Oil below $US50 in New York

Goldman Sachs said there's no fundamental evidence to justify this week's selloff in oil prices.

Oil dropped below $US50 a barrel as investors lost faith that an extension of OPEC-led supply cuts will ease a global glut.

Citi sees oil at mid-$US60

Ample oil inventories that have undermined output cuts are set to shrink, according to Goldman Sachs.

Citigroup joined Goldman Sachs in backing commodities, saying it's the season to have faith in raw materials and oil.

Oil slips in thin trading

A worker positions a drill bit high up on the derrick of a drill rig.

Crude oil prices slipped 1 per cent overnight in subdued trading, on news of rising US shale production and profit-taking

BHP pressured to abandon dual structure

Under the plan, BHP would move from a dual listing in Britain and Australia to a single Australian listing.

One of BHP Billiton's largest shareholders has called for an overhaul of the group's structure which it argues could release billions in dollars of value for shareholders

What happens when a heatwave hits in a post-Hazelwood world?

The risks associated with an electromagnetic pulse 'would cause a massive disruption to the electric grid'.

Extreme heat is a test. It tests people and the systems they rely on, not least the electricity system. So in a post-Hazelwood world, how will the national electricity grid cope during hot days as we seek comfort by cranking up our cooling systems?

Firms queue up to build SA battery

Tesla has put its hand up for the contract.

Dozens of companies from 10 countries are vying with Elon Musk's Tesla Inc to install Australia's largest grid-scale battery to help keep the lights on in the country's most wind-dependent state.

Battle for the balance of power after Hazelwood

Airconditioner use stretches the electricity at peak times in summer.

What can be done to make sure the national electricity grid runs smoothly, not just next summer but in future summers as more coal plants inevitably shut and we move to a cleaner electricity grid?