Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Michael West

ASIC dances around the real questions

Michael West Pharisaic self-righteousness instead of precise answers was the response to questions about Kagara.


Latest demerger to cost Murdoch dear

News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng.

Michael West It was the timing of Rupert Murdoch's divorce news that raised the odd eyebrow in financial markets.

Michael West

Dotcom float shoots the lights out on fee front

Michael West

Michael West When Facebook bought Instagram, it paid a billion dollars for a photo-sharing website with almost zero revenue.

Michael West

Right place, wrong time for Murdoch divorce

Michael West It was the timing of Rupert Murdoch’s divorce news which raised the odd eyebrow in financial markets today.

Michael West

The soft underbelly of the regulator

PIC SHOWS.Australian Securities and Investment Commission. ASIC . GENRIC

Michael West The ASIC email chain for Kagara is chilling. Given the questions over the failed miner's administration, it is critical the regulator is seen to be doing its job properly.

Michael West

Kagara creditors in the dark

Michael West

Michael West ANZ Banking Group called in its loan to Kagara in April last year. That spelt the end.

Michael West

More fuel for the ASIC fire

Michael West It was not a pleasant week for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Duet responds to transation fee claims

Michael West Duet Group responds to Michael West's investigation.

Michael West

'Loan fraud' - but no investigation

Mortgage mortgages home loan loans lending property money cash saving photo illustration generic

Michael West ASIC is yet to launch an investigation into what consumer activist Denise Brailey calls "Australia's subprime crisis".

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Michael West

Duet's 'simplification' more a trick than a transaction


Michael West The Duet Group has unveiled its "Group Simplification Proposal", the documentation for what may be deemed the most unnecessary deal of the year.


Ex-CBA exec heads Macquarie's 'Project Linus'

Macquarie logo.

Michael West Macquarie Group has hired a former Commonwealth Bank executive to handle its regime of regulatory sanctions.

Lenders accused of 'systemic fraud'

Denise Brailey

Michael West Veteran consumer rights campaigner Denise Brailey is to make public 2500 private emails and bank documents from Monday to expose what she describes as ''Australia's subprime crisis''.

Michael West

Missing pieces in a low-doc lending trail that shattered lives

Denise Brailey

Michael West Emails suggest some banks orchestrated the reckless fall in lending standards as the credit boom approached its crescendo in 2007.

Michael West

Why you're never too old for the banks

Michael West

Michael West Heather Simmers was 98, Westpac signed her up for a 30-year mortgage.

Michael West

Warning signs at the punchbowl

Michael West They conjure up marvellous euphemisms in financial markets. The latest is 'tapering'.

Michael West

Fundsters get the nod and the cash prize to go with it

Fund managers soaring.

Michael West The best job in the world, without peer, is the job of Australian fund manager.

Michael West

Empire strikes back against shareholders

Oil Dongara 071017 AFR pic by Erin Jonasson. the Mount Horner oil fields in WA's Mid West. Nodding Donkey Oil riggs against a stormy sky, the days of cheap oil are over. petrol, carbon emissions, generic hold for files. AFR first use please. SPECIALX 00043253

Michael West and Su-Lin Tan What Empire Oil & Gas lacks in size, it surely makes up in attitude.


Blow for Newcrest - exploration licence quashed

Cadia Hill Gold and Copper Operation at Orange run by Newcrest Mining. generic gold , copper , mine , mining , truck , stockpile , workers , blue collar , employment , minerals , export , trade , economy , miners , trucks in the open cut .

Michael West In a stunning decision, a NSW court finds in favour of a small explorer, sending a strong message on who should hold mining and exploration leases.


Monopoly delivered on a platter

Michael West

Michael West To quote historian Niall Ferguson, they should ensure the survival of the fittest, not the fattest.

Michael West

Hostilities boil over into world war spree

Michael West Here we are sitting pretty at the tail end of the biggest boom in history. You could be forgiven for thinking things were not too bad.