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Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Michael West

Terry Dodd has each way bet on Manly fast ferries tender

Michael West Terry Dodd will be disappointed if he lucks out in the tender process to run fast ferries to Manly on Sydney Harbour, and understandably so.

Electricity: the great big hidden tax

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Michael West If Denis Napthine had an extra $20 billion to spend he might have fared a little better

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Leadership needed on tax fairness in Australia

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Michael West Thanks to the power of vested interests, there is a dire lack of leadership in the tax field in Australia.

ATO letting big multinationals get away with it

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Michael West Martin Lock, formerly the top withholding-tax specialist at the Tax Office, says the ATO has become politicised under the spell of Treasury and unaccountable to the public.

Michael West

Some perspective on the cuts to the ABC

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Michael West Some perspective on the cuts to the ABC: if it had the intestinal fortitude, the government could rip a cool $254 million from tax-dodging multinationals in a single year.

ANZ, receivers under scrutiny for Burrup Fertiliser liquidation

Michael West "Find out what yanks their chain. Prepare to get PO in court as soon as possible. Wants dirt on PO": ANZ Chief Risk Officer Chris Page giving directions to liquidators PPB.

Michael West

Wise investment or fossil fools? Queensland backs coal as G20 moves the game on

Campbell Newman says coal remains vital to the future of the Queensland economy.

Michael West If you joined the dots you’d conclude that taxpayers are going to subsidise Queensland’s Galilee Basin coal project, despite the G20 calls to end subsidies, low coal prices and some...

Was this fertiliser group taken to the cleaners by insolvency group and ANZ?

Michael West Perth Federal Court judge Anthony Siopis has ordered an inquiry into the conduct of the receivers PPB and how they managed to charge $34 million over 13 months in relation to Burrup, including $13...

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Fat cats rake in super-sized fees

Illustration: Michael Mucci.

Michael West Drenched as we are in sleek advertising and investment tips from media and myriad money managers, it is not too often that you turn up frank and fearless research about your savings and super.

Michael West

Gail Kelly quits: Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer's real pay detailed in annual reports

Brian Hartzer made his name running ANZ's retail banking arm in the mid 2000s.

Michael West At the risk of sounding churlish on Gail Kelly's big day, for she has been a first-rate chief executive of Westpac, some perspective is required.

Stock spruikers pump and dump in wild west

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Michael West If Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok were still about today, they would feel right at home in Western Australia.


Cayman Islands court leaves tax agreement in tatters

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Michael West Even if the G20 were to talk day and night for a year, it would hardly put a scratch on the Leviathan that is global profit shifting.

Vocation debacle a lesson for rent-seekers and their investors

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Michael West Vocation's fall from grace is hardly good news for those broking similar offerings.

How to waste company time and get ahead: have a meeting

Meetings can waste a lot of time

Michael West After many years toiling for large companies and chronicling corporate behaviour this correspondent has only one useful observation to make: there appears to be an uncanny correlation between the...

Regulatory shake-up hangs over Medibank float

More than 750,000 retail shareholders have registered their interest in the Medibank float.

Michael West Is the government availing its prospective investors in Medibank of everything they need to know?

The response to the Commonwealth financial planning scandal shows banks really are above the law

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Michael West It is a sad reality that while bankers are protected by taxpayers, they are also above the law.

Michael West

Medibank float a good bet as consolidation looms

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Michael West The Medibank executives and their brokers will hardly be yelling it from the rooftops but as they showcase their wares to institutional investors, their message will be industry consolidation.

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Tax games when independent - yet separate and dependent

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Michael West Is Groupon Australia acting in the interests of its own body corporate in Australia?

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A taxing time for Rupert Murdoch

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Michael West There was a chap on ABC Radio in a state of high indignation on Wednesday morning. All this reporting from certain sections of the media on tax was “scurrilous”, he said.

The gas club's deals, like their product, are not to be seen

Investing overseas: Incitec Pivot's James Fazzino has slammed the lack of an energy policy as 'a train wreck'.

Michael West The fury over the ANU's fossil fuel divestment is the greatest red herring since 19th century English polemicist William Cobbett used a rotting kipper to distract his hunting dogs from chasing a hare.