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Michael Pascoe comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Michael Pascoe

Building on semantics: Labor debt versus Coalition funding

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Joe Hockey is about to attempt a backflip with half twist - everybody stand back.

Michael Pascoe

20th century solutions to 21st century transport problems

Joe Hockey

Michael Pascoe Executing a 180-degree turn is a tricky manoeuvre for a naval fleet as big as the one sailing into Sydney Harbour this weekend.

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Michael Pascoe

Credibility in reserve

Michael Pascoe The cheer squad a-wishin' and a-hopin' for another Reserve Bank interest rate cut is nothing if not persistent.

Michael Pascoe

Don't bank on another RBA rate cut


Michael Pascoe The cheer squad a-wishin' and a-hopin' for another Reserve Bank interest rate cut is nothing if not persistent, even if they're reduced to advising the RBA to pretend to want to trim rates again.

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Michael Pascoe

What you missed: an incredible federal budget outcome

Joe Hockey

Michael Pascoe It's yet another case of politics overshadowing economics: while newbie Treasurer Joe Hockey insinuates otherwise, the final count for the 2012-13 federal budget is an outstanding achievement, a...

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Michael Pascoe

DJs looks back in anger, but has eye on harmonious future

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe David Jones is still blaming it's former CEO for its sliding sales and profits.

Michael Pascoe

The shadow of Mark McInnes lingers at David Jones

David Jones

Michael Pascoe While Mark McInnes is blaming the previous Labor government for poor performances within the Premier Investment retail portfolio he now runs for Solly Lew, David Jones is still blaming him for its...

Michael Pascoe

The great coffee rip-off is no myth


Michael Pascoe Consumers complaining about being charged the same amount for smaller takeaway coffee cups don’t know the half of it – the price of coffee has been plunging for two years without a drop of the fall...

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Business Week ahead

Business Week ahead (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe It's the start of PMI and population week. Who would have thought purchasing managers would ever make it so big? Michael Pascoe comments.

The presses roll on

Michael Pascoe The Fed is astride the tiger of printing money, something it knows that it can't keep doing forever. Michael Pascoe on the Business Week that was.

Michael Pascoe

States must unite for GST reform

Premier Colin Barnett

Michael Pascoe WA Premier Colin Barnett has started a political process that will inevitably lead to significant tax reform.

Michael Pascoe

RBA bullish on trading partners

Global economy.

Michael Pascoe The global economic headlines last month seemed to be painting a world of continuing crises.

Michael Pascoe

Our world travelling better than the headlines


Michael Pascoe The parts of the world that matter most to us are running at about their average speed, booms and Great Recessions notwithstanding, the RBA confirms.

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Michael Pascoe

Society of excess going down the toilet


Michael Pascoe How very Tatler to have an expensive ephemera page compiled by a Freud. And that's where the ultimate waste was recorded in that journal of the socially entitled, in Emma Freud's Gadget Column:...

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China's steely resolve

China's steely resolve (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe Despite the negative press, China still needs a heck of a lot of steel. Michael Pascoe reports.

Michael Pascoe

That Big Idea is still waiting, Mr Hockey


Michael Pascoe One of the nice euphemisms to have gained prominence over the past two months is "salary packaging";- it actually means "tax minimisation".

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NBN by Telstra?

Michael Pascoe What is going to happen to NBN Co – the rather strange beast that’s meant to be rolling out all that optical fibre.


Telstra riding for a government dividend


Michael Pascoe Long a retail investor darling, what will Telstra's role be in the revamped NBN?

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Michael Pascoe

Coalition rhetoric a real confidence builder

Tony Abbott

Michael Pascoe The coalition’s pro-business rhetoric already appears to be paying dividends, despite proposing no change in the fiscal bottom line and a mixed bag of tax changes.

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Michael Pascoe

'Lucky' Tony Abbott catches a rising tide


Michael Pascoe Latest figures indicate that the Australian economy has bottomed out and should slowly but steadily pick up from here.

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