Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Grim outlook for investors as LM administrator chases funds

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Michael West Gold Coast impresario Peter Drake told administrators he cannot repay a $16.9 million loan.

Michael West

Slim pickings for LM investors

Peter Drake.

Michael West Gold Coast impresario Peter Drake has told administrators he cannot repay the $16.9 million loan made to one of his private companies from LM's Managed Performance Fund.

Michael West

Banking boom takes an easy ride on taxpayer guarantee

Fairfax Media writer

Michael West There is no other business so mollycoddled, so assured of survival, thanks to the taxpayer.

Michael West

Good haven! Even the government does it

Michael West Did you know the Future Fund has no fewer than 43 subsidiaries in foreign tax havens?

No charity at home for Lehman crash victims

Michael West This week marks the five-year anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers.

Michael West

Lehman liquidators and hangers-on the winners in Australian saga


Michael West This week marks the five-year anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers and the zenith of the global financial crisis.

Michael West

Stoush in the hen house

Michael West The manager of Chicken Income Fund is confident he will survive a vote to oust him.

Michael West

Poultry investors may clip Rural Funds wings

Michael West

Michael West Chicken, wine and almonds tend to go down nicely at the dinner table but would they fare so well in a sharemarket float?

Michael West

Banks use tax havens to conceal

Michael West Why does BHP have offices in the Swiss town Zug? Why did CBA previously make such a handsome profit in Malta?

Michael West

LM boss Peter Drake ploughs a loan furrow

Michael West The Gold Coast entrepreneur whose empire bit the dust in May, is back in the game.

Qantas takes a financial flight of fancy on accounting winds

Michael West There are many ways to skin a cat, but there are many more ways to present a profit result.

Michael West

Promoter may make Ticketek tilt main event

Michael West It is not just Coles and Woolies, the big banks or pay TV that spark concerns over dominant market players.

Michael West

Domain may hold the key to future gain

Michael West Real estate markets, especially Melbourne and Sydney, are at the cusp of a sales boom.

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Michael West

Sydney Airport and the magical mystery tour

Michael West The government should really have just paid those MacBankers a billion dollars in protection money and hung onto Sydney Airport.

Airport's pot of gold


Michael West Sydney Airport has paid no tax in the 10 years since it was privatised by the government.

Michael West

Tale of tax reform just a lot of hot air


Michael West The bail-out of Wall Street during the global financial crisis in 2008 set in train a titanic transfer of debt from the financial sector to governments around the world.

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Michael West

Tax reform needed, not a circus

Michael West

Michael West Political acrobats flip around tax reform while they perform incredible spending feats.

Michael West

Related-party deal brings back the memories

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Michael West In days of yore, the related-party transactions used to flow thick and fast.

Michael West

The means test. It's just not that mean

GENERIC- super, superannuation, retirement, retiree, boats, yachts.

Michael West OK you champions of the executive perk, we obviously failed to adequately recognise executives' contributions to society.

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Michael West

Inequity of super generosity

Super grab is coming (Thumbnail)

Michael West Australia boasts what is perhaps the most generous middle-class welfare system in the world.

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