Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Online betting unmasked: so, are we all being gamed by an entire industry?

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Michael West Tabcorp's advice to outlets is to get rid of fixed-odds winners and focus on servicing the losers.


A ban is no deterrent for bad behaviour

Michael West Anybody up for a spot of fraud? How about some forgery for good measure?

ASIC admits lack of action in CBA probe

Gary Medcraft

Michael West The corporate regulator has conceded it knew the Commonwealth Bank had ''sanitised'' its client files during an investigation but failed to take any action.


CBA under fire at ASIC inquiry

David Cohen

Michael West Commonwealth Bank's top lawyer, David Cohen, was rebuked before a senate inquiry this morning for downplaying systematic fraud within the bank's financial services arm as 'inappropriate'.

Michael West

Myer dejected as South African suitor wins DJ's heart

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Michael West Takeover bid by South Africa's Woolworths is excellent news for shareholders of David Jones, but not such good news for rival operator Myer.

Michael West

David Jones' Paul Zahra vindicated as Myer left to ponder


Michael West Analysis: The takeover bid by Woolworths of South Africa is excellent news for shareholders of David Jones but not such good news for rival Myer.

ASX cooks up a sweet foreign ownership plan to lick the competition

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Michael West ASX is having its cake, eating it and asking government to ensure nobody else gets a slice.


Superannuation television ads in the spotlight

Michael West Another skirmish has flared in the decade of hostilities between industry funds and retail funds.

Sunland property case throws up difficult questions

Michael West The question remains, why did $7 million end up in Matthew Joyce's account if it wasn't his?

'Nice guy' must please shareholders and customers alike

Michael West Cameron Clyne, the departing chief executive of National Australia Bank, assumed the reins at the apogee of the global financial crisis, just six weeks before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Michael West

Revealing look at ASIC's practices

ASIC under fire (Thumbnail)

Michael West James Wheeldon joined the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in mid-2004.

Michael West

Watchdog favoured big business, says former ASIC lawyer


Michael West A lawyer who worked for the Australian Securities & Investments Commission has told the Senate how he was under pressure to do amend laws in favour of the giants of the financial services industry,...

BHP spin-off would be good for shareholders

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Michael West Reports that BHP may be mooting a $20 billion spinoff are to be welcomed by investors.

Michael West

Westpac's 'no-brainer' brings financial advice debate to mind

Michael West Raymond Tatnell's financial adviser told him the investment was 'a no-brainer'. He was right.

Michael West

Risks outweigh Medibank float's meagre reward

Michael West There is still much in the way of lard to be excised and smaller rivals to be preyed upon.

Michael West

Heart of darkness: Scam allegations follow gold bars, kidnap and $100,000 fees


Michael West Rodney Smart went to Ghana in 2012 to do a gold deal. Instead, the former real estate agent from Double Bay in Sydney says he ended up being kidnapped in the neighbouring West African republic of...

Michael West

Powerful continue to triumph over the powerless

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Michael West Abbott's red tape rendered a red herring by an issue of greater consequence.

Michael West

No need to fear AGL’s gas supply ‘cliff’


Michael West Anybody who has been listening to AGL or the media coverage it has received this week will have heard the message loud and clear: we are heading for a cliff.

Blinkered to threat of rising oil prices

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Michael West Worldwide oil production would have peaked by now had it not been for the US shale boom.

Michael West

Elmer Funke Kupper: supreme leader swims in his own 'dark pools'

Michael West Supreme leader of the ASX keeps his grip over financial markets in Australia.