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Michael Pascoe comments on companies, markets and the economy.

Michael Pascoe

Home of the business bogans

Michael Pascoe There are few more annoying breaches of business etiquette than is increasingly on display in Sydney and Melbourne - the no-shows.

Michael Pascoe

Forecast house-price plunge another miss for S&P


Michael Pascoe Standard & Poors' form with the crystal ball is, shall we say, less than sparkling.

Michael Pascoe

Underemployed are happily so


Michael Pascoe The news in today's ABS labour story isn't about the number of jobs or the jobless rate. It's that the big majority of the underemployed are happy to be so.

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Michael Pascoe

The boom we forget to see


Michael Pascoe One of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects is about to be unleashed in the midst of a city of 340,000 people, with some $1.5m due to be spent - every day.

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Michael Pascoe

Economist v nutritionists: big sugar and low-GI brigade lose

Michael Pascoe An Australian economist's examination is destroying the local sugar lobby's key defence against linking fructose to obesity and diabetes.

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Michael Pascoe

Stop whingeing and start producing

Happy face

Michael Pascoe The RBA is telling Australians to stop moaning about the massive changes going on in the economy and lift our game.

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Michael Pascoe

The case for RBA tipsters being wrong – again

Crystal ball, predictions, forecasts

Michael Pascoe Economists were almost unanimously wrong in tipping a rate cut last month. This month they're saying the RBA will stay on hold - but they could be wrong again.

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Michael Pascoe

Australian economy dances to a similar tune to Brazil

Michael Pascoe Australian media usually don't give Brazil much of a look in beyond soccer, but we should.

Michael Pascoe

How good management saved a retail chain


Michael Pascoe The skirmish between Big W and Kmart is a story that explains much about legacy Australian retailing and its management’s mindset.

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Michael Pascoe

Retail market working as it should

Gerry Harvey

Michael Pascoe Have sympathy for investors and employees of retailers who don't make it, but we'd be mugs to think this adjustment is the sign of an economy in trouble.

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Michael Pascoe

Just another billionaire seeking privileges


Michael Pascoe James Packer's plan to entrench a Sydney casino monopoly and usurp Barangaroo planning comes with an opportunity cost borne by the rest of us.

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Michael Pascoe

How Canberra could save the states $1.5bn a year


Michael Pascoe Just because the government will never do it does not mean more borrowing is a bad idea.

Michael Pascoe

The perils of inherited wealth

AFR, GENERIC, MONEYUS dollar signMoney clip in the shape of a  US dollar symbol with one hundred dollar notes  --- one hundred dollars, cash, income, wealth, wages, currency, Reserve Bank of Australia, RBA, legal tender  Sunday 27th October 2002photo Louie Douvis / ldz***AFR FIRST USE ONLY******afrphotos.com***

Michael Pascoe Lachlan Murdoch's stint at Ten is not looking like it will be a rewarding one for investors.

Michael Pascoe

The last Greek bailout - and not because it will work

(FILES) A picture taken on October 22, 2010 shows Greek Premier George Papandreou attending the  joint signing of the Declaration of the Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative at the  resort hotel of Vouliagmeni near Athens.

Michael Pascoe The latest Greek bailout is likely to be the last, but not because it will work. The chance and hope is that the can has been kicked far enough down the road that there won't be much damage when the...

Michael Pascoe

Rates relief off the RBA radar for now

Reserve Bank of Australia, RBA, Interest Rates

Michael Pascoe The February Reserve Bank board minutes pour some very cold water on the chances of further rate cuts this year.

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Michael Pascoe

The centre of the universe is shifting closer to us

Australia set to build world's most powerful radio telescope.

Michael Pascoe Amid last week's bank bashing, the most important story may have gone unnoticed.

Michael Pascoe

Labour market lotto jackpots again


Michael Pascoe By now, the monthly gyrations in the labour market numbers should have rendered them rather meaningless. With a little perspective, employment was and is strong.

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Michael Pascoe

No let up in retailers' gloom

Boxing Day sales.

Michael Pascoe If a poor Christmas shopping season wasn't bad enough for retailers, there are fresh signs that the spending strike has extended into this year.

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Michael Pascoe

Big four banks take it in turns to cop a shellacking


Michael Pascoe IT'S cute the way our banks have taken turns at being the first to move their mortgage rates.

Michael Pascoe

This RBA's not for turning


Michael Pascoe Australia is being forced to change and RBA governor Glenn Stevens knows not to listen to bleating lobby groups.

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