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Peter Hannam covers broad environmental issues ranging from climate change to renewable energy for Fairfax Media.

Abbott's Direct Action climate policy draws more flak

Peter Hannam The Abbott government's Direct Action plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions has copped another barb, this time from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


Direct Action keeps states guessing

Greens want a proposed power plant to lose a $100 million federal grant.

Peter Hannam Remember how the arrival of the carbon price was supposed to drive Australia to a lower carbon future?

Direct Action keeps state policymakers guessing

Peter Hannam Remember how the arrival of the carbon price was supposed to drive Australia to a lower carbon future?


Santos green light to drill in forests

Local farmer Tony Pickard.

Peter Hannam The NSW government said it had approved the drilling by Santos of eight exploration coal seam gas wells, provided 'strict' environmental conditions are met.


Helping hand for COzero

Nicholas Armstrong

Peter Hannam COzero, a former BRW Fast 100 firm, aims to recover its formula for explosive growth.

Loan to wind farm operator may be last act for 'green bank'

wind farms.

Peter Hannam Set to be scrapped bank okays funding for jobs, market competition and clean energy.


Green bank funds Portland wind farm in final fling


Peter Hannam The $10b green investment bank, set to be scrapped by the incoming Coalition government, will create hundreds of jobs, increase market competition and provide enough clean energy to power 31,000...


Coalition's energy policy leaves renewable industry wondering


Peter Hannam Little of the Coalition's energy policy and proposed action on climate change is clear cut.


Regulator gives tick to power upgrade

Wind farm.

Peter Hannam South Australia's wind farms should now be able to export more electricity to Victoria.

Dim future for coal as renewables rise, research finds


Peter Hannam Australia's energy industry is on an inevitable path away from fossil fuels and further investment in the sector, particularly in coal, would be very risky, according to research by UNSW.


Lower prices offset carbon tax

Carbon pricing.

Peter Hannam Increased competition among electricity generators has driven down power prices.


Controversial wind farm gets clean bill of health


Peter Hannam A controversial $200m wind farm that divided a local community and drew opposition from a nearby maximum security jail has secured planning approval to proceed.


US shale gas exports 'no threat'

Shale gas.

Peter Hannam US exports of shale gas to Asia are unlikely to undermine the market for Australian gas producers.


Wintry blasts blow away wind energy records


Peter Hannam Blustery late-winter weather across south-eastern Australia combined with the addition of new wind farms have blown away records for wind energy supply.

Renewable energy study tips viable reality by 2030

Cows stand near the wind turbines operating on Capital Wind Farm in Bungendore.

Peter Hannam Sources such as wind and solar could supply electricity at prices comparable to fossil fuels by 2030.


A levee Charleville can bank on

Flood warning.

Peter Hannam Suncorp has begun cutting premiums for residents of a flood-prone region of Queensland.

Suncorp rewards Queensland town

Peter Hannam Suncorp has begun cutting the cost of premiums for residents of a flood-prone region of Queensland, signalling that benefits of mitigation efforts will flow through to local communities.


China's quiet achiever makes mark on energy's new frontier

Liansheng  Miao, chairman and chief executive officer of Yingli Green Energy.

Peter Hannam As China's solar tycoons go, 'Sun king' Shi Zhengrong and Miao Liansheng occupy different ends of the spectrum.


Rapid expansion a threat to solar

Solar panels.

Peter Hannam Blue skies or a clouded future? This week had elements of both to add cheer or fear to Australia's solar energy industry.


Raising the roof: solar's stellar double take


Peter Hannam Electricity supplied from the nation's rooftop solar panels almost doubled last financial year, contributing to the slide in power demand from the grid and lowering carbon emissions.