Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Michael West

Anything goes at News, as long as shares go up

Michael West

Michael West Impetus for reform dissipated months before yesterday's annual meeting.

Michael West

Like it or lump it - Murdoch bats away calls for reform

News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch.

Michael West The impetus for reform at News Corp, indeed for rolling Rupert Murdoch as chairman, dissipated months before the annual meeting in LA this morning - after all, the stock has soared.

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Michael West

'Open season' for litigation funders

Scales of Justice outside the District Court in Brisbane --- legal, law, QC, judge,  litigation.  Friday 25th July 2003
Photo Louie Douvis

Michael West Now the High Court has ruled you don't need a licence to be a litigation funder, the law courts will be teeming with shysters and slick jalopy salesmen.

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Michael West

Time right for a QBE confession session

Michael West

Michael West Not one big cyclone, earthquake or flood. Nary one major catastrophe marred QBE's latest result.

Michael West

League legend's punt kicked out of bounds by a full bench

Michael West Corporate life seems to imitate football for former rugby league champion Benny Elias.

Michael West

Car makers in race to reduce disclosure

The battle for the V8 Supercars championship took an unexpected turn with all four title contenders finishing with lowly starting positions.

Michael West Start your engines, get a Big Four audit firm as your co-driver, pick out the gaps in the regulatory road, take the short cuts, and go the wrong way if you must.

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Michael West

Taxpayers taken on a long car ride

Ford assembly plant in Broadmeadows.

Michael West The first thing to notice about Australia's three car makers is how jealously they guard their accounts.

Car profits driven overseas

Car manufacturing

Su-Lin Tan and Michael West A Business Day analysis of the latest financial accounts for Australia's big three car makers has found profits were again eroded by hefty royalty payments to parent companies overseas while the...

Michael West

Elders old enough to remember better times, too proud to beg

Michael West

Michael West Elders Ltd is drowning in the surf, waving its arms yelling, 'Don't rescue me! Don't rescue me!'

Michael West

Tragedy and executive bonuses in uneasy mix

Michael West It was 9am on the Stena Clyde drill rig in Bass Strait when things went horribly wrong.

Michael West

No danger money, just big, big bonuses

Rig worker

Michael West A tragic coincidence raises the question: would linking executive pay to safety lessen the risks?

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Chiefs on a power trip to higher salaries


Su-Lin Tan and Michael West Already smarting from bill shock, electricity customers found a reason to cuss last month.

Foreign multinationals happily plugged into our energy grid


Michael West and Su-lin Tan POWER company bosses and state governments, quietly drawing annual dividends from their utilities, have done well from rising electricity prices in recent years.

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Michael West

Energy World does fine line in hot air, but not much LNG

Michael West

Michael West We seem to be missing a couple of liquefied natural gas plants. In this corner of the universe, the mighty Energy World Corporation has more LNG projects on the boil than BHP.

Macquarie's 'super-smart' rising star in the spotlight

shemara wikramanayake

Michael West It was barely noticed when Macquarie shifted $4.74 billion out of one division into another earlier this week.

Michael West

Shemara Wikramanayake - Macquarie's rising star

Shemara Wikramanayake

Michael West Shemara Wikramanayake presides over the bank’s most profitable division, scored a big pay rise last year when overall profits fell - and is now firming as successor to CEO Nicholas Moore.

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Michael West

Lawyers the big victors in Lehman saga

Michael West

Michael West Lehman liquidation has cost at least $55 million so far, including $28 million in legal fees.

Michael West

No need for bare knuckles as Twiggy sways his bankers

Michael West Andrew Forrest thrives on his underdog image, but he produced the goods in New York.

Michael West

Alphabet soup obscures facts on power prices

Three energy retailers are being targeted by the ACCC.

Michael West A hodgepodge of entities and the byzantine industry structure are enough to suffocate any debate over rising electricity prices but let's have a crack anyway.

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Michael West

Regulated returns guarantee price rises

Michael West

Michael West It doesn't happen often, but sometimes, somewhere, somebody gives the game away.