How Zhou Qunfei became world's richest self-made woman

When Zhou Qunfei passes a grinding machine, she is apt to ask technicians to step aside so she can take their place for a while.

David Barboza 10:00 AM   For years, she laboured in a factory, the best job she could get having grown up in an impoverished village in central China. Now she owns a multibillion-dollar operation.

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One chart Chinese investors are anxiously watching

China's sharemarket is finding support at the 200-day moving average line.

Vanessa Desloires   Investors in China's wildly volatile sharemarket are keenly watching a trend line which is proving a line in the sand for Chinese authorities who are determined to do whatever it takes to support.

Even jail can't stop China tycoon from tainting stocks

Pulling off a billion-dollar-plus deal from behind bars: Billionaire Huang Guangyu.

William Pesek   The bizarre tale of billionaire convict Huang Guangyu speaks volumes about why investors are fast losing confidence in China's stock market.

Chinese consumers 'laugh off' stock market gyrations

Chinese consumers appear untroubled by the wild swings of the nation's sharemarkets.

Mark Mulligan   Chinese investors have "laughed off" the latest gyrations in the country's sharemarkets, according to the authors of a consumer sentiment survey, and now see stocks as undervalued.

Analyst who predicted bottom for Shanghai stocks sees further 14% plunge

NEW YORK; 791013; smh NEWS 28/8; photo shows new york stock exchange during the crash of 1929. ***FDCTRANSFER***

Ye Xie   Chinese stocks are in the same trading pattern as Wall Street in 1929, according to Tom DeMark, who predicted the bottom of the Shanghai Composite Index in 2013.

Beijing scrambles to calm markets as shares gyrate

Beijing is hoping to calm fears about the financial stability of the world's second biggest economy.

Chinese shares whip-sawed between gains and losses on Tuesday as Beijing attempts to calm fears about the financial stability of their country.

Beijing's political capital casualty of implosion

John Garnaut dinkus

John Garnaut   Political control and market economics continue to collide in China and it's not yet clear that either of them can win.

China's sharemarket has an upside

Long-term investors should not be deterred by Chinese market volatility, fund managers say.

Vanessa Desloires   The renewed volatility in China's mainland sharemarkets has investors gritting their teeth, but long-term, bullish fund managers are seeing only an upside as China's reforms take hold.

China stocks slump again despite support promises

Stock regulators said late on Monday they were prepared to buy more shares to support the stock market.

Reuters   Chinese shares sank more than 3 per cent on Tuesday, as Beijing scrambled once again to stabilise the stock market.

Three reasons for Monday's massive Chinese shares rout

A Chinese woman stands behind a glass panel near stock prices displayed on a board at a brokerage house in Shanghai, China.

Rose Powell   The brutal selloff in Chinese shares late on Monday surprised even seasoned observers. But there were signs that markets were poised for a correction.

Is China crash start of something bigger?

Malcolm Maiden

Malcolm Maiden   Is the massive, late crash in domestic Chinese share prices the start of something bigger and even more disturbing?

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'Markets in China now not really markets'

Monday's plunge was all the more surprising because it followed a government rescue package that had helped drive a 16 per cent rally since July 8.

It's days like Monday that reassure Tony Hann he was right to avoid stocks in mainland China.

China stocks smashed on economic concerns

Perhaps not even the leaders in Beijing can keep reaping the efficiencies and dynamism of market economics while tightening their grip on the levers of absolute political control.

Kyoungwha Kim   China's stocks tumbled on Monday, with the benchmark index seeing its biggest loss since February 2007, retreating 8.5 per cent.

China manufacturing gauge hits unexpected 15-month low

China is taking on new risks by exposing itself to shaky political regimes, volatile emerging markets and other economic forces beyond its control.

Bloomberg News   A private gauge of Chinese manufacturing unexpectedly fell to the lowest in 15 months, reinforcing the need for further policy support in an economy that had seen signs of stabilisation recently. Regional stocks fell.

World's wildest sharemarket submits to Communist Party rule

The worst of the Chinese market rout is over thanks to massive government intervention. But at what price?

Kyoungwha Kim   China's government has managed to tame the nation's equity market. But having won the battle, has it lost the war?

