Who wins from Brexit? China

Chinese President Xi Jinping is not as all-powerful as he would appear.

The UK's vote to exit the EU is creating a lot of losers. But out of all of the market turmoil and uncertainty will emerge at least one big winner: China.

Four injured in Shanghai airport blast

Emergency crews whisk away an injured person at Shanghai Airport.

At least four passengers were injured at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport after an explosion suspected to have been caused by a man who detonated a home-made bomb, authorities said on Sunday.

Chinese amateur traders losing their shirts

Many small investors piled into commodities this year after an equities bubble burst, erasing more than 20 trillion yuan ...

Chasing the promise of outsized returns, 48-year-old businessman He Xiaolun started trading oil last August on a platform developed by the Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metal Exchange.

The food giant no one knows

Growing and selling its fruit in Southeastern China, Dongfang Modern is betting on the rising appetite of China's ...

It's Australia's fastest-growing food maker. But don't expect to find any of its products on your supermarket shelves.

Three surprising charts on China's growth

Performers walk past attendees during Tsai Ing-wen's inauguration ceremony on Friday.

Whether it be a flood of new tourists, demand for wine and food or a free kick for the global game of soccer, China's growth story is more complicated than just a hungry, modernising force.

'We all have to be worried'

"They need to be more aggressive in their reforms,'' Laurence Fink says. "However, I'm relatively bullish on China."

"We all have to be worried" about China's mounting debt amid slowing growth, says the man who oversees the world's largest money manager.

Chinese pharmacists target Australia

Hundreds of Chinese pharmacy owners will come to Australia to secure trade deals.

More than 600 Chinese pharmacy store owners and government officials are set to descend on Melbourne with one goal to strike as many deals as they can.

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