Michael West

Michael West

Michael West comments on companies, markets and the economy. He is a former SMH business editor.

Michael West

Credit timebomb ticking, says council crusader

Michael West NSW councils are concealing large credit losses, a crusading councillor claims. It's a ticking time bomb for ratepayers.

Michael West

How the wealthy throw their weight around


Michael West Rupert Murdoch has never sued. He has never even complained about an article in the press.

Michael West

Billionaires court media favours

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Michael West Treasurer Wayne Swan is right - the 'hyper rich' do deploy their wealth to swing political outcomes.

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Michael West

Packer ups ante with Barangaroo as Crown jewel

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Michael West It was a brilliant PR campaign. One day Sydney was to have a new harbourside ''cultural precinct'' of parklands and public recreation areas. The next day there was a whopping big casino on it.

Michael West

Greece exit appears inevitable

Michael West If the key to the cure lies in the diagnosis, then a solution to the euro zone crisis may be close at hand.

Michael West

Document purge leaves us all in the dark

Some fear important documents will be shredded if the Bligh government loses office.

Michael West While the ALP lurches, as good as rudderless, through its latest leadership emergency, the purging of public documents under the federal government proceeds apace.

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Michael West

Will S&P fight to the death?

'S&P Crows about Australia'

Michael West Is the global credit agency rating really going to fight the NSW councils over the famous 'Rambrandt' toxic debt to the end?

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Michael West

Titanium had a lot of brass

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Michael West You can tell Sky news anything and they'll believe it.

ASIC in contempt of Senate: claim

Michael West The corporate regulator has failed to comply with its obligations to the Senate, says accounting academic.

Michael West

Six of the best for ASIC


Michael West The ASIC Summer School kicks off next week and there are lessons that won't be taught - but should be.

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Banks drew $55bn in GFC

Michael West RBA had billions deployed helping banks with liquidity when CBA swallowed Bankwest in 2008.

Michael West

No longer perpetually the same

Michael West

Michael West The troubled finance house must change direction or die.

RBA extended $55b lifeline for banks

Michael West THE Reserve Bank had $55 billion deployed helping Australian banks with liquidity when the Commonwealth Bank swallowed BankWest in December 2008.

Michael West

Axe hangs over Perpetual

An employee walks through the reception area of the Perpetual Ltd. headquarters in Sydney, Australia, on Monday, Oct. 18, 2010. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. offered to buy Australian asset manager Perpetual Ltd. for as much as A$1.75 billion ($1.73 billion) to tap expanding wealth in the world's fourth-biggest pool of managed funds. Photographer: Sergio Dionisio/Bloomberg

Michael West Firing people is an unpleasant business, especially for an institution like Perpetual. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen.

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Reserve kept Bankwest afloat: litigator

Michael West This is the conclusion drawn by Hugh McLernon, a director of litigation funder IMF Australia, who is spearheading a lawsuit against the CBA on behalf of former Bankwest clients.

RBA 'kept BankWest alive'


Michael West THE Reserve Bank of Australia was ''keeping BankWest alive'' while it waited for its ''saviour'' in the Commonwealth Bank during the financial crisis in 2008.

Michael West

Banks: deep pockets, short arms and shorter memories

Michael West

Michael West It's a tough struggle in the world of the big four banks, especially when rewriting history.

Corporate raider sets sights on besieged Perpetual board

Michael West The first shot in the battle for Perpetual is about to be fired by Gary Weiss.

Raider Weiss readies to bring on a revolution

Gary Weiss

Michael West THE first shot in the battle for Perpetual is about to be fired.

Michael West

Market darling betrays the trust


Michael West On January 12 disaster struck. Just as the market bigwigs were kicking back in Palm Beach and Portsea, the most azure of insurance sector blue chips, QBE, unveiled a horrendous profit shock.

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