Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

G20 a pretext for inaction on tax avoidance

Michael West When it comes to tax, the G20 is the perfect excuse for political languor.

ATO needs to 'man up' on tax dodges

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Michael West It is a good thing for taxpayers that executive pay schemes are mostly based on profits and share prices.

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Leaners, not lifters, avoiding paying their fair share

Michael West These are our thoroughbreds of tax avoidance; the nation’s chief “leaners”, as opposed to its “lifters”, the ordinary tax-paying Australians, small businesses and big...


Minerals Council should try fighting back with facts, not abuse

Michael West The best way to bludgeon your adversaries is to get your peak body to do it for you.

Bookmakers' books seem to add up under the odds

Tom Waterhouse

Michael West There is a $55 million black hole in the financial statements of Australia's biggest corporate bookmaker William Hill.

Michael West

DORC rort: The art of getting energy infrastructure paid for twice

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Michael West You are about to hear how you have just paid for something twice.

Silence speaks volumes on alleged links between Crown and Echo casinos and organised crime

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Michael West If governments were looking to orchestrate a seamless increase in economic activity from Asia's organised crime sector, they would be hard-pressed finding a better solution than promoting a robust...

Gas industry's depreciation formula a 'licence to print money'

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Michael West Notwithstanding the confected hysteria from the gas lobby over the impending "cliff" in gas supply, it is now clear that it is demand for gas that is dropping sharply, not supply.

Gas company earnings expand to fill the space the owners desire

Michael West Notwithstanding the confected hysteria from the gas lobby over the impending "cliff" in gas supply, it is now clear that it is demand for gas that is dropping sharply, not supply.


Dreams of speed gone to the dogs


Michael West In August 2008, Central Coast greyhound trainer Andrew Schofield purchased some semen which he dearly hoped would breed a litter of champions.

The true issue is how Napthine has kept buried all details of the East West Link

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Michael West This idea that you can stick an incoming government with an $8 billion bill just weeks before an election is a bit rich.

Michael West

East West Link: Labor's sensible U-turn on nation's most expensive toll road

East West

Michael West The Victorian government may cry "sovereign risk!" but the Opposition has delivered the state a credible "out" when it comes to contracting for Australia's most expensive toll-road.

Foreign bookmakers cash in as the wagering-tax landscape remains all at sea

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Michael West William Hill, the global British betting firm whose Australian operations are headed by prominent Sydney racing identity Tom Waterhouse, has struck a secretive financing deal to funnel millions in...

Adani's Galilee Basin project 'not commercially viable'

Adani's giant Galilee Basin coal project is looking marginal.

Michael West There is some regrettable news afoot for the governments of Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman: the financial statements of Adani.

IKEA pays a low amount of tax


Michael West It is not just individuals who suffer from the failure of government to police big tax avoiders.

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Questions over Brisvegas casino tendering

Taking a gamble: The Queensland government has left little time for probity checks into new casino operators.

Michael West They don't call it Brisvegas for nothing. The Queensland government has three new casino licences out for tender, and in its haste to kick-start the projects before next year's election, it has left...


Monopoly money sinks economic theory

Smoke haze blankets Sydney Harbour after hazard reduction burns.

Michael West Contrary to conventional economic theory since the time of Thales, who cornered the market for olive presses in western Anatolia in the sixth century BC, another Australian government is poised to...

Michael West

Sharemarket darling Vocation hits some speed bumps

Vocation is now valued by the share market at more than $600 million.

Michael West There’s good money in government grants. Of the $7 billion which Australian governments shell out for vocational education and training, Vocation Limited expects to pick up around $100 million...

Miners in a royal spin over tax contribution

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Michael West Australia’s mining fraternity is still basking in the era of entitlements but continues to talk up its contribution to the nation’s coffers by conflating company tax payments with...

Sophisticated or not, we're open for funny business

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Michael West Camouflaged in an abstruse release from the corporate watchdog last Friday was notice that QFS 150 had been withdrawn.