Holden, Kia pull YouTube ads over video insulting Ita

Holden and Kia have pulled their ads from YouTube after they appeared on a video abusing Ita Buttrose.

Holden and Kia have suspended all advertising from YouTube after they unwittingly paid to promote their cars alongside an offensive video that directed misogynistic insults at journalist and businesswoman Ita Buttrose.

Google ad crisis spreads as biggest marketers pull spending

Some of the heaviest US spenders have pulled back their ad dollars, potentially costing Google and YouTube hundreds of ...

A UK boycott over concerns that ads could run alongside offensive videos has spread across the Atlantic as some of the heaviest US ad spenders pulled back, potentially costing Google and YouTube hundreds of millions of dollars in lost business.

Google to revamp ad policies after UK, big brands boycott

Google will give clients more control over where their ads appear on YouTube.

Google, the primary revenue driver for Alphabet Inc., announced changes to its advertising policies after major brands pulled ads from the platform because they appeared alongside offensive content, such as videos promoting terrorism or anti-Semitism.

News Corp erased 20 million emails amid phone-hacking probe

The first attempt to take over Sky was thwarted by the phone-hacking scandal at News International.

The UK publishing arm of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp deleted 20 million emails in 2010 and 2011 as investigations into illegal phone hacking by journalists gathered pace, according to new evidence in a lawsuit that could cast a shadow on the takeover of pay TV provider Sky .

Ten shares hitting historical lows

Ten logo

A large shareholder appears to be exiting the Ten Network registry outside of the company's billionaire owners coterie, pushing shares down to all-time lows of 52 cents on Tuesday.

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