Matt O'Sullivan

Matt O'Sullivan

Matt O'Sullivan is a Business Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Moderate falls expected on bourse as euro crisis deepens

Matt O'Sullivan A RATINGS downgrade of nine European economies including France is set to to drag the Australian market lower at the open today, reinforcing fears that the crisis in the euro zone is alive and well.

Qantas uncertainty lifts prospects for Virgin

Matt O'Sullivan QANTAS is under pressure to offer more clarity about its expansion in Asia as it faces the double whammy of high fuel prices and economic upheaval in Europe weakening demand for travel in other...

AirAsia X finally set for Sydney touchdown


Matt O'Sullivan AFTER four years of lobbying, Malaysia's long-haul budget airline AirAsia X is on the verge of launching flights between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

Qantas boss bets the house on Asian expansion


Matt O'Sullivan When Tony Fernandes last jetted into Sydney for a major PR event it was to trumpet his airline's operational alliance with Qantas's budget offshoot, Jetstar, aimed at saving them both money on buying...

Joyce eyes his next battlefield


Matt O'Sullivan The big question for Qantas is, will a fresh dalliance with Malaysia Airlines fly, after their falling out in 2008? Analysts are scratching their heads over it, writes Matt O'Sullivan.

Weak NZ economy poses flight risk


Matt O'sullivan QANTAS expects tougher conditions on the trans-Tasman route this year due to continued weakness in the New Zealand economy and stronger competition from rivals such as Air New Zealand and Emirates.

Tough fight tipped over the Tasman

Qantas expects to feel the heat from its competitors on the trans-Tasman route.

Matt O'Sullivan Qantas expects tougher conditions on the trans-Tasman route this year due to continued weakness in the New Zealand economy and stronger competition from rivals.

Clearer skies for NZ Virgin

The airline is now banking on a revenue-sharing alliance with Air New Zealand to  stem  losses.

Matt O'Sullivan Virgin Australia's New Zealand operation still struggling to make money on the trans-Tasman route.

Ex-boss to sue Transpacific over rejected bookbuild bid


Matt O'Sullivan THE Queensland rubbish mogul Terry Peabody is again butting heads with Transpacific, the waste management company he once led.

$5 million court showdown over trash cash

Terry Peabody.

Matt O'Sullivan Rubbish mogul again butts heads with the waste management company he once led.

Virgin struggles continue in NZ

Matt O'sullivan VIRGIN AUSTRALIA'S New Zealand operation has narrowed its losses after ditching domestic services more than a year ago, but it has still struggled to make money on the trans-Tasman route.

Transpacific founder seeks $4.6m damages

Terry Peabody

Eli Greenblat and Matt O'Sullivan The former founder and executive chairman of waste management company Transpacific Industries has launched legal action against his old business claiming total damages of $4.

Airfares rise on US routes


Matt O'sullivan Airlines bank on improved returns after years of substantial losses caused by fare discounting.

Airlines hope US routes will rebound after heavy losses


Matt O'sullivan AIRLINES are banking on improved returns from flights between Australia and the US - one of this country's key international air routes - after several years of substantial losses due to heavy fare...

Emirates adds extra flight power


Matt O'Sullivan Airline ups the ante on trans-Tasman route by putting on another A380 daily service.

Emirates throws down challenge to incumbents


Matt O'Sullivan EMIRATES will up the ante against incumbent airlines Qantas, Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand on the competitive trans-Tasman route by adding another A380 daily service.

One dispute settled, two to go for Qantas


Matt O'Sullivan QANTAS remains a long way from resolving its standoff with two unions representing baggage handlers and long-haul pilots, despite reaching a new three-year deal with its 1600 licensed aircraft...

Engineers scrap A380 hangar in Qantas deal


Matt O'Sullivan The Qantas engineers union says it missed out on securing a new A380 hangar in Australia but won ‘‘all of our existing functions in a job security clause’’.

Blow for Jetstar Asia as chief executive departs

Matt O'sullivan THE Qantas-backed Singaporean budget airline Jetstar Asia expects to appoint a new chief executive early next year after its respected boss for the past six years, Chong Phit Lian, resigned.

Blow for Jetstar Asia as boss resigns

Jetstar sign

Matt O'Sullivan The Qantas-backed Singaporean budget airline Jetstar Asia has begun a search for a new chief executive after its highly respected boss resigned.