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What the media is still getting wrong about China's stockmarket

China remains the biggest story in world financial markets, but the media is still getting a key element of it wrong. 

In China, red is a lucky colour. And unlike in the West, on the Chinese stockmarket, red is used to signify a rally in shares rather than a selloff. By the same token, the screens flash green when shares are heading lower (as The Australian Financial Review's China correspondent Lisa Murray has previously written, when stocks are sliding it is sometimes described as a "vegetable market".) 

We've discussed all of this this before, of course, but the message isn't getting through to everyone yet. 

The Guardian arguably could have chosen a different stock image for this comment piece


Maybe Fortune Magazine could have chosen a different colour scheme for the lead image here

 Likewise CBNC for this tweet 

OK, the Hollywood Reporter is not known for its financial markets coverage, but still 



Credit where it is due, to the Washington Post for the more appropriate image it chose for this one

 We had fewer examples to work with this time, so perhaps the message actually is starting to get through. 

At any rate, the outlook for the Chinese economy and markets remains highly unpredictable. So expect to see more stories like the ones above. Whether they actually contain appropriate images...remains to be seen.