Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Michael Pascoe

We don't mourn Gough Whitlam, we mourn ourselves

Michael Pascoe Gough Whitlam's death forces us to re-examine what we've become as a nation.

Michael Pascoe

Why some wages growth might be a good thing

Some growth in wages might help bring workers to the services sectors that need them, says the RBA's Christoper Kent.

Michael Pascoe Unfortunately economics isn’t as simple as the average minister for employment might make out.

The real foreign house buyers

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Michael Pascoe The housing market is considerably more complicated than much simplistic political headlining makes out. So how is the foreign house buyer really affecting the market.

Business Week that was

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Michael Pascoe Joe invited Rupert to be the after dinner entertainment for a group of of G20 finance ministers this week. Michael Pascoe comments.

Michael Pascoe

Don't blame foreign buyers: NAB busts first home buyer myths

It's easy to blame foreign buyers for the housing affordability malaise - but they aren't providing competition for local would-be home buyers, the bank says.

Michael Pascoe Everyone knows first home buyers have been squeezed out of the housing market. But everyone is wrong.

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Michael Pascoe

I'm home, so the Aussie dollar goes up

Viewed from a distance, Australia's problems aren’t much. And in a curious sort of way, the bitsy nature of the world economy isn’t going too badly for us at the moment.

Michael Pascoe This is a country where even bad news provides opportunity. There is a strong argument for the Australian dollar to weaken further, but also for money wanting to stay here.


Vladimir Putin is no saint, but G20 is a club full of sinners

Russia's President Vladimir Putin will not be the only person at the G20 summit with a spotty humanitarian record.

Michael Pascoe The Brisbane G20 meeting is primarily an economic summit, not a political or human rights convention.

Michael Pascoe

Fee for failure: Most fund managers don’t have a business case

Many Australian investors have been hit with hefty fees for funds management that's performed poorly.

Michael Pascoe Chasing above-average performance for most managers has meant they’ve only been chasing their own tails – and failing

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Michael Pascoe

Dear Mathias Cormann, you don’t have to increase taxes

Money matters: Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann.

Michael Pascoe Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, step back from another pull on the "big new tax" lever. You can pay for the war and set course for a surplus much more intelligently than that.

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Michael Pascoe

Banks, statistics and the business of surprises

Michael Pascoe There was bemusement to be had on two fronts yesterday concerning Australia’s banks: the "surprise" of their share prices bouncing; and the "surprise" of lower than expected retail sales...

Michael Pascoe

Up, up and away: Virgin flies backwards with hostie ads

Michael Pascoe Maybe it's a retro thing, in keeping with Frank Sinatra singing Come Fly With Me. Frank was of the era of broads and dames, so the idea of "hosties" rather than cabin crew or flight attendants fits.

Michael Pascoe

Yes, rates rise – but how far is the question


Michael Pascoe Some of the more excitable headlines about the place on Wednesday suggested the Reserve Bank's Financial Stability Review marked the launching of  Operation Loan Stoppers.

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The high cost of houses: someone else's problem

Monopoly house

Michael Pascoe House prices seem to be a problem for everyone except the federal government.

Jawbone of a house

Generic. Qantas Airlines Qantas base Sydney.
Photograph by Edwina Pickles. 
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Michael Pascoe The start of the week has one absolute certainty. There will be more stuff about house prices, the national obsession. Michael Pascoe comments.

Michael Pascoe

Free Freya, because it vibes all wrong

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's daughters were seen regularly during the last federal election campaign.

Michael Pascoe Dodgy operators around the nation should rejoice in the news that Freya Newman has pleaded guilty to accessing restricted data and faces the possibility of a couple of years in prison.


Have a cigar! Hockey's $2 billion win at the Forex casino

Joe Hockey is holding a good hand with the weakened Aussie dollar.

Michael Pascoe Joe Hockey could do with a change of fortune. With his personal approval ratings shot, the budget in all sorts of bother, Tony Abbott bullying him over who can be Treasury secretary and Peter...

Old King Coal not dead yet

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Michael Pascoe Proposed Chinese regulations aiming to curb coal fueled pollution might not harm Australian coal industry after all. Michael Pascoe explains.

Michael Pascoe

There’s fire in our China coal exports yet


Michael Pascoe Reports of Old King Coal’s death have been exaggerated, but he’s certainly not as healthy as he used to be.

Michael Pascoe

How to double the price you - and your neighbours - get for your house


Michael Pascoe It happens, but not very often: neighbours band together to sell their houses for substantially more as a group than they could as individuals.

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Australian dollar dips

Generic. Qantas Airlines Qantas base Sydney.
Photograph by Edwina Pickles. 
Taken Jan 2009. DIGICAM 100344Click to play video

Michael Pascoe Expectations of a US interest rate rise in the offing have been supporting the US dollar and that’s been helping our dollar weaken.