Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

How to waste company time and get ahead: have a meeting

Michael West After many years toiling for large companies and chronicling corporate behaviour this correspondent has only one useful observation to make: there appears to be an uncanny correlation between the...

Regulatory shake-up hangs over Medibank float

More than 750,000 retail shareholders have registered their interest in the Medibank float.

Michael West Is the government availing its prospective investors in Medibank of everything they need to know?

The response to the Commonwealth financial planning scandal shows banks really are above the law

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Michael West It is a sad reality that while bankers are protected by taxpayers, they are also above the law.

Michael West

Medibank float a good bet as consolidation looms

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Michael West The Medibank executives and their brokers will hardly be yelling it from the rooftops but as they showcase their wares to institutional investors, their message will be industry consolidation.

Michael West

Tax games when independent - yet separate and dependent

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Michael West Is Groupon Australia acting in the interests of its own body corporate in Australia?

Michael West

A taxing time for Rupert Murdoch

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Michael West There was a chap on ABC Radio in a state of high indignation on Wednesday morning. All this reporting from certain sections of the media on tax was “scurrilous”, he said.

The gas club's deals, like their product, are not to be seen

Investing overseas: Incitec Pivot's James Fazzino has slammed the lack of an energy policy as 'a train wreck'.

Michael West The fury over the ANU's fossil fuel divestment is the greatest red herring since 19th century English polemicist William Cobbett used a rotting kipper to distract his hunting dogs from chasing a hare.

Michael West

Rorting in the power industry about to be laid bare

Little appetite for saving energy.

Michael West An insider threatens to blow the lid on how the power industry 'games the regulator'.

Michael West

How UBS leans on its costlier entities

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Michael West It was just a hunch. Could it possibly be that Australia’s top merchant bank is not paying tax?

Property Council complaints turn spotlight on its own members

Scentre said its retail sales across its centres were up 6 per cent during the six months to June and up 5 per cent in the month of July.

Michael West So it is that the nation owes the Property Council a debt of gratitude.

Tax office not doing punters any favours

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Michael West While the government, the opposition and Jacqui Lambie were engrossed in days of debate over the burqa this week, it was heartening to see somebody in Canberra looking after the broader interests of...

The government needs to back tax inquiry

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Michael West The announcement of a Senate inquiry into corporate tax evasion was barely minutes old yesterday when this sponsored message appeared on Twitter:

G20 a pretext for inaction on tax avoidance

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Michael West When it comes to tax, the G20 is the perfect excuse for political languor.

ATO needs to 'man up' on tax dodges

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Michael West It is a good thing for taxpayers that executive pay schemes are mostly based on profits and share prices.

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Leaners, not lifters, avoiding paying their fair share

Michael West These are our thoroughbreds of tax avoidance; the nation’s chief “leaners”, as opposed to its “lifters”, the ordinary tax-paying Australians, small businesses and big...


Minerals Council should try fighting back with facts, not abuse

Michael West The best way to bludgeon your adversaries is to get your peak body to do it for you.

Bookmakers' books seem to add up under the odds

Tom Waterhouse

Michael West There is a $55 million black hole in the financial statements of Australia's biggest corporate bookmaker William Hill.

Michael West

DORC rort: The art of getting energy infrastructure paid for twice

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Michael West You are about to hear how you have just paid for something twice.

Silence speaks volumes on alleged links between Crown and Echo casinos and organised crime

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Michael West If governments were looking to orchestrate a seamless increase in economic activity from Asia's organised crime sector, they would be hard-pressed finding a better solution than promoting a robust...

Gas industry's depreciation formula a 'licence to print money'

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Michael West Notwithstanding the confected hysteria from the gas lobby over the impending "cliff" in gas supply, it is now clear that it is demand for gas that is dropping sharply, not supply.