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Denials of corporate leaks full of holes

Anyone thinking the Australian Securities and Investments Commission lacks a sense of humour needs to read its recent report Handling of Confidential Information: Briefings and Unannounced Corporate Transactions.

CBD spies found the following nuggets buried towards the end of the report under the heading Possible source of leaks: ''There does not appear to be any consensus as to where most of the leaks are coming from. All the people that we spoke to said that leaks of confidential, market-sensitive information would never originate from within their organisation.''

A major potential source of external leaks was also ruled out in the next paragraph: ''All the advisers emphasised that their reputation would be at stake if they were associated with leaking confidential client information.''

Rogue traders with ESP obviously have a lot to answer for.

Looking Goodes

The launch of the AFL's indigenous round brought out the big guns in Sydney on Tuesday. Incoming head of the AFL Gillon McLachlan arrived from Melbourne to mix with a 200-strong audience at Doltone House Hyde Park.

NSW Premier Mike ''No Freebies'' Baird - who reportedly brought his own brekkie, coffee and toilet paper - was seen chatting with former QBE boss Frank O'Halloran and former Swans chairman Richard Colless.


Other guests included Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, Moelis & Co's Andrew Pridham and former Swans champion Michael O'Loughlin, who helped to launch the GO Foundation (Goodes O'Loughlin) to assist indigenous children and no doubt act as spotters for another crop of AFL champions.

Goodes is a big fan of the special jerseys to be worn when the Swans take on Geelong on Thursday night - they were designed by his mum.

Crew changes

Oceania Capital Partners has not seen this much fun since it changed its name from Allco Equity Partners some years back. On Tuesday, its largest shareholder, South African group Hosken Consolidated Industries, used its 67.7 per cent stake to muscle in its own management and force out the investment group's two independent directors.

OCP head Robert Moran is being ''transitioned'' to non-executive chairman, while independent directors Ian Tsicalas and Michael Brogan are being transitioned out. And HCI's board reps Michael Jacobson and Brian Scheiner are taking over as joint executive directors.

In last year's annual report, Tsicalas and Moran did tell investors that Jacobson and Scheiner ''work closely with our own team and the relationship is a growing and strong one''. Like an anaconda's grip, one might say.

Oceania explained to its minority investors on Tuesday the changes follow ''discussions with OCP's major shareholder, particularly around reduction in operating costs, having regard to the company's capital base''.

Green tickled pink

QBE director and author John M. Green was tickled pink with the news that the book publisher he co-founded, Pantera Press, was shortlisted for Small Publisher of the Year 2014 at the Australian Book Industry Awards.

CBD is interested in whether Green has another blockbuster in the works to follow last year's The Trusted, which Pantera describes as an eco-cyber-thriller: ''Imagine a global depression caused not by greed or stupidity but by a secret band of brilliant and radical environmentalists, 9S, using cyber terror to slash the world's population and smash its resource-hungry economy.''

Sounds like lovely bedtime reading for his fellow QBE directors.

Pity there was not a review by Australia's humblest former foreign minister since Alexander Downer - Bob Carr. Carr helped launch one of Green's previous efforts, Born to Run, in 2011.

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