Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.


Horrors continue for insurance giant QBE

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Michael West It was a horror week for QBE, with another earnings downgrade and a chairman going.

Michael West

The wheels started to fall off a long time ago

Michael West Effects of Holden closure tragic, but there's little sense throwing good money after bad.

Michael West

More questions over ASIC's super fund insiders


Michael West In late 2004, Grant Jones, an in-house lawyer for MLC, went to work for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Michael West

Emails reveal special ASIC exemptions for fund managers

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Michael West A series of internal emails shows ASIC gave special exemptions to funds management industry

Michael West

Tackling the critics over financial service fees

Michael West The well-fed passengers on the financial services gravy train have sprung from their premiere classe seats with burning indignation. They are shaking their fists and crying foul.

Trevor Kennedy fought hard to maintain secrecy of his business dealings

Michael West The subject of Trevor Kennedy's wealth has been a matter of speculation and scrutiny in Sydney's business community for two decades.

Michael West

Gas majors, hot air and supply

Michael West Question: what do drop bears and the east-coast gas shortage have in common?

Michael West

Evasions rub salt into the wound

Michael West With AGL planning to dump 37,500 tonnes of salt onto a floodplain, accountability is elusive.


Management fees take 45% of our savings


Michael West Almost half the investment returns made by Australian savers over the past five years has gone on management fees.

Coal seam gas

Environment Protection Agency sidelined after warning of high risks at AGL coal seam gas project


Michael West The NSW government has sidelined the Environment Protection Authority in pushing ahead with a coal seam gas project despite advice it is high risk, threatening valuable agricultural land.

Michael West

Boards under attack from activist funds

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Michael West Shareholder revolution is on the rise as the ranks of activist funds swell.

Michael West

Cosy deal calculated to aid fund managers

Michael West A few years back, the corporate regulators did the fund managers a big favour.

Michael West

Bell Group payout poised to deliver a multibillion-dollar Dutch treat

Michael West A very big pay day is soon to arrive for an unlikely trio: the Australian Taxation Office, the Insurance Commission of Western Australia and … wait for it … an enigmatic Dutchman who was once...

Michael West

Tinkler fortunes won, and now all but lost

TINKLER.AFR.14 MARCH 2013.Photo by ROB HOMER ...... NATHAN TINKLER leaving the supreme court in Sydney today.

Michael West Thanks to a US hedge fund that wants its money back, the big fellow still has some cash left.

Intrepid forced partner Paul Willis to sign over share in project, Jakarta court finds

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Michael West Paul Willis signed away his stake in a jumbo gold project to Intrepid Mines in the lounge of a Jakarta hotel on April 21, 2008.


Intrepid pressured partner to sign over stake, court finds

Paul Willis

Michael West Next blow for Intrepid Mines: a court finds ex-partner Paul Willis relinquished his stake in a jumbo gold project under duress and awards him $13.7 million in damages.

Michael West

No glitter, just gold in Anton Billis' Rand and Tribune Resources

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Michael West There is no one more demure, no one more reclusive in corporate Australia than Anton Billis.

Michael West

Beefed-up grant raises eyebrows in New England

Michael West Tony Windsor is more than just the powerbroker, he is also a dab hand at winning grants.

Michael West

AGL warned on fracking project risk

Michael West You don't need a white coat and clipboard to know dumping tonnes of salt will have dire results.

Michael West

If this is doing it tough, I don't wanna do it easy

Michael West Firing on all cylinders'' was how Mike Smith framed it as he handed down ANZ's $6.5 billion bell-ringer this week.