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Bunnings beating Masters in the car park

Despite Woolworths' attempt to take on Bunnings in late May, Masters posted its worst quarterly loss of $66 million during the three months to May 1.

John Addis   Whoever takes over from outgoing Woolworths CEO Grant O'Brien will have Masters at the top of their to-do list

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ASX tumble: What not to do

When markets are running hot it's easy to invest on emotion.

John Addis   Making sensible decisions while we're anxious and emotional is the big challenge in investing.

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Great result but Telstra is like Woolies

Telstra has the jump on its competitors, but for how long remains to be seen.

Gaurav Sodhi   Little seems capable of troubling Telstra right now. Yet as Woolies' experience warns, outsized returns are a threat.


Is it too late to invest overseas?

Australians wanting to buy Nasdaq technology stocks may find them expensive since the fall in the Aussie dollar.

John Addis   For investors looking for international exposure, the obvious question is "have I missed the boat"?


Platinum Asia calling

Asia, especially China, is being promoted as having great investment opportunities.

James Carlisle   New fund offers investors a chance to benefit from the booming economies of our Asian neighbours.


Stripping well adds to BHP's appeal

BHP can control production rates, costs and capital expenditures to a much higher degree than its peers.

Gaurav Sodhi   A concentrated focus and smart strategies will help the big miner reward cautious investors.


Austbrokers faces major buffeting

Austbrokers chief executive Mark Searles: The company's underlying net profit fell 15 per cent in the six months to December.

Graham Witcomb   Warren Buffett is aiming to put one Australian business out of business. What can Austbrokers do?

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Apple Watch another iPhone-style hit?

The Apple Watch goes on sale around the world on Friday, but not in Apple stores.

John Addis   Everyone will be looking for evidence of whether Apple has another hit on its hands. Here's what they'll find.


Ignore the problems – look for the opportunities instead

While some investors may feel all at sea, there's no need to panic.

John Addis   Don't let the fear get to you - there are a some big long-term trends running in our favour.


A Bonds-led recovery at Pacific Brands?

We may be loyal to Bonds, but don't expect overseas buyers to show quite the same loyalty in the marketplace.

Graham Whitcomb   Has PacBrands experienced the turnaround everyone's been waiting for?

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Is mFund too good to be true? Yes

mFund is a hassle-free, low cost way to trade managed funds. So where's the catch?

John Addis   Does the new mFund meet it's ambitious goals? In one sense, absolutely, and in another, not just yet.


Pumped up but Caltex still no star

Caltex altered profile and it paid off.

Guarav Sodhi    Caltex is a far better business than it was two years ago but still not a great one.


Our best resource stock sells … blood

CSL's  plasma therapies are medical necessities.

Graham Witcomb   Significant economies of scale, steady growth and a clean balance sheet make CSL one of Australia's best businesses,

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Finally, proof we are in a property bubble

The gap between what investors and owner-occupiers pay for home loans is tipped to widen.

Every bubble has its naysayers and disbelievers. Usually, no one pays them much attention, at least not until the bubble bursts and the media are casting around for someone to explain what the hell just happened.


Flawed model is Metcash’s Achilles heel

Metcash's IGA is fighting a price battle with giants.

John Addis   Shares in the grocery wholesaler slumped last week. Unfortunately, the pain is only just beginning.

Tough road ahead for Cochlear

Cochlear chief executive Chris Roberts is stepping down and will be succeed by Chris Smith.

Graham Witcomb   After 12 years at the helm, Cochlear chief executive Dr. Chris Roberts has announced he will leave the company in August.


What to do with South32?

The money lavished on BHP's  iron ore, petroleum and copper assets wasn't spent on the small and maligned collection of mines that constitute South32.

Gaurav Sodhi   The media may have already dubbed it a failure but, make no mistake, a giant has been born.


The real budget winners

A portion of wealthy pensioners are laughing all the way to the bank as nothing is done about burgeoning superannuation and capital gains burdens on taxpayers.

John Addis   Despite declaring the need for emergency action, Treasurer Joe Hockey did not stem the flow of government funds to rich retirees.


Recession-proofing your portfolio

Deflation doesn't just impact on the economy.

John Addis   John Kenneth Galbraith famously said that there are two types of forecasters; those who don't know, and those who don't know they don't know.

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Where Woolworths went wrong

If Woolies isn't prepared to cut margins, it seems unlikely that fixing the wheels on a wayward trolley will.

James Carlisle   Woolworths wants investors to know that it's a 'strong business with lots of potential', but repetition is not proof of belief.


Finding the advantage in outpacing competition

A brand does not necessarily confer a competitive advantage but  economies of scale often do.

Gaurav Sodhi   How can investors best pick companies which have the deepest 'economic moat'?

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Woolworths finally gets incentives right

Morgan Stanley cut its 2015 underlying net profit forecast for Woolies by 0.4 per cent.

John Addis   Former corporate employees' critiques of their replacements need to be carefully interrogated.


Six signs of a successful acquisition

Not all mergers are successful.

Nathan Bell   Be wary when it comes to takeovers - unless there are excellent strategic and financial reasons why two plus two will equal five.

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Why you should avoid the MYOB float

MYOB's traditional desktop accounting software business has declined.

Nathan Bell   Bain Capital is ready to sell MYOB back to the public at a price almost twice what it paid.

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Sweet lessons from Nutella

The taste and ease of use of Nutella have made it an international hit.

Gaurav Sodhi   Michele Ferrero ran his hugely successful business by following the maxim of doing something different and sticking at it.


Six ways for a girl to get started in investing

It's important to get your children to learn about the value of saving and investing, without scaring them off.

John Addis   It's never too early to begin and these tips should help get the ball rolling.

Stocks at risk of a dividend cut

Of the top 20 stocks by market capitalisation, Intelligent Investor Share Advisor analysts said they were 'alarmed' by two and placed six in the 'worried' group.

John Addis   Investors aren't the only ones to succumb to the lure of higher dividends. Plenty of management teams have, too.


Your bear market survival guide


Nathan Bell   The best time to plan for a bear market is when things are going well, as they are now.

The bank stock you should be buying

CSC execs have been meeting local customers to calm fears of an association with the bribery scandal embroiling Commonwealth Bank of Australia's technology operations.

John Addis   Recessions tend to wreak horrible damage on bank share prices. But because we haven’t had one for so long many investors have forgotten that fact.