Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Santa doesn't drive a Holden

Santa doesn't drive a Holden (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe The unfortunate reality for Qantas and Holden is that the government Santa doesn’t focus on December 25. Michael Pascoe comments.

Michael Pascoe

Holden and Qantas searching for Santa

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Not quite the right time for wounded Aussie icons, Holden and Qantas.

Michael Pascoe

GDP disappoints raised expectations


Michael Pascoe The problem with hoping for more is that when you receive the same, it feels like less.

Michael Pascoe

Damn the dollar, medium speed ahead

NEWS - Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens speaking at an Economic Society of Australia Business Luncheon in Brisbane.

Michael Pascoe For the RBA board, the only thing to do was to leave the cash rate steady, have lunch and adjourn until February

Stamp duty 'iniquitous, unethical and offensive'

State treasurers bask in higher stamp duty revenue (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe State treasurers are basking in revenues from a bad tax that should be replaced by a broad land tax says commentator Michael Pascoe.

Michael Pascoe

Open letter to state treasurers: you should all be sacked

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Dear treasurers, How do you justify taking public money when you know you're doing a poor job?

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Australian investment records to tumble again next year


Michael Pascoe Here's a nice surprise: the nation's congenitally miserable chief financial officers have told the Australian Bureau of Statistics they are going to invest $166.

Michael Pascoe

'No plans', so open season for policy

The coalition

Michael Pascoe Real government policy - not the slogans tarted about in the election - is up for grabs.

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Michael Pascoe

The HK Aussies outsourcing to the USA


Michael Pascoe This is the one about the company listed in Australia, incorporated in Bermuda, headquartered in Hong Kong, manufacturing in China but now about to make footwear in the USA.

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Michael Pascoe

ANZ board out of step with reality


Michael Pascoe ANZ have allowed themselves the hubris of thinking "their" choice of CEO is so very much better than that of the other banks, even though the numbers don't support it.

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Michael Pascoe

Joe Hockey goes a step too far

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Apparently the Treasurer means what he said: he'll throw a Tea Party if he doesn't get a $500b debt ceiling.

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Has Joe jumped the shark?

Has Joe jumped the shark? (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but I checked and apparently the Treasurer will throw a Tea Party on December 12.

Michael Pascoe

James Packer’s business with a dodgy regime

James Packer

Michael Pascoe So how do you go about gaining a casino licence from an increasingly dodgy government? Very carefully, no doubt.

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Michael Pascoe

NSW fiddles while Queensland builds

Airport noise

Michael Pascoe While federal and NSW politicians shilly-shally over the inevitable Badgerys Creek airport – there's yet another study released this week with more to come - south-east Queensland will soon have its...

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Michael Pascoe

James Packer rolls NSW Labor over Barangaroo casino


Michael Pascoe James Packer has taken no chances with his Sydney casino PR blitzkrieg – even the irrelevant Labor opposition has been taken care of as that shadow of a political force rolls over and plays...

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Michael Pascoe

The RBA forecast that the RBA doubts

Reserve Bank

Michael Pascoe As a more cautious central banker might put it, the risks to the RBA's growth forecast are on the upside.

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RBA eyes the Aussie

RBA eyes the Aussie (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe What the Reserve Bank really said in its quarterly monetary policy statement on Friday. Michael Pascoe comments.

Michael Pascoe

RBA's view of a flat landscape

Reserve Bank Australia.

Michael Pascoe The good news is the RBA thinks economic growth has bottomed, the bad news is that growth won’t accelerate until early 2015.

Michael Pascoe

Everyone works for Holden – not


Michael Pascoe The reality of the FBT rort is: a minority is having their purchase of a new car subsidised by the rest of us.

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Michael Pascoe

RBA points the fiscal finger

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Tony Abbott might fancy being called “the infrastructure Prime Minister”, but the Reserve Bank can’t see that happening any time soon.

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