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Donald Trump's biggest and most dangerous lie is convincing a large proportion of the population that America is not ...

Welcome to the age of fear

What is the driving force that has thrusted Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson into the limelight? Fear.

Malcolm Turnbull has blamed Labor's "Mediscare" campaign for the loss of seats.

The scare campaign that didn't scare anyone

The Liberal Party has been saying plenty about Labor's "Mediscare" in the election postmortem, but there's been precious little about its own scare campaign: Negative gearing.

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Get a grip, it's politics as usual

The election result isn't the equivalent of an Antipodean Brexit or a Trump. Heck, we haven't even changed our PM for 10 months. Well, not yet anyway.

Michael Pascoe

Malcolm Turnbull's biggest regret

Malcolm Turnbull must wonder about what might have been and regret the missed opportunity to call a snap election when he knifed Tony Abbott.

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Trump a bigger worry than Brexit

It's one thing for the UK to seek a diminished role, it would be another altogether for the world's greatest power to elect a sectarian bully.