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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Reserve Bank reweights foreign currencies


Peter Martin Whatever you do, don't call it intervention. But the Reserve Bank has been a net seller of Australian dollars over the past month, buying foreign currency in excess of the government's needs for the...


Leading economists forecast growth to lift in 2014

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Peter Martin This time last year comittee said economic growth would slide, and it was right.


Economists forecast steady growth for Australia

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Peter Martin Economic growth is set to steadily climb in the two years ahead, housing investment will accelerate, and mining export volumes will grow strongly as prices fall sharply.

Manufacturer Holden is refusing to send a delegation to Canberra to discuss the future of the car industry in Australia

industry - car manufacturing - Holden

Peter Martin Holden has withdrawn further from communication with the federal government.

Holden spurns new car talks

Sidelined: Holden has backed away from further discussions with the federal government over the future of the car industry

Peter Martin Holden has withdrawn further from communication with the federal government. A delegation of car industry workers and union officials will arrive in Canberra for talks with government officials on...

Abbott's business adviser warns on national income


Clancy Yeates, Peter Martin Tony Abbott's pick as the head of his Business Advisory Council says Australia faces a collapse in the growth of national income so severe it will feel ''like hitting a brick wall''.


Abbott adviser warns on national income

Outgoing chairman of the asx MAURICE NEWMAN at their annual general meeting for 2008. AFR Photo by ROB HOMER, 080924. SPECIALX 92666

Clancy Yeates, Peter Martin Maurice Newman says it will be like hitting a brick wall' when national income growth collapses.


Treasurer dumps Labor taxation plans

Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Peter Martin Joe Hockey has undertaken a spring clean of about 100 tax measures announced by Labor but gathering dust.

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Is direct action on carbon no action?

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Peter Martin It's no secret economists love prices, for the very good reason that they work.


Government inquiry seeks quick answers


Peter Martin The government has accelerated its inquiry into the car manufacturing industry in a last-ditch bid to convince Holden to stay.

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Here's a back-up if Hockey's audit is too rushed

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Peter Martin Joe Hockey's new Commission of Audit will be the most comprehensive in almost two decades.


Joe Hockey's RBA grant hits budget deficit

Joe Hockey.

Peter Martin In one hit Treasurer Joe Hockey has pushed up this year’s projected budget deficit from around $30 billion to nearer $40 billion.

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Why cut a nearly undetectable tax?


Peter Martin Prepare for a price shock. Australia's inflation rate is out on Wednesday and the market is expecting 1.8 per cent.


Despite growth fall, China will be biggest: analysis

china growth industry economy

Peter Martin China will be by far the biggest economy in the world within 17 years but its growth rate will have slowed to a trickle, according to a new Treasury analysis.

Victorian economy lags

Peter Martin Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory remain the best two performing economies, the Commonwealth Securities quarterly State of the States reports.

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Failure to pay unthinkable, but also unlikely


Peter Martin What will we do if the US can't pay its debts? Apparently we have 'back-pocket plans'.


BHP exec looks inward on failings

BHP exec.

Peter Martin The mining industry needs to shoulder a lot of the blame for shrinking competitiveness, says Mike Henry.


Recount puts dent in trade data

Peter Martin Until this week four of the past 12 months were in surplus. Not any more.

Recount puts dent in trade figures

Peter Martin Suddenly Australia's trade balance has turned nasty - not because of anything we've done.

Counting cost of nasty trade balance

Peter Martin Suddenly Australia's trade balance has turned nasty - not because of anything we've done, but because of what we're now counting.