Peter Martin

Peter Martin

Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

The bank that stopped a nation

Phillip Coorey and Peter Martin THE government will reveal measures next month to try to rein in the banks after the Commonwealth Bank thumbed its nose at the government, business and its customers by lifting interest rates by...

Fury over super-sized rate rise

Commonwealth Bank.

Peter Martin Australia's biggest bank has humiliated Treasurer Wayne Swan and thumbed its nose at a parliamentary inquiry by lifting its mortgage rates.

How the Commonwealth put the brakes on more rises

Peter Martin ECONOMICS CORRESPONDENT IT IS usually said that interest rate rises are like cockroaches - there is never just one of them. But this year's Melbourne Cup Day rise is an exception.

RBA clears way for rate rise

Reserve Bank/RBA

Peter Martin THE Reserve Bank is gearing up to sell a 0.25 point rate rise, scheduling an economic statement and an appearance before a parliamentary committee within weeks of today's Melbourne Cup Day board...

Track state a factor in rate odds too

Peter Martin THERE is more than a horse race at stake tomorrow. There is also the future of Australian mortgages.

There's more cash out there, even if it's not in your pocket


Peter Martin WE NOW have more money than ever - literally. Officially each Australian now has on hand or on demand an average of six $5 notes, four $10 notes and six $20 notes - totals that have changed little in...

Lift GST and expand mining tax: IMF

Peter Martin and Clancy Yeates THE International Monetary Fund has declared Australia's dollar overvalued and the proposed mining tax inadequate.

Low price rises promise Christmas cheer

Peter Martin ECONOMICS CORRESPONDENT RETAILERS are facing the likelihood of their best Christmas in years after a surprise dip in inflation all but removed the prospect of a pre-Christmas rate rise.

Peter Martin

Better to change a policy stance and be right than stay put and remain wrong

Peter Martin Has Joe Hockey had a brain explosion? Six months ago at the Press Club I asked him about Australia Post.

Coalition supports Turnbull policy that replaces network

Clancy Yeates and Peter Martin THE Coalition has adopted a new policy on high-speed internet that would render redundant the proposed national broadband network.

Peter Martin

Hockey may be changing his tune on the big banks, but what he is saying is right

PETER MARTIN Has Joe Hockey had a brain explosion?

Coalition to oppose key Telstra split bill elements


Peter Martin The Coalition is to oppose key elements of the bill which would split Telstra and create a legal framework for the National Broadband Network.

Dollar soars as inflation figures point to a Cup Day rate rise

Peter Martin Speculation about a Melbourne Cup Day interest rate rise has put a rocket under the Australian dollar, sending it close to parity with the US dollar for the second time since 1983.

Cup day rate rise tipped as dollar races ahead

Interest rates housing market australian dollar rba reserve bank

Peter Martin THE Australian dollar was within striking distance of the US dollar yesterday, climbing more than US1¢ throughout Monday to hit a high of US99.70¢ before falling to US99.50¢.

Hockey unveils plan to fight the banks

Peter Martin The Liberal Party yesterday took its biggest step towards redefining itself as a party, representing consumers and small businesses ripped off by banks.

'Banks are out of control': Hockey joins call for inquiry

Peter Martin THE shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, will call for an inquiry into the banking system today with the National Australia Bank, Westpac and the ANZ all expected to reveal record profits.

Superannuation leaves us anxious and confused

Peter Martin AUSTRALIA'S superannuation system is little understood and a cause of ''high anxiety'', research has found.

Treasury considers ways to rein in banks

Peter Martin THE Commonwealth Treasury is on a war footing, preparing for a public assault on any bank that attempts to push up its mortgage rate in excess of the expected Reserve Bank rate rise on Melbourne Cup...

Reserve Bank is under starter's orders for another rate rise

Peter Martin ECONOMICS CORRESPONDENT THE Reserve Bank is preparing to lift interest rates, declaring in its latest board minutes ''rates will need to rise'' and that it cannot ''wait indefinitely''.

Swan will let Aussie rise and shine


Peter Martin AUSTRALIA'S dollar is again set to test parity with the US dollar this week and the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has signalled a ''hands-off'' approach, saying attempts to hold it back might ignite...