With 3500% stock gains, crashes are forgiven

China's market volatility is putting global growth at risk, says the IMF.

For China's army of small investors, the great thing about the nation's stocks is that they always seem to bounce back. But are they?

Currency traders head to China for pay rises

Big banks in China on average raise salaries by 6 to 7 per cent every year, while those in the US, Singapore or Australia usually offer only 2 to 3 per cent, according to Michael Page.

Bloomberg News   From London to New York, currency traders are clearing their desks as business evaporates. It's a different story in Shanghai.

China's $1.65 trillion Ponzi problem

A street scene along Shanghai's Bund: Chinese borrowers are taking on record amounts of debt to pay interest on their existing debt, prompting the rise of zombie companies.

Chinese borrowers are taking on record amounts of debt to pay interest on their existing debt, prompting the rise of zombie companies.

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Biggest losers from a hard landing in China

Were China to sneeze, the world may well catch a cold.

Malcolm Scott   Any further slowdown in Chinese growth would be bad news for the likes of Australia and Brazil.

Kidman holdings could head to the carvery

Beef producers across Australia are enjoying better returns.

Jared Lynch and Philip Wen   Australia's biggest private landholding could be carved up to satisfy Treasurer Scott Morrison after he blocked its sale to Chinese investors.

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Morrison blocks cattle station sale

Some of S Kidman & Co's cattle stations are within the Woomera weapons testing range.

Edward Johnson   The federal government says the location of one of the company's ten cattle stations in a weapons testing area could compromise national security.

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China economy faces downside risks: Xi

China is on pace for the slowest expansion in 25 years.

Sharon Chen   Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged downside risks to growth while assuring fellow leaders that Asia's biggest economy is resilient and will remain on the path of reform.


Darwin port group's militia links to military

The Chinese port of Rizhao in Shandong province is also a major naval base.

Philip Wen   Landbridge Group is among a number of firms in the key Chinese port city of Rizhao to have established armed militia units to support the military in event of war.

'Genius' claims driving Chinese formula demand

A Chinese "supreme infant formula" brand makes high IQ claims.

Esther Han   Chinese parents are being led to believe formula will enhance their child's brain development, sparking a huge demand and impacting Australian stock.

Supply is formula solution says Joyce

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says Australia needs to step up supply to meet demand for infant formula, rather than try to restrict supply.

Philip Wen and Jared Lynch   Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says the solution infant formula shortage is to increase supply rather than place restrictions on exports.

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Alibaba sells $7b of goods in 90 mins

Jack Ma, executive chairman of the Alibaba Group: The company sold billions worth of merchandise within the first 90 minutes of China's biggest shopping day.

E-commerce platform may sell a record $19 billion in merchandise on China's big shopping day today as it seeks to revive its fortunes.

Chinese police freeze $1.4b of shares

Corruption checks are taking place across China's financial industry.

Chinese police have frozen $1.4 billion of shares as authorities probe Xu Xiang, one of the nation's best-known hedge fund bosses.

Singles' Day: China creates the world's biggest online shopping event

James Bond actor Daniel Craig, left, attends the extravagant live television Singles' Day gala launched by billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma, right.

Philip Wen   It's a bit like the Boxing Day sales, except in China, online and unfathomably bigger.

China's rich snub new Australian stocks-for-visa program

Cashed-up Chinese seeking residency in Australia have been deterred by a new rule requiring them to invest in small-cap stocks, which have been very volatile in China.

Adam Haigh   Residency visa applications from Chinese millionaires have dried up since Australia changed the rules, forcing them to put some of their funds into smaller companies.

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Where Hollywood, China and Australian oil collide

Hony Capital president John Zhao has investments interests including film making.

Simon Evans and Angus Grigg   The razzle dazzle of Hollywood is a long way from the Santos oil and gas fields in Australia, but not for Chinese private equity firm Hony Capital.

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Plenty of Aussie formula online for Chinese shoppers

The official Australia page on Tmall, a popular online shopping portal owned by e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Philip Wen   Australian parents might be struggling to get their hands on their preferred infant formula, but on the Chinese internet, there's plenty.