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China's stocks rally most in a week on state support

Investors look at computer screens in front of an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai, China, July 14, 2015. Asian shares and the euro were tentatively higher on Tuesday on hopes that Greece's conditional bailout agreement would bring to an end that country's debt crisis, though caution kept broad gains in check. REUTERS/Aly Song

Chinese stocks rose the most in a week amid speculation the government is boosting funds to support the world's second-largest equity market.

China's 'triple bubble' risks global recession

Some tier two and three cities have housing for five-years' worth of demand.

Vanessa Desloires   China is the number one threat to the global economy, analysts say, with an over-inflated "triple bubble" threatening to drag global gross domestic product below 2 per cent.

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Chinese billionaire buys Australian cattle stations


Jane Wardell   A Chinese billionaire has bought two large Australian cattle stations for $47 million in at least the third deal this year involving a Chinese investor buying into the country's farmlands.

Shepherd turned billionaire plans to take on Samsung in China's largest global takeover

Tsinghua Unigroup chairman Zhao Weiguo.

Zhao Weiguo knew the only way to avoid a future raising pigs and herding sheep in rural China was education. Thirty years after enrolling in prestigious Tsinghua University, the billionaire is ready to cut the deal of a lifetime for his technology empire.

China could be the next Japan unless it learns from its mistakes

China has enjoyed decades of fast, debt-fuelled growth that created a steep run-up in real estate prices and, over the past year, one of the world's biggest-ever stock market rallies.

Enda Curran   Even as China's economy shows signs of recovering from a sharp slowdown, it remains vulnerable to the type of crash that dragged Japan into decades of falling consumer prices and stagnant growth.

China GDP beats forecasts, $A jumps

About 43 per cent of the stock market is frozen after more than a thousand companies suspended their shares.

China's economy grew an annual 7.0 per cent in the second quarter, steady with the previous quarter and slightly better than analyst forecasts, though further stimulus is still expected after the quarter ended with a stock market crash.

China may tip world into recession: Morgan Stanley

While China's growth is slowing, the country's influence has increased as it became the world's second-largest economy.

Ye Xie and Gavin Serkin   Forget about all the shoes, toys and other exports. China may soon have another thing to offer the world: a recession.

Chinese college kid's secret stock trade

Government support measures have helped spark a 13 per cent rally in the Shanghai Composite Index over the past three days.

Bloomberg News   Lu Tao can't sleep. He gets bouts of panic at night. And he's too afraid to tell his parents why.

China's crash reaction gives Platinum pause

Kerr Neilson's Platinum Asset Management is weighing up whether China is a buying opportunity.

James Thomson   Veteran investor Kerr Neilson has questioned the Chinese government's "apparent lack of poise" during the recent sharemarket crash and admits he is still grappling with the question of when to dive back into the market.

Five charts putting China's stock mayhem into perspective

As a share of gross domestic product, stocks just aren't as big a deal in China as they are in countries such as the US or Japan.

Malcolm Scott   As the dust settles (for now at least) on China's frenzied boom-and-bust stock market, it's worth looking at the role equity markets play in the world's second-biggest economy.

Saputo keen on Australia, NZ acquisitions

Lino Saputo jnr is "bullish" about the future of the dairy industry.

Jared Lynch   Saputo boss Lino Saputo jnr says the Canadian dairy giant is still pursuing its aggressive acquisition strategy despite a collapse in global milk prices.

China's rich seek shelter in foreign property

The Chinese have snubbed gold in favour of equities for the most part of this year.

Jane Wardell and Kate Holton   Realtors in Australia, Britain and Canada are bracing for a surge of new interest in their already hot property markets

Survival tips from a China bull

PM Capital portfolio manager for Asia Kevin Bertoli is gobsmacked by the Chinese government's panicked response to the sharemarket plunge.

Perry Williams   Kevin Bertoli says the fallout from Chinese government interference in the sharemarket has vindicated PM Capital's China strategy.

One-month losses for China's billionaires: $US100b

Money matters: The Chinese yuan.

Tom Metcalf and Jack Witzig and Sterling Wong   Billionaires from China and Hong Kong lost almost $US100 billion this month amid the stock market turmoil, though some of those losses were pared by the rally on Thursday and Friday.

China stocks surge again as support calms nerves

For the week, the CSI300 was up 5.7 per cent and the Shanghai Composite rose 4.5 per cent, their first weekly gains since mid-June.

China stocks bounced sharply for the second day on Friday, reversing an early-week slump in frenetic trading as markets regained a measure of composure following a barrage of government support steps to stem the rout.