Fear that China debt bubble will burst

The IMF has been calling out its concerns about China's debt levels for months.

Forget the US or Europe, because China is shaping up as the favourite to fall victim to a major banking crisis, according to a dire and frightening warning from the Bank for International Settlements.

China consumer inflation cools

Food prices were up 3.3 per cent in July, compared with a 4.6 per cent gain in the previous month.

China's consumer price inflation accelerated at its weakest pace in six months as food prices rose at a slower pace, although the long decline in upstream prices continued to moderate.

China will keep doing its own thing

China's official growth rate is 6.9 per cent but an increasing number of economic commentators from outside the country ...

On the prospects for China's economy, it's easy to be wrong. We analyse unfamiliar things by comparing them with things we understand, but China is one of a kind.

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