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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Singapore exchange sticks to plan despite latest setback

Eric Johnston, Peter Martin THE Singapore stock exchange has all but admitted defeat in its planned $8 billion bid for the Australian Securities Exchange.

Singapore signals no change

Eric Johnston, Peter Martin Singapore Exchange all but admits defeat in its planned $8 billion bid for Australian Securities Exchange owner ASX Ltd.

Lib bid to tax family trusts

Peter Martin, Ben Butler Coalition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey has opened a potential war front with the Nationals and hundreds of thousands of Australians who receive income from trusts, declaring trusts should be taxed...

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Hockey calls for trusts to be taxed at company rate

Peter Martin, Ben Butler THE COALITION Treasury spokesman, Joe Hockey, has opened up a war front with the National Party and Australia's 663,000 trusts, declaring that family and other trusts should be taxed in the same way...

Peter Martin

Greens march to beat of same drum

Bob Brown

Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent The PM fails to read the manifold signs showing just how mainstream Greens supporters really are.

Peter Martin

Economic orthodoxy - it's a Greens thing

Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent Never has it been more important to understand the Greens. Never has a prime minister had less of a clue. From July the Greens will decide which bills become law.

Hefty tax report held over again

Peter Martin So comprehensive is the Inspector-General of Taxation's report into last year's Tax Office computer meltdown that the Assistant Treasurer says he needs more time before releasing it.

Big three win at expense of smaller firms

Peter Martin BHP, Rio and Xstrata - the co-called "big three" - have emerged as the biggest winners of the mining tax deal they negotiated with the government on the eve of the election, evidence to a Senate...

Northern Territory at top end for job vacancies

job hunt

Peter Martin LOOKING for a job? Don't try NSW. On average there are four unemployed locals competing for each position. In Tasmania it's even worse - there are seven.

Good times rolled ... away

Peter Martin Australia's banks receive a blunt message from the top of the Reserve Bank - the good times will not return, not like they were.

Bank price law has 'wider use'

Peter Martin Legislation introduced into Parliament to crack down on price signalling by banks has a much wider application.

Growth golden days long gone, lenders told

Peter Martin AUSTRALIA'S banks have survived the financial crisis only to face a blunt message from the top of the Reserve Bank - the good times won't return, at least not like they were.

Peter Martin

Carrots, not sticks, might do the job

Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent While Wayne Swan has been busy playing down expectations of the tax talkfest (''it's a forum, not a summit'') his Prime Minister has been building up expectations of the budget she will never be able...

Peter Martin

PM's dodgy maths on welfare dreams

Peter Martin - Economics Correspondent Gillard has a case to answer if she ignores the Henry road map for getting people back into the workforce.

Grey matter used to beat ATM fees

Peter Martin OLDER people are far from helpless when using banks. If anything, it is the young who get fleeced.

Mines lead boom, not workforce

Peter Martin MINING might be powering the economy, but its employment needs are tiny.

Miners' boost to answer industry needs

Peter Martin ECONOMICS CORRESPONDENT THE big mining companies will get preferred access to overseas workers and apprenticeships will be speeded up as part of a shake-up designed to ensure 75 large projects get the labour they need.

Mining giants given nod to import labour

Peter Martin Mining giants will get preferred access to overseas workers and apprenticeships will be fast-tracked as part of shake-up designed to ensure 75 ''mega projects'' get the labour they need.

Crisis in Japan cuts chance of interest rate rise for year ahead

interest rates

Peter Martin Futures market pricing in zero chance of rate rise in year ahead, with better than even chance of rate cut next month.

Banks decry 'about-face' on changes to credit card laws

Eric Johnston and Peter Martin THE banks have hit out at the Gillard government's approach to market reforms, accusing Canberra of an about-face on an agreement struck with the industry over a proposed shake-up of credit card...