Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

An end to shareholder democracy?

Michael West A search of the Empire share register showed there were 65 shareholders holding only one single share. As the shares fetch 1.3¢ these are very small shareholders indeed.

Forrest's bold plan to save his empire


Michael West and Elizabeth Knight Fortescue Metals Group chief hoped to stitch up a suite of asset sales to save his empire.

Michael West

Fortescue halt sends rumour mill into overdrive


Michael West Fortescue's decision to seek a restructuring of its debt and place its shares in a halt has unleased a torrent of speculation about its future.

More jobs go as coalmines shut down

MINING 080721 AFR PICTURE BY PETER BRAIG / Generic pic. BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, BMA is austalia s largest metallurgical coal miner and exporter, Goonyella Riverside Mine near Moranbah, Bowen Basin, queensland, australia SPECIALX 210708 SPECIALX 210708

Paddy Manning, Michael West Australia's coal industry continues to shed workers, with more than 2000 jobs lost this year as thermal and metallurgical coal prices slide, costs rise and Chinese demand softens.

Michael West

It's a 'dog eat blog' world out there

Michael West

Michael West Shutting a nasty post is one thing, but there are limits.

Michael West

In a spin over soaring power prices

Power crisis

Michael West The great excuse for spiralling electricity prices is 'peak demand- - the PR equivalent of the 'dog ate my homework'.

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Macquarie, battling a Storm on one front, faces another


Michael West Corporate regulator threatening Macquarie Group with sanctions over compliance failures.

Michael West

Regulator eyes millionaires factory

The saga of the farcial takeover offer for David Jones has taken a new twist, with Macquarie Bank emerging as the claimed 'co-ordinating institution'.

Michael West The corporate regulator is threatening Macquarie with sanctions after an investigation found chronic compliance failures.

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Michael West

As miners, the big three take tumbles, but as tax lobbyists ...

Michael West

Michael West The mining tax may disappoint.

Michael West

SP-AusNet spared as Victorians pay for Black Saturday fires

Black Saturday bushfires.

Michael West Victorians will get to pay for the Black Saturday bushfires through their electricity bills thanks to a decision by the energy regulator.

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Michael West

Ski operators snug with sky-high prices

Some of Australia's ski resorts may be some of the most expensive places in the world. but it's still worth it in the end.

Michael West Fancy a nice carton of hot chips for $11.50? How about a $5 cappuccino, after you've forked out $110 for a ski pass for the day?

Michael West

When 'big law' turns to bullying


Michael West It took a government to bring down Big Tobacco but there's no bringing down Big Law.

Michael West

Bloated power sector needs a regulatory jolt

electric plug

Michael West Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are ignoring calls for an inquiry into energy prices - here's more proof why they shouldn't.

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Michael West

Country customers cop raw power deal


Michael West The 'gold-plating' of Australia's power grid is exacting a far heavier toll on electricity customers in rural areas than in the cities.

Michael West

How Australia topped the medal tally

Silver medal.

Michael West Who was the real winner from the London Olympic Games? According to a groundbreaking analysis of the official medal tally by a BusinessDay statistician, the most successful nation at the Olympics...

Michael West

Beaconsfield mine plan a murky risk

BCD management's proposal for the Tasmania Mine at Beaconsfield would create long-term environmental hazards say some.

Michael West Plans to dump 300,000 tonnes of toxic waste into the historic Tasmania mine at Beaconsfield is risky on many levels, critics say.

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Michael West

Downward revisions indicate another sharemarket shake-up

Michael West

Michael West This is the time for manipulation of expectations, when a billion-dollar loss can be a 'good number'.

Michael West

Full compliance is no petitesse

Generic photo of Victoria's Desalination Plant in Wontagghi Victoria on Wednesday June 8, 2011. AFR / LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI
+61 448293198

Michael West Whether for reasons of modesty, camouflage or sheer laziness, the large Australian arm of French water giant Suez Environnement has chosen to describe itself as a “small proprietary company”.

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Michael West

Hidden treasure in mine with no future

BCD management's proposal for the Tasmania Mine at Beaconsfield would create long-term environmental hazards say some.

Michael West The planned closure of the troubled Beaconsfield site ignores the risks and the potential buried below.

Michael West

The horror, the horror … Company's 'maker' could be a breaker

Michael West dinkus

Michael West Business in Indonesia can be fraught, and sovereign risk is rampant.