Matt O'Sullivan

Matt O'Sullivan

Matt O'Sullivan is a Business Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Qantas recalls Fiji airline board men

Fiji intends to take absolute control.

Matt O'Sullivan Relations between Qantas and the Fiji government have deteriorated further.

Joyce defends Qantas split plan

Matt O'Sullivan THE chief executive of Qantas, Alan Joyce, has sought to allay fears about the split of its international flying operations from the domestic business, insisting that the benefits will ''greatly...

Mostly benefits in Qantas split, says Joyce

Alan Joyce assures that the airline's split will have more positives than negatives.

Matt O'sullivan QANTAS chief Alan Joyce has sought to allay fears about the split of its international flying operations from the domestic business, insisting that the benefits will 'greatly outweigh' any negatives,...

Qantas dreams are made of this

Qantas dreams are made of this.

Matt O'sullivan The Qantas boss will get a chance to show off the bright and glitzy future of the airline.

Virgin ready for domestic battle

John Borghetti

Matt O'Sullivan Virgin Australia's boss, John Borghetti, has cautioned that the domestic travel market remains soft because households are still loath to open their wallets.

Qantas, Jetstar to cut NT flights


Matt O'Sullivan Qantas and its budget offshoot, Jetstar, will slash flights to the Northern Territory, blaming weak demand on the high dollar deterring overseas tourists.

Matt O'Sullivan

Qantas gives contenders a chance to earn their wings

Matt O'Sullivan

Matt O'Sullivan Qantas boss Alan Joyce has made clear he has no plans to head for the exit any time soon.

Qantas in division shake-up

Qantas is focused on stemming the losses within its international operations.

Matt O'Sullivan Qantas will push the pause button on the aggressive expansion in Asia of Jetstar, as it beds down the budget airline's new ventures in Japan and Hong Kong under new leadership.

Matt O'Sullivan

Qantas overhaul opens way for Joyce's successor

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Matt O'Sullivan With Alan Joyce approaching four years in the top job at Qantas, the airline is giving his potential successor a chance to prove their talent.

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Qantas flags more job cuts

Matt O'Sullivan and Clay Lucas Qantas has signalled it will eventually close its aircraft maintenance base at Avalon Airport, leading to yet more job losses.

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Qantas cuts 500 engineering jobs


Matt O'Sullivan Qantas has confirmed it will slash 500 engineering jobs and close its heavy maintenance base in Melbourne by August as part of cost-cutting measures.

Sydney airport chief blames regulation

sydney airport

Matt O'Sullivan Sydney Airport’s chairman, Max Moore-Wilton, has blamed delays at the airport on regulation rather than its own ability to meet increased demand from airlines and passengers.

Tough time takes toll on Footwork Express

Toll Group

Matt O'Sullivan Toll Holdings has flagged a possible sale of its struggling Japanese business, Footwork Express, after slashing its value.

Toll mulls sale of Japanese business after profit warning

Matt O'sullivan TOLL HOLDINGS has signalled a possible sale of its struggling Japanese business Footwork Express after slashing its value and warning that soft retail conditions will curb the entire company's...

Toll share wipeout rises to $800m

Matt O'Sullivan Toll Holdings shares continued to tumble today as analysts began downgrading the transport company following its profit warning.

Toll shares tumble on profit warning

Matt O'Sullivan Investors punish Toll Holdings after the company warns earnings will fall this year due to weak retail conditions and a poor performance in its Asian marine arm.

Brambles plans for low growth

Brambles' chief executive Tom Gorman.

Matt O'Sullivan Brambles has admitted it has completed a ''whole series of scenario planning'' to enable it to cope with a break-up of the eurozone, which remains its second-largest market.

Brambles sees life after eurozone

Matt O'sullivan BRAMBLES has admitted that it has completed a ''whole series of scenario planning'' to enable it to cope with a break up of the eurozone, which is its second-largest market.

Air Pacific rebrands itself as Fiji Airways and aims for budget flyers

Air Pacific.

Matt O'sullivan Air Pacific announced that it would ditch its brand name of the past 42 years.

Qantas, Virgin in battle for business class

Business class.

Matt O'sullivan Passengers celebrating the prospect of lower fares on domestic flights are in for more treats in the coming months as Qantas and Virgin Australia step up their efforts to boost their inflight...