Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.


Watchdog asleep on Australia's sub-prime scandal

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Michael West, Su-Lin Tan A leading consumer activist claims the corporate regulator has not only failed to investigate hundreds of cases of loan fraud put before it but, as a consequence, has covered-up a systemic banking...

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Take this loan, or else: business owner drowned by debt

Greg Wignall.

Su-Lin Tan and Michael West Greg Wignall’s life dissolved into a cycle of debt repayments after several trips to his banks.

Michael West

ATO sniffs Macquarie Hong Kong ping pong

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Michael West It is the stuff of folklore in tax and traders' circles, a deal that was such a success that it became an embarrassment.

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Who you gonna call - ghost writers, of loans


Michael West The banks have the government pretty well licked, as you know. Tame as can be.

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No need for the candles and tinned food

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Michael West Don't pencil doomsday into your diary for October 17 just yet.

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Telstra outdone in live music play

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Michael West It is not often you see Telstra getting shoved around by a more dominant market player.

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Michael West

To frack or not to frack

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Michael West When you take a risk, you have to be prepared for the consequences, as well as the rewards.

Michael West

Sun may be setting on another empire

Michael West How a whistleblower in the US won millions; the trend of companies suing their shareholders; and Norway's Enron.

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Auto makers pull ads from Carsales

Michael West The big car makers have struck out on their own, removing their ads from the online site.

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Jamaicans question deal with Australian company


Michael West The island is abuzz with speculation of how EWI has mysteriously won the tender to build the nation's new power station.

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Michael West

Lose or be locked out; you bet!

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Michael West If you gamble online, the odds are you are - sorry, there is no easy way to put this - a loser.

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Resort dreamers keep casino chips close to the chest

Michael West Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate reckons his region can do with another five casinos. Tate is a visionary.

Michael West

No joy for investors with Drake mansion sale

Michael West Once valued at $37 million, Peter Drake's four-storey mansion fetched just $7.35 million at auction on Sunday.

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Michael West

Turn back the nodes - an NBN conundrum

Michael West We would not recognise a bit of fibre-to-the-node if it poked us in the neck but the latest twist in the saga of the national broadband network has been an eye-catcher.

Michael West

ICAA charts a mysterious course


Michael West A proposed merger with its New Zealand counterpart raises more questions than answers.

Michael West

Kennett's power play not right this time

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Michael West The regulator is still being 'gamed' whether the poacher is a private entity or public.

Michael West

Corporates can't lose in the welfare state

Michael West There was Lloyd Blankfein on Wednesday night, like the cat that got the cream, talking about the elevation of his firm Goldman Sachs into the world's premier share index, the Dow.

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Boart Longyear living on the edge

Boart Longyear

Michael West Boart Longyear stock has gone into a trading halt and investors await details of a debt deal.

Grim outlook for investors as LM administrator chases funds

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Michael West Gold Coast impresario Peter Drake told administrators he cannot repay a $16.9 million loan.

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Slim pickings for LM investors

Peter Drake.

Michael West Gold Coast impresario Peter Drake has told administrators he cannot repay the $16.9 million loan made to one of his private companies from LM's Managed Performance Fund.