Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

The negative gearing change that's already happening

Michael Pascoe Joe Hockey may rule out changes, but the thin edge of the negative gearing wedge is already in the door.

Pressure on more than the Myer chairman

Myer Chairman Paul McClintock and Bernie Brookes announcing the CEO's departure last month. As one fund manager said, the only one to have made money out of Myer in the past year is Brookes.

Michael Pascoe Now that CEO Bernie Brookes gone and profit is going, most of the board can't be far behind - responsibility for your actions, or perhaps inactions, and all that old-fashioned stuff.

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Business Week: The housing pickle

Generic. Qantas Airlines Qantas base Sydney.
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Michael Pascoe If you are a new investor in Sydney's housing market, you have to ask yourself, are you feeling lucky? Michael Pascoe comments.

Sydney's housing roulette wheel: are you feeling lucky?

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Michael Pascoe How you perceive the state of the Sydney rental market depends on who you are. Sydney tenants might think rents are steady or rising, but they're falling for Sydney landlords.

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Car lobby defeats consumers on grey imports

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Michael Pascoe In a contest between the nation’s car dealers on one hand and the Productivity Commission and Harper competition review on the other, the government is going with the dealers.

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We’re spending bigger on the biggest things to spend on

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Michael Pascoe You know the story – woe is Australia, unemployment is rising, business and consumer confidence are both down, we’re all going to hell.

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Confusing signals ahead of crunch budget for Treasurer Joe Hockey

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Michael Pascoe I don't know quite what Joe Hockey means when he talks about next month's budget. I don't know if anyone does.

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The business week ahead

Michael Pascoe The start of the monthly confidence survey week. Michael Pascoe comments.

Taxing times now there are no excuses

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Michael Pascoe Dear Joe, thanks for the invitation to take part in “an open and constructive conversation” on the tax system.

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Have a crack: Reserve Bank of Australia knows business confidence is key

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Michael Pascoe As the Reserve Bank knows better than anyone, the missing ingredient for the Australian economy is business confidence.

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RBA front and centre

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Michael Pascoe As far as the RBA’s ability to stimulate the economy goes, rates now look to be about two things: keeping the Aussie dollar down and keeping the construction boom going. Michael Pascoe comments.

Inequality is growing in our own backyards

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Michael Pascoe Now that you have your castle, you want to defend it.

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Polls and wires: We are not entirely stupid

The campaign against the privatisation of power infrastructure is cynical.

Michael Pascoe It’s reassuring to be reminded that the electorate is not entirely stupid, or selfish and greedy. Most of us actually want a better nation.

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Business Week that was

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Michael Pascoe The end of the week of the Yellen twister, the Reserve Bank weave, the Abbott contortion and the Myer plunge. Michael Pascoe comments.

Vale Malcolm Fraser, the wettest dry

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Michael Pascoe There is something fitting, something rounded, about Malcolm Fraser dying within five months of Gough Whitlam – the old foes, having made their peace, now both at peace.

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With its APN buy, is Rupert Murdoch's News Corp tuning in to radio?

Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch could be building a new radio empire for News.

Michael Pascoe After the APN buy, what price Lachlan Murdoch's privately owned DMG being rolled into a Murdoch Australian radio arm?

Who’s afraid of the big bad Fed?

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Michael Pascoe It seems markets are more perturbed by possibilities than eventualities, especially when it comes to the US Federal Reserve.

Business Week ahead

Michael Pascoe An important week for US markets, which of course flows through to our market. Michael Pascoe comments.

Iron ore no longer our biggest export

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Michael Pascoe We now earn more foreign exchange from services, led by education and tourism, than we do from coal and LNG combined. Michael Pascoe comments.

Iron ore no longer our biggest export

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iron ore 




Michael Pascoe Our biggest mining exports have fallen back to be merely extremely rich sources of foreign exchange.