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Malcolm Maiden

Roy Hill looks a winner to its lenders

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Malcolm Maiden Deal vindicates the strategy that Hancock and its joint debt advisers pursued.

Myer, David Jones results support merger option for retail giants

Malcolm Maiden Myer's profit result for the half-year sheds light on it's merger pursuit with David Jones.

Malcolm Maiden

Myer result shows need for David Jones merger

Bernie Brookes.

Malcolm Maiden Myer's profit result for the half year to the end of January sheds some light on why Myer is pursuing a merger with its department store rival, David Jones.

Malcolm Maiden

Cut the red tape and let's get moving

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Malcolm Maiden The corporate world is united in declaring that Tony Abbott's Red Tape Repeal Day is a good thing.

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Rolling out a new NBN strategy

Malcolm Maiden Bill Morrow attended an NBN Co strategy meeting with key suppliers including Alcatel-Lucent on Monday, and sat in on an NBN board meeting on Tuesday.

Malcolm Maiden

Will Rio still need Sam Walsh now he is 64?

Malcolm Maiden Rio Tinto's chief executive accepts a lifetime achievement award from Melbourne University.

Malcolm Maiden

Leighton yields to the Spanish coup

Malcolm Maiden Leighton shareholders who don't sell out after ACS's coup are in for an interesting ride.


Problem projects made Hochtief move on Leighton invevitable


Malcolm Maiden Leighton's problems brought on the push by its Spanish-controlled German parent to take the reins.

Malcolm Maiden

Myer, David Jones merger faces share price catch-22

The Age News
4th February 2014
Picture by Wayne Taylor
Generic Myer and David jones shopper pictures at Bourke st Mall.

Malcolm Maiden Is Myer correct in asserting that the groups are tailor-made for a marriage of equals?

Iron giants Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton to weather price storm

Rio Tinto's Bengalla coal mine.

Malcolm Maiden Concerns are rising that supply is outstripping demand, but it's more complicated.

Malcolm Maiden

Rio, BHP brush off iron slump

Malcolm Maiden The iron price slump pulls on a classic supply-side squeeze, and Australia's iron ore whales are best placed as it occurs.

Malcolm Maiden

Glenn Stevens defends his reserve towards $A

Glenn Stevens.

Malcolm Maiden A lower $A would give companies more reasons to invest, but the currency is far from friendless.


Mega-funds spark a ports boom

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Malcolm Maiden The shape of the sale of the Port of Melbourne depends on which party is in government.

Malcolm Maiden

Joyce may benefit from false move

Malcolm Maiden Qantas' big shareholders allowed the current guard to defend market share at the cost of profits.

Malcolm Maiden

Ukraine: Pressure is on but no need to panic

Vladimir Putin

Malcolm Maiden How much should investors worry about Ukraine after Russia's military intervention? As of Tuesday, a little, but not a lot.

Malcolm Maiden

Just cruising: That sums up the fiscal reporting season

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Malcolm Maiden Profit reporting season is here. It isn't the Titanic but it's not a pleasure cruise either.

Malcolm Maiden

Qantas facing headwind in air battle

Malcolm Maiden Alan Joyce is right when he says that the Qantas group is being hit by external headwinds.

Clear skies for service sector growth

Malcolm Maiden Competition among the airlines has intensified, ticket prices have fallen.

Crash landing Qantas had to have


Malcolm Maiden Qantas will get to the end of its reconstruction road.

What NBN needs is much more networking


Malcolm Maiden Ziggy Switkowski and a new management team reshape Australia's biggest infrastructure project.