Singles Day looking shaky despite China's run on Australia milk powder

Qiu Haijing employs more than 100 workers making and selling car seat covers via Taobao, a popular Chinese online shopping portal.

Philip Wen   Rural enterprises that have prospered through the world's largest retailing event of its kind say the novelty is wearing off.

China the 'wild card' as coal projections pared back, IEA says

Renewable energy subsidies are less than one-quarter of those for fossil fuels, the IEA says.

Peter Hannam   China has become a "wild card" for global coal markets as its demand for the fossil fuel ebbs and it helps drive a worldwide rush into renewable energy, the International Energy Agency says.

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Chinese steel exports tumble as trade frictions mount

The numbers are down, but China has still shipped 25 per cent more steel than the same period last year.

Jasmine Ng   China's outbound cargo shrank 20 per cent to 9.02 million tonnes in October from September.

China's $12b love affair with online shopping

Shopping online could get more expensive, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Lauren Davidson   It began as an anti-Valentine's event but has become the world's largest e-commerce extravaganza.

China shares set to enter bull market

Ordinary Chinese investors are piling back into stocks.

Kyoungwha Kim   China's benchmark share index is poised to enter a bull market, as ordinary investors returned to buy stocks after an unprecedented state rescue effort halted a $US5 trillion crash.

China burns much more coal than it claims

Big demands: A coal-fired power plant in Shanxi province, China.

Chris Buckley   China has been using up to 17 per cent more coal a year than reported.

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A 40 per cent chance of buying junk

Prada worth nada: Customer complaints about online orders hit 77,800 in 2014.

More than 40 per cent of goods sold online in China past year were either counterfeits or of bad quality.

The big bear stalking China's market

Hong Kong appears to be a preferred venue for traders to place large bearish bets on China's stock market.

Jonathan Shapiro   There's a big China bear out there in the market and it's leaving some remarkably large and intriguing footprints in the Hong Kong options market.

Will China's 'two-child' policy affect Australia?

For decades families in China have been largely restricted to having just one child or risk fines and other punishments.

Gareth Hutchens   China's decision to abolish its controversial 'one-child' policy will take years to work its way through the economy, and will not solve the problem of its ageing population, experts say.

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Blackmores' Chinese baby coup

Malcolm Maiden.

Malcolm Maiden   As China announces an end to its one-baby policy, Blackmores' move to expand from pills and potions to offer infant formula couldn't have been timed better.

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Why China scrapped its one-child policy

The number of babies has plummeted as a result of the policy and other changes in China, to 12.1 per 1000 people in 2013, from a post-reform peak of 23.3 in 1987.

Scott Lanman   These three charts explain what may have pushed Communist Party leaders towards the change.

Macau tipped to ease gambling restrictions

Melco's Lawrence Ho, second from left, with his wife Sharen Lo, and James Packer and his girlfriend Mariah Carey at the opening ceremony for the Studio City casino on Tuesday.

Perry Williams   James Packer's business partner Lawrence Ho believes the Chinese casino hub will wind back policies restricting gambling to reverse a crippling budget deficit.

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Packer, Carey hit red carpet in Macau

From right, Melco Crown Entertainment's Co-chairman, James Packer, singer Mariah Carey, Co-chairman and chief executive officer, Lawrence Ho and his wife Sharen Lo, pose at the red carpet of the opening ceremony for the Studio City project in Macau, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. China's world-beating gambling hub is getting a taste of Hollywood glamor as its newest casino resort makes its debut on Tuesday with a glitzy grand opening that masks turmoil behind the scenes. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Perry Williams   James Packer and his girlfriend, Mariah Carey, finally appeared on the red carpet together as they officially opened Melco Crown's $4 billion Studio City Casino.

China's epic bubble shown in three charts

Red flags fly in front of the Chinese national flag, right, at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, China, on Monday, March 2, 2015. China's annual meeting of the National People's Congress, which begins March 5 in Beijing, is expected to set government policies for the year on issues ranging from economic growth to military spending and pollution. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Marc Faber's advice that investors should pay attention to China's 'epic' debt bubble and its manufacturing slump is borne out in charts that show a surge in troubled commodity and industrial companies.

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