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Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Michael Pascoe

Forget bananas. We’re a coffee republic

Michael Pascoe Comment: Our restaurant and coffee habits show why there's no need for lower interest rates.

Michael Pascoe

In the dark on the RBA's 'short term' thinking

Glenn Stevens.

Michael Pascoe How long is the “short term”, in the RBA’s view of things?

The business week ahead

Michael Pascoe It's increasingly likely that the Australian economy is in better shape than Joe Hockey outlined in his MYEFO statement seven weeks ago. Michael Pascoe comments.

RBA to upgrade forecast, despite Hockey's pessimism

Reserve Bank of Australia building at Martin Place. Generic RBA, interest rates. Monday 30th April 2012 AFR photo Louie Douvis

Michael Pascoe It's just seven weeks since Joe Hockey painted a gloomy economic outlook. But on Friday, the RBA is likely to say the Treasurer was too pessimistic by upgrading its own forecast for 2014.

Michael Pascoe

It's been a good news week

Australian dollar.

Michael Pascoe This has actually been good news week for the Australian economy – and it was only four days long

What the..? This week's business

What the..? This week's business (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe An action packed week with plenty of interesting interactions between politics and economics. Michael Pascoe comments.

Michael Pascoe

It's not a contraction: getting it right on China data

Michael Pascoe Another purchasing managers index, more misreporting, another excuse for the market doing what it’s doing.

Michael Pascoe

AMP stakes claim in a new China boom

An investor reads  information on stocks with a magnifying glass at a stock exchange in Wuhan, China Monday May 21, 2007. Chinese stocks rose to a record close Wednesday for the third straight session on optimism over reports the government may triple quotas for foreign investment in local bourses. The latest move to cool the overheated stock market come after the central bank raised benchmark deposit and lending rates. (AP Photo) ** CHINA OUT **

Michael Pascoe Just quietly, an Australian company has set sail on China's vast sea of riches.

Michael Pascoe

Fraud on film: Why The Wolf of Wall Street is a Hollywood con job

The Wolf of Wall Street

Michael Pascoe If you’re going to rob people, fraud is the only way to go.

Dollar dazed

Dollar dazed (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Michael Pascoe The horses are back to being frightened by mis-reporting of good old HSBC flash PMI.

Michael Pascoe

RBA has to stay stoic on rates as inflation remains on the high side

shd travel 060303
Emperor penguin, Antarctica.Photograph supplied. SHD Travel Feb 19 March of the Penguins,Antarctica. SPECIALX 111

Michael Pascoe Comment:It’s time to have some sympathy for the RBA.

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Michael Pascoe

Bond buyers favour Italy, Spain over Australia

Italian players.

Michael Pascoe According to the sovereign debt market, Italian and Spanish bonds are now a better investment than Australian Commonwealth bonds. No one ever said markets have to make sense.

Michael Pascoe

Regulate bicycles off the road

Picture supplied for M Magazine - The Sunday Age, 5 November 2006.  GREAT VICTORIAN BIKE RIDE.  Generic.  Picture shows : close-up of a person riding a green bicycle on a bike path with a drink bottle attached.

Michael Pascoe A bit like smoking, if the idea of riding bicycles on the open road was invented today, it would be banned.

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Michael Pascoe

Storm brewing over our rich assets

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe Privatisation, like so many Australian policy issues, often seems more the province of ideology than disinterested analysis.

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Michael Pascoe

Where Abbott fails: pain must be seen to be shared

Tony Abbott

Michael Pascoe The government is giving the impression that it is committed to maintaining the privileges of the privileged, while whittling away at the breaks afforded the not-so-privileged.

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Michael Pascoe

Putting a price on your bill-paying laziness



Michael Pascoe Here’s a New Year’s resolution that pays: Give your power company the flick to find out how much your laziness has been worth to them.

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Michael Pascoe

New Zealand’s cows come home in its own commodities boom

Dairy cows, which produce milk for Fonterra Cooperative Group Ltd., stand on a farm in Alferston, near Auckland, New Zealand, on Friday, Feb. 15, 2008. Overseas shipments, which make up 30 percent of the $105
billion economy, rose at a sixth of the pace economists expected amid falling world commodity prices, while a drought forced some farmers to stop milking cows and send livestock to slaughter. Photographer: Brendon O'Hagan/Bloomberg News

Michael Pascoe It’s bad enough losing the rugby, but in 2014 Australians will have to suffer Kiwis getting uppity about their economy as well.

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MIchael Pascoe

Why ASIC isn’t checking banks’ financial planners

Big four banks

Michael Pascoe I wonder if the average punter regards the cash element of his or her super fund as “wholesale money”. I suspect not.

Michael Pascoe

The op-shop guide to the Christmas market


Michael Pascoe Never mind equities, bonds, real estate and currencies, the market that counts in these last two trading days before Christmas is the opaque, insider-riven business of trading gifts.

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Michael Pascoe

A barista for everyone : Why Australia's economy is looking far from bleak


Michael Pascoe A common mistake has been to describe Tuesday's MYEFO economic outlook as "bleak". For the vast majority of Australians, it's actually predicting an improvement on the present – and the present is...