Federal Budget 2014

How Hockey ended the age of entitlement

<i>Illustration: Rocco Fazzari.</i>

As Joe Hockey set about deciding how to cut welfare payments, he asked for a comprehensive list of all entitlement programs. He couldn’t find one. So he had the 'Team of Bastards' make one.

Labor will block key budget reforms: Shorten

bill shorten

Key elements of the Abbott government’s economic strategy have been thrown into chaos after Bill Shorten declared its first budget a document based on lies and committed the Labor opposition to combine with the Greens in the Senate to block them.

APS begins to count the cost

Flag pole at Parliament House, Canberra

Canberra was confronted on Wednesday by the full impact of the federal budget on the jobs, careers and families of tens of thousands of local public servants and other government workers.

Abbott in denial over broken promises

Michael Gordon dinkus.

Phase one of Tony Abbott's strategy to sell the budget is to deny, point blank, that it is based on the deceit of broken promises made before last year's election.

Then and now: Abbott's broken promises

Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott

On the eve of the 2013 federal election Tony Abbott promised no cuts to education, health, or the ABC and SBS, and no changes to pensions. Fairfax Media looks at how those promises fared in the Abbott government's first budget.

Federal and state governments on GST collision course

Treasurer Joe Hockey addressing the media in the traditional post-budget speech to the National Press Club.

The federal and state governments are on a collision course over $80 billion in cuts to health and education, with Victoria, NSW and Queensland demanding an emergency meeting over the federal budget and NSW Premier Mike Baird labeling the budget a "kick in the guts".

John Howard predicts pain for battlers

Former prime minister John Howard says the 2014 budget will hurt battlers but he insists it is not the end of the “fair go”.

Former Prime Minister John Howard has backed the first Coalition federal budget since he left politics, but has warned its impact on the vulnerable should not be underestimated.

Budget 2014 in words

The words that don't appear are just as telling as those that do.

We’ve bundled the more than 3500 of the Treasurer’s words on budget night into this word cloud.