Peter Martin

Peter Martin

Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Warning: after boom it'll be Dutch and go

Peter Martin Australia faces a run on its currency, a deeper collapse in housing prices and a bank funding crisis to rival Europe's as it tries to come to grips with life after the mining boom, according to a...

Peter Martin

Smoke signals: plans of Big Tobacco plain to see


Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent The attempt by Phillip Morris to get mileage out of a treaty masks an attempt to turn treaties into instruments.

Is the mining boom over?

Is the boom over?

Matt Wade and Peter Martin Australia's mining boom was never going to last forever. Tucked away in the budget papers two years ago were estimates from Treasury and Geoscience Australia about how long our minerals would last.

Household bonus boost fails to linger

Immigration cuts have contributed to the decline in retail sales.

Peter Martin The boost to retail spending flowing government handouts appears to have ended.

Ukraine disputes packaging law

Plain cigarette packaging

Peter Martin Big tobacco has opened up a new front in its war against Australia's plain packaging laws.

Tax Office's 'black box' faces audit: watchdog


Peter Martin The 'risk engine' used by the Tax Office to single out Aussies for audits may itself be probed by the complaints watchdog.

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Corporate tax cuts not so easy

Chris Jordan, head of a new federal tax reform

Peter Martin Set up amid optimism about finding ways to cut Australia's 30 per cent corporate tax rate almost a year ago, the Treasurer's business tax working group will report this week that the task is harder...

Banks' $2 fee has big effect

Australians have banking economists stumped.

Peter Martin Australians have banking economists stumped.

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Peter Martin

RBA breaks silence on soaring dollar


Peter Martin The Reserve Bank turns to 'open mouth' operations in a bid to hold back the rising Aussie dollar.

Peter Martin

Time to come clean on US bedfellow, minister

Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent What on earth is our trade minister doing? Late last year he flew to Tokyo to sign a so-called Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that, among other things, would have broadened the definition of...

Call for rethink of RBA's role

APRA architect Ian Harper says time for fresh banking inquiry into RBA's role 'long overdue'.

Peter Martin Professor Ian Harper, considered one of the architects of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, says he would be prepared to consider refashioning a Wallis-style inquiry into the financial...

Rate cuts, handouts boost sales as shoppers get their mojo back

Centro Roselands, Sydney

Peter Martin PEOPLE stormed back into shops in June as back-to-back interest rate cuts, mid-winter sales and $2.85 billion of government handouts pushed spending on shoes, clothes, cosmetics and takeaway food...

ABS clashes with UN on carbon tax reporting

If the government imposes a tax, then pays the bill, did the government impose a tax in the first place?

Peter Martin If the government imposes a tax, then pays the bill, did it impose a tax in the first place?

Inflation fall clears way for more rate cuts

Federal treasurer Wayne Swan announces inflation figures during a media conference in Sydney on July 25, 2012. Australian inflation rose 0.5 percent in the June quarter and 1.2 percent year-on-year in data which came in just below expectations and was seen as neutral for interest rates.  AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD

Peter Martin, Stephen Nicholls and Chris Zappone INFLATION has slipped to its lowest point this century, giving the Reserve Bank ample room to further cut interest rates and calling into question claims that Australians are pressured by the cost of...

Peter Martin

Housing investment will 'replace' the mining boom

Peter Martin THE other side of Australia's mining investment boom won't look so bad, according to long-term forecasts released today by BIS Shrapnel.

Mining boom forecast to end in two years


Peter Martin Australia's budget surplus has evaporated and its mining investment boom has only two years to run, according to Deloitte Access Economics.

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More rate cuts off table for the time being

Reserve Bank of Australia

Peter Martin THE Reserve Bank is done with interest-rate cuts for the moment, believing Australia has a ''Goldilocks'' economy that's neither too hot nor too cold.

ABS job figures wrong, but it's too big a job to fix

Flexible work arrangements will become increasingly relevant in keeping older workers in gainful employment.

Peter Martin Bureau won't correct errors in the official record because it will cost too much money.

All bets on Reserve to stay its hand

Reserve Bank of Australia

Peter Martin THE Reserve Bank's board is considered to be certain to sit on its hands today for the first time in three months amid signs that its previous rate cuts are stabilising property prices.

RBA reassures on housing market


Peter Martin If anything the market is undersupplied, according to assistant governor Guy Debelle.