Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Michael Pascoe

Busting the bank and consumer spending myths

Michael Pascoe Combine record bank profits with a looming Reserve Bank board meeting and you’re bound to get a Greek chorus pushing myths and self interest.

Busting bank bashing

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Michael Pascoe Michael Pascoe sets about busting some of the persistent myths that swirl around banks.

Michael Pascoe

The Checkout is a bitter pill for some

Coming clean: Julian Morrow in <i>The Checkout</i>, a consumer watchdog with bite.

Michael Pascoe The Swisse vitamins empire is suing ABC's The Checkout for defamation. But rather than legal advice, what the pill company needed was better media management advice.

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Michael Pascoe

Staying ahead of inflation

Inflation, balloon, hot air balloon, rising prices

Michael Pascoe Despite the harping about cost of living pressures, most incomes are rising faster than inflation - also for pensioners.

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The dumbest ads on TV: Volvo and the federal government


Michael Pascoe With the Prime Minister promising that “Labor values” will be applied to budget cutbacks, the government pays to tell us the nation's richest people can enjoy a 50 per cent rebate on childcare costs.

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Michael Pascoe

The tax revenue hole will grow


Michael Pascoe There's a nasty lesson waiting for the Coalition in the ABS' taxation summary: the $12 billion hole in revenue expectations is getting bigger.

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The Business Week ahead

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Michael Pascoe Michael Pascoe discusses yet more jockeying and positioning ahead of the federal budget.

Michael Pascoe

Debt: It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it


Michael Pascoe Wayne Swan's federal budget is a more dangerous beast than usual thanks to the election four months later.

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China joins iron ore bears

iron ore

Michael Pascoe If the latest iron ore bears are right, there are ramifications for the federal budget, as well as the viability of some smaller miners.

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Michael Pascoe

Inflation lower than it looks


Michael Pascoe Not only is the latest inflation count lower than the tipsters were forecasting, it’s lower than it looks. Statistics can be like that.

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Michael Pascoe

Yes, China slowing really is a good thing


Michael Pascoe The considerable industry devoted to knocking the China story and predicting Beijing’s failure has been hard at it for decades - without success.

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Michael Pascoe

Our 23-millionth citizen has just won life's lottery

Babies in cots in the maternity ward of a hospital: pic Craig Sillitoe.

Michael Pascoe It will be a big night for the nation tomorrow when someone will step off a plane or a baby will be born to become the 23-millionth Australian.

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Booting up

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Michael Pascoe With the LVMH buy-in of Aussie icon R.M. Wiliams, does our future lie in the production of upmarket, quality items? If we can pull it off, it's a very nice place to be.

Michael Pascoe

No end to the tyranny of shop landlords


Michael Pascoe Tenants are rightly in arms as landlords make no concessions for the retail downturn.

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Michael Pascoe

Economic relief via the petrol pump


Michael Pascoe While gold’s tarnished glister has been hogging most media attention, a commodity that is actually important has been diving too.

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Michael Pascoe

China a poor excuse for a correction


Michael Pascoe As excuses for corrections go, China’s not-as-strong-as-expected economic growth yesterday was pretty lame.

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Mining stock mayhem

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Michael Pascoe Business commentator Michael Pascoe talks through the days turmoil in the market.

China sparkles more than gold

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Michael Pascoe It promises to be a interesting week for gold and oil as both slumped further on Friday night. But the big news continues to be out of China.

Get dirty on the Aussie dollar

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Michael Pascoe While the mighty Aussie is copping dirt from several business types a very 21st century tulip mania has taken hold of Bitcoin.

Michael Pascoe

Dishing dirt on the dollar


Michael Pascoe The cost of building whopping great big things in the north-west has become prohibitive - but the dollar is only partly to blame.

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