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Silas and Karis Statheos and their neighbours Anneka and Lydia, jump on their new trampoline in their Blaxland backyard. ...

Choice calls for mandatory safety standards for trampolines

A five-year-old boy had his finger amputated after it was trapped in a trampoline, a 10-year-old girl hurt her back on a rail while playing a jumping game called "crack the egg", and a three-year-old boy fell to the ground and fractured his leg.

A court has found the makers of Nurofen ran a "misleading an deceptive" ad campaign.

Nurofen ran 'misleading and deceptive' campaign against Panadol

"Nurofen is better than paracetamol for common headaches," declared the advertisements placed in women's lifestyle magazines. The Federal Court has declared that claim to be misleading and deceptive, after two pharmaceutical giants went head-to-head in a two-year legal battle.