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Finding the advantage in outpacing competition

A brand does not necessarily confer a competitive advantage but  economies of scale often do.

Gaurav Sodhi   How can investors best pick companies which have the deepest 'economic moat'?

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Woolworths finally gets incentives right

The worry is the jaws of death have bounced open across the Woolworths group.

John Addis   Former corporate employees' critiques of their replacements need to be carefully interrogated.


Six signs of a successful acquisition

Not all mergers are successful.

Nathan Bell   Be wary when it comes to takeovers - unless there are excellent strategic and financial reasons why two plus two will equal five.

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Why you should avoid the MYOB float

MYOB's traditional desktop accounting software business has declined.

Nathan Bell   Bain Capital is ready to sell MYOB back to the public at a price almost twice what it paid.

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Sweet lessons from Nutella

The taste and ease of use of Nutella have made it an international hit.

Gaurav Sodhi   Michele Ferrero ran his hugely successful business by following the maxim of doing something different and sticking at it.


Six ways for a girl to get started in investing

It's important to get your children to learn about the value of saving and investing, without scaring them off.

John Addis   It's never too early to begin and these tips should help get the ball rolling.

Stocks at risk of a dividend cut

Of the top 20 stocks by market capitalisation, Intelligent Investor Share Advisor analysts said they were 'alarmed' by two and placed six in the 'worried' group.

John Addis   Investors aren't the only ones to succumb to the lure of higher dividends. Plenty of management teams have, too.


Your bear market survival guide


Nathan Bell   The best time to plan for a bear market is when things are going well, as they are now.

The bank stock you should be buying

CSC execs have been meeting local customers to calm fears of an association with the bribery scandal embroiling Commonwealth Bank of Australia's technology operations.

John Addis   Recessions tend to wreak horrible damage on bank share prices. But because we haven’t had one for so long many investors have forgotten that fact.


Win from the inside track

In the know: Companies with inside ownership significantly outperform the market.

Nathan Bell   Insiders have more information about a company's prospects than outsiders.

Too late to climb aboard Qantas?

Qantas shares have soared ... for now.

John Addis   There are two things to remember as you look wistfully at the potential 300 per cent Qantas' shares gain you missed.

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RBA's hands tied as property prices go through the roof

The Australian housing market is in the grip of an irrational exuberance.

John Addis   If a recession does trigger a property-price crash, it won't be Glenn Stevens' fault.

Is G8 Education the market’s best sell?

G8 Education managing director Chris Scott.

Nathan Bell   When you look at the signs, they're saying it might be time to sell G8 Education, says Intelligent Investor's Nathan Bell.


Don't follow the herd - opposite direction could pay off

Following the herd and your herd-driven broker might not bring you the best returns.

Nathan Bell   Research finds that swimming against the tide can be rewarding.


Hidden dangers in the mad dash to better yield

You have a goal, but you could be heading for a tumble.

Nathan Bell   Beware of investing in companies that raise dividends - their share price may rise but they may not be making any more money.

Winners and losers of the 2015 reporting season

drowning in paperwork

John Addis   It’s been a busy reporting season so far, with some big stock prices moves. To find the biggest of the past 30 days we combed through the ASX 300, removing all the resources stocks


Telstra’s dividend reinvestment plan is lazy investing

To DRP or not to DRP?: Telstra is reactivating its dividend reinvestment plan.

Nathan Bell   Telstra shareholders can now compound their stocks in the company, but at what price?


Wrong thinking on Commonwealth Bank investment

As Fairfax reported last week in "Should you sell CBA shares?", just two of 14 analysts tracked by Bloomberg rate the stock a "sell".

Nathan Bell   Unlike Shane Watson, Commonwealth Bank appears set to soon crack a ton.

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Why you should avoid ANZ Notes 3


Nathan Bell   When a banker offers you a hybrid security and a 124-page prospectus, hold on to your wallet.

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Three ways banks are killing competition

Australia's banks are highly skilled at defending their interests.

John Addis   The ASX’s mFund gives a small but revealing insight into how banks stifle competition.

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Making money from debt

Debt collectors are estimated to handle more than $15 billion in unpaid debts this year.

Nathan Bell   Credit card debt has doubled in the last 10 years. It now stands at $50 billion, the equivalent of $3,200 per cardholder.

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Too much, too late: Have Australian banks missed the boat on China?

Nathan Bell   The Australian banking sector could have tens of billions of dollars stuck under the pillows of China's shadow banks.


Floats can leave small investors with fingers burned

Safe hands: Be wary of companies making placements, particularly when there's no share purchase plan attached.

Nathan Bell   Many share issues favour large shareholders over small. How can you tell if you’re being short-changed?


A way out of the ASIC shambles

Whistling: Even a former ASIC lawyer says the agency favours big business.

John Addis   Why have a regulator that doesn't believe in regulation?

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Consider competition before jumping into Medibank float

Medibank is a large IPO, worth $4 billion.

John Addis   Investing in the Medicare IPO purely because of its 'leading' market position would be a mistake.

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CEO report card: Too many falling short

Alan Joyce told Qantas shareholders the worst is over.

John Addis   CEOs need to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

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RBA flags housing risks but does nothing

The big four banks control 80 per cent of Australia's mortgage market.

John Addis   The RBA finds itself clearly pointing to the very real risk of an over-heating housing market without offering any clear solutions to it.

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News Corp investors reading between the headlines

News Corp's Wall Street Journal business appears to be in good shape, but some of its global stablemates are struggling.

Nathan Bell   Will News Corp eventually exit its local newspaper operations and if so, when?

Your 30 min reporting season checklist

Your 30 minutes starts now.

Nathan Bell   If you’re pressed for time this reporting season, here's how to extract exactly what you need to know from a company’s result in half an hour.