Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Protecting our domestic gas is critical

Gas or steam leaking from an industrial pressure gauge. Very high resolution 3D render. resaved version of iStock file. previous one corrupting in Cyber. generic iStock.  Gauge and pressure and steam.

Michael West For manufacturers and consumers alike, the soaring price of gas is disturbing.

Out of Africa, problems for Zambezi Resources

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Michael West This story is not just about greenies versus miners. It is about common sense.

Michael West

SA judge lifts veil on legal professional privilege

Michael West Rarely will a judge remove the cloak of secrecy between a lawyer and their client.

The ABC needs to start taking care of business

Michael West What a tedious spectacle it is - the left and right tearing strips off each other over the ABC.


MasterCards for 16-year-olds in massive frequent flyer mail-out

The Qantas Cash Card combines Frequent Flyer and debit card functions.

Michael West Qantas and Virgin have embarked on the biggest mail-out of unsolicited debit cards in the country’s history.

Lax lending standards put consumers at risk

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Michael West Lenders, aggregators and brokers have hit back at accusations by Choice magazine that ''lax'' lending standards and high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) loans are putting consumers at risk.


Watchdogs asleep on cosy super cash deal


Michael West Regulators are sidestepping concerns the big four banks could be short-changing investors on the cash in their respective superannuation accounts.

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Michael West

Crafty Kibble must have got lost after leaving North Pole

SHD TRAVEL September 1st, Cover Story, Christmas. Santa Claus Village, Lapland, rovaniemi . 

Santa Claus, pictured riding in his sleigh pulled by a reindeer in northern Finland, may be a great man of tradition.  But these days even the symbol of Christmas for millions of children around the world is taking some unusual steps to keep up with the fast pace of modern life.  To help him with what has become a year-round job, Santa has hooked up to cyberspace so fans who can't travel to the Arctic Circle can still see and talk to him live online and watch him receive guests in his office.   (FINLAND OUT, NO ARCHIVES)    REUTERS/Martti Kainulainen-Lehtikuva      PICTURE TO ACCOMPANY FEATURE STORY PEOPLE-SANTACLAUS

Michael West There is a mysterious and dashing new corporate raider on the scene.

Michael West

Cash grabs win top gong in year of high achievement

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Michael West Merry Christmas to all! What a rollicking good year it was. Let us present the 2013 gongs for high achievement in the corporate arena.

Superannuation: Banks eating into savings


Michael West Australians' superannuation cash is being pushed into low-returning savings accounts that help boost the profits of the big four banks, a Fairfax Media investigation has found.

Michael West

Cold, hard, unyielding cash: how fund managers for the big four short change you

Big four

Michael West Imagine if the fund manager was BT and its only investment was a bunch of shares in Westpac, which is BT's parent.


Horrors continue for insurance giant QBE

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Michael West It was a horror week for QBE, with another earnings downgrade and a chairman going.

Michael West

The wheels started to fall off a long time ago

Michael West Effects of Holden closure tragic, but there's little sense throwing good money after bad.

Michael West

More questions over ASIC's super fund insiders


Michael West In late 2004, Grant Jones, an in-house lawyer for MLC, went to work for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Michael West

Emails reveal special ASIC exemptions for fund managers

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Michael West A series of internal emails shows ASIC gave special exemptions to funds management industry

Michael West

Tackling the critics over financial service fees

Michael West The well-fed passengers on the financial services gravy train have sprung from their premiere classe seats with burning indignation. They are shaking their fists and crying foul.

Trevor Kennedy fought hard to maintain secrecy of his business dealings

Michael West The subject of Trevor Kennedy's wealth has been a matter of speculation and scrutiny in Sydney's business community for two decades.

Michael West

Gas majors, hot air and supply

Michael West Question: what do drop bears and the east-coast gas shortage have in common?

Michael West

Evasions rub salt into the wound

Michael West With AGL planning to dump 37,500 tonnes of salt onto a floodplain, accountability is elusive.


Management fees take 45% of our savings


Michael West Almost half the investment returns made by Australian savers over the past five years has gone on management fees.