Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe

Michael Pascoe is a BusinessDay contributing editor. He comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Masters of the Universe... maybe not

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Michael Pascoe Wall Street's 'Masters of the Universe' funds managers mostly aren't all that smart - as the track record of most of them indicates.

Michael Pascoe

Bigger forces at play in market's wild swings

Roller coaster.

Michael Pascoe With all the benefit of hindsight, should you have followed the adage “sell in May and go away”?

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Michael Pascoe

Sports betting genie won't return to bottle despite crusade


Michael Pascoe Complaining about betting odds during breaks is swatting the gnat on the gambling elephant.

Michael Pascoe

Betting fracas a pointless distraction

Bookmaker Tom Waterhouse.

Michael Pascoe The outrage over Tom Waterhouse and his peers has achieved very little if it's supposed to be curtailing the gambling genie.

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Michael Pascoe

Australia: Happy is as happy does

OK .  AFR .  991215 .  PIC BY VIRGINIA STAR .  Saved In News .  991218 .  Generic Pic Of A Businessmans Hand In An O.K.  Hand Sign .***afrphotos.com***

Michael Pascoe We've gone from being bigger worriers and whingers than the Poms to the happiest kingdom in less than two months. What gives?

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Retail still in the doldrums despite glimmers of hope


Michael Pascoe Paul Zahra was a banker the ACCC might wonder if he was attempting a little price signalling.

Michael Pascoe

An end to discounts? Retailers wish

David Jones' exterior.

Michael Pascoe Far from representing the mindset of the consumer or the overall health of retailing, the two mid-tier department stores only represent themselves as they struggle to update their 19th-century...

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Reality check for department stores

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Michael Pascoe The quarterly sales figures are due from David Jones, something that matters less than most people realise. Michael Pascoe reports.

Michael Pascoe

Mug punters continue to run with the lemmings


Michael Pascoe Wayne, Joe and Tony have contributed to the lemmings' rush to buy high, sell low and blame "the market" for their mistakes.

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Michael Pascoe

Industry calls for tax on super lump sums


Michael Pascoe The superannuation industry's peak body wants a 15 per cent tax applied to lump sum superannuation withdrawals, rising to 30 per cent for withdrawals over a certain, yet to be defined, limit.

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Lending to to get more competitive

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Michael Pascoe Walk into your bank and tell them Ubank wants to refinance your loan at 4.87 per cent and with no fees – and see how low they go. Michael Pascoe reports.

Michael Pascoe

India's workforce wasted


Michael Pascoe India's inability to manage its industrial revolution could have more impact on our children's future than an increase in the Medicare levy.

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Michael Pascoe

The silliest bit of the budget nonsense

The Budget

Michael Pascoe Pet projects and bizarre accidents aside, some budget decisions are just stupid.

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Michael Pascoe

Forget simplistic spurning, it's a deficit we should embrace


Michael Pascoe You can be forgiven for missing the best news in the federal budget.


You missed the best news in the budget

Wayne Swan.

Michael Pascoe You can be forgiven for missing the best news in the federal budget. The vast majority of the media have and Wayne Swan - a man who would have trouble selling free beer - apparently isn't capable of...

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Michael Pascoe

Beware the Aussie dollar bear


Michael Pascoe At around parity, the Aussie is still strong. A couple of cents either way matters much more to foreign exchange traders than to the rest of us.

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Michael Pascoe

Ignore the noise - the jobs market is sound


Michael Pascoe No, the jobs market probably isn't as strong as the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate, but it's still considerably better than the commentariat suggests.

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Sharemarket dividends or bank savings? There's no contest


Michael Pascoe So you're a self-funded retiree cursing the Reserve Bank for cutting interest rates. Don't.

Michael Pascoe

Penny drops: savings are a dud


Michael Pascoe So you’re a self-funded retiree cursing the Reserve Bank for cutting interest rates. Don’t. If the RBA has forced you to realise your term deposits are duds, the mandarins have done you a favour.

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Michael Pascoe

RBA a surprise but not a shock


Michael Pascoe The government can claim that its policies are “allowing” the RBA to trim rates, when it’s more like they are forcing the RBA’s hand.

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