Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley

Rough trot for retail investors

Marcus Padley You may have noticed a developing commentary about the rough trot retail investors get compared to professional fund managers.

Marcus Padley

Don't let a little bubble spoil some 'irrational exuberance'

Marcus Padley The Federal Reserve says investors display 'too much complacency with regard to risk'.

IPOs pick-up a healthy sign, but don't get carried away

Marcus Padley dinkus

Marcus Padley As any corporate financier will tell you, the smaller an IPO , the harder it is to get away.

Managing great expectations when the wolf is at the door

Marcus Padley There is a bit of a kerfuffle going on about the Wolf of Wall Street coming to Australia.

If SMSF means Screwing My Super Fund to you, pack now

Marcus Padley For a busy bloke who has sworn never to be 'taken for a mug', why am I at this conference?

You can't always get what you want if you're a lousy client

Marcus Padley At the end of the day, the customer isn't always right after all, they never have been.

Marcus Padley

Asset investment is about allocation

Marcus Padley This week let me show you a working example of asset allocation investment.

Exchange-traded funds: less stress, fewer complications

Marcus Padley I heard recently that post-GFC, trading shares had become 'a poor man's game'.

Marcus Padley

2x2=4 at any of our schools, so do the sums and choose

Marcus Padley School fee inflation appears to have nothing to do with inflation in the rest of the world.

Marcus Padley

When it comes to picking stocks, 'quality score' key

Marcus Padley Company valuations alone have several weaknesses. Here are some of them.

Make hay while the sharemarket shines but be ready to react tomorrow

Marcus Padley No one predicted the GFC, but predicting one now is just as reckless.

Trading room

One thing's certain about equity expectations: there aren't any

Marcus Padley You're fooling yourself to believe financial product managers' averages make reliable predictions.


In finance, you have to get to know the trends

Marcus Padley You could listen to the consensus, but the money is in guessing what the consensus doesn't know.

Marcus Padley

Boomers are at an age when risk holds no future for them

Marcus Padley Arguably, risk aversion has permanently risen in Australia.


Listen up: all that glisters might just be a golden rule


Marcus Padley One of the golden rules of investing: 'If you're counting your money it's time to sell.'

Persuasion and personality are all-powerful in making a point

Marcus Padley Speakers owe it to their audience to be both interesting and entertaining. So why can't I stay awake?


Living in fear, or sleeping at night - all a matter of timing

Marcus Padley The Australian fear index rocketed during the GFC and on a roiling three-year basis is still high.

In the down times: sell first, ask questions later

Marcus Padley The fear of an emerging market blow-up have sobered everything.


A wise investor targets the research, not broker forecasts

Marcus Padley I got an email from one of my members this week asking if I could explain why broker forecasts vary so much.