.

Malcolm Maiden

Fed's taper opens up big picture for investors

Bernanke's remarks charm the markets (Thumbnail)

Malcolm Maiden With the QE taper on Thursday morning, investors were finally willing to buy the bigger picture.

Malcolm Maiden

Bernanke plays Santa for investors

Ben Bernanke

Malcolm Maiden In the end, it was a bit like the little boy who called wolf: the markets had ducked and weaved so many times at the prospect of the US Federal Reserve starting to taper its $US85 billion ($95.

Malcolm Maiden

MYEFO is all a question of shared burden

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Malcolm Maiden Here's a 20 Questions-style drill-down on Australia's debt and deficit dilemma.

Malcolm Maiden

The window is closing on Tony Abbott's game plan

Malcolm Maiden The Abbott government clocks up 100 days since its September 7 election win on Monday.

Malcolm Maiden

Holden loss shows need for reform


Malcolm Maiden Holden's decision to stop making vehicles in 2017 could turn the car-making industry's lights out for good.

Malcolm Maiden

Decision on Holden's future still in neutral

Malcolm Maiden dinkus

Malcolm Maiden Mike Devereux didn't confirm his company was quitting Australia, but he did make one thing clear.

Challenges ahead for airline as feathers fly

Malcolm Maiden Airlines are always going to be a roller-coaster ride, to mangle a metaphor.