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Motley Fool

Your chance to learn from Warren Buffett

Scott Phillips When master investor Warren Buffett speaks, sensible investors and business people the world over stop and listen.

How you can profit from car repairs

During downturns, consumers tend to put off upgrading to a new car and instead spend more on keeping their old car running.

Matt Joass Recession-resistant businesses are hard to find, but Auto-parts distributor Burson Group measures up, reckons Motley Fool.


How to profit from declining dollar

If the Aussie dollar has already fallen, where's the benefit of buying US shares now? Here's why: we don't know if this is yet the bottom for the Aussie dollar.

Scott Phillips The currency has fallen… here’s what to do next.

Motley Fool

It's a tale of great expectations

Reject Shop's chief executive Ross Sudano. The company's investors were smiling too this week.

Scott Phillips It’s not earnings that matter, but how they compare to market expectations.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: The world's most successful company

One dollar invested in tobacco stocks in 1900 was worth $6.3 million by 2010. That's 165 times greater than the average industry.

Morgan Housel Take a look at this chart. It shows the performance of the most successful company in the world.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Three China myths busted

Over the next decade, the Chinese government plan for another 200 million people to migrate to cities, or around 20 million per year.

Matt Joass China is the word on every investor’s lips. Its demand for our exports, industrialisation and impact on the global economy is enormous. But there are risks, too. We’ve just returned from a research trip to China. We met with economists, professors, hedge-fund analysts, company leaders, everyday consumers, and manufacturers from a wide range of different industries. Here are 3 big China myths that it’s about time we all dropped:

Motley Fool: Making sense of earnings season spin

Scott Phillips Ah, earnings season. The two times each year when company investor relations staff really earn their money.


Franking means more bang for your buck

Fully franked dividends are as Australian as Vegemite.

Scott Phillips Our franking credit system is the envy of the world. Why not take advantage of it?


Uber-trouble for Cabcharge investors as technology takes over

After weeks of bad press, taxi app service Uber introduces new driver screening methods using

Mike King Poor Cabcharge shareholders. They probably didn’t see it coming, and the company itself is fighting fires on more than one front.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Nine thoughts about investing and the economy

People are so caught up in irrelevant short-term news that they miss the important long-term trends, says the Motley Fool.

Want to be a better investor? Keep learning…


Brace for a house price crash and you won't get caught out

Bubbles are only apparent in hindsight,but that doesn't mean one isn't coming.

Scott Phillips No one knows if it's going to happen but if it does, you'll want to be ready

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Lessons from the Swiss currency mess

Swiss flag

Morgan Housel The Swiss National Bank made history when it ended a self-imposed cap, catching global investors by surprise and bankrupting hedge funds.

Motley Fool

Buy Australian. I did

Australian Made

Scott Phillips Being brave in the face of uncertainty can help you reap rewards, especially if it's made in Australia.


Stark warning: Winter is coming, prepare for the worst

It will come: The time to prepare for the next economic winter is not after the sleet and snow has arrived.

Scott Phillips As sure as night follows day, busts have followed booms since time immemorial. So are you ready for the next recession?

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Why you pay too much for financial advice

A dollar is a dollar.

Morgan Housel I bought a new car this weekend. I'm usually frugal, a bargain hunter. But here's the truth: I caved on the price.

Motley Fool

The smart machine revolution

Altium's main product is an advanced piece of software called Altium Designer that helps engineers design printed circuit boards.

Matt Joass Smart machines are appearing everywhere, and one Aussie company's software has helped design the electronics that power thousands of the products we use every day.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Just look the other way

The Wall Street dream might be possible for the average punter.

Morgan Housel You have heard about the marshmallow experiment. Here is the bit they don’t mention.

Motley Fool: Why you should buy US shares

The Wall Street dream might be possible for the average punter.

Scott Phillips Love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is considered The American Dream. But there's another American Dream, or at least a derivation of that pursuit of happiness. We'll call it the Wall Street dream.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Time to remove the emotion

It's time to remove the emotional biases.

Matt Joass New Year’s resolutions are all about challenging our weaknesses. It’s the one time each year that we recognise our human foibles and resolve to do better.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Investing ... prevention is better than cure

Although lung cancer treatments have improved, prevention is far better than cure.

Morgan Housel Few things you learn as an adult are more important than the simple advice you learn as a kid.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Hey Mum, I invested in property

'You'd think my mum would be proud, but she thinks my investment is crazy.'

Andrew Page It’s been a great year for my investment property. I keep a very close eye on what’s happening with house prices in my area, and lately things are going well. Very well.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: The opposite of a role model

Bored worker

Morgan Housel How do you stay motivated at a job where you feel bad for the people you're supposed to aspire to become?

Motley Fool

Stocks for your stocking


Scott Phillips Shares aren’t a traditional gift, but don’t let that put you off from giving them to your loved ones.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: How low will Rio Tinto go?

Rio Tinto.

Matt Joass There are two major factors that will decide Rio’s fate. The price of iron ore, and the value of the Aussie dollar. Thankfully for Rio, the two are linked.

Motley Fool

Oil investors' crude awakening

The question now is should oil investors be looking for better returns?

Tom Richardson They don't call it the black gold for nothing, but investing in oil companies has proven seriously detrimental to investors’ financial health lately.

Motley Fool

Qantas takes flight

Qantas shares have soared in recent months.

Andrew Page Are the bad times finally over? Shares in the Flying Kangaroo have climbed 50 per cent during the past month.


Five steps to getting started in shares

Baby steps: Even the best businesses can stumble, but there's a lot you can do to put the odds in your favour.

Scott Phillips Investing can be daunting - but the reward is worth it.


Six lessons from the Medibank IPO

Tasty to investors: The success of the Medibank privatisation suggests more privatisations will be on the way.

Scott Phillips Hype, fees, no stag profit, and more to come …

Motley Fool

Don't just sit there, invest!

The ASX has been bumpy over the past few months, enough to make some investors switch off - but there are gains to be made.

Scott Phillips Ignore the hype around Medibank, the fear over commodities, and the market fluctuations. And buy great companies at good prices.

Motley Fool

What to do with your Medibank shares?

Medibank Private's float was a big win for Finance Minister Mathias Cormann  - but what should retail shareholders do?

Mike King Sell and take a profit? Or hang on for the ride? There's a case for either one.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: One ‘gunna’ company that can

Medical imaging company Promedicus, although a profitable business, certainly seems to be at risk of being labelled a ‘gunna’ company.

Andrew Page Many an investor has been lured into investing in businesses with sexy stories; those on the cusp of greatness with the next breakthrough technology, or ‘game changing’ product.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: What's Medibank really worth?

No one knows what the share price of Medibank will do in the future, says the Motley Fool.

Morgan Housel Anyone who answers with a precise number is wrong.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: China trade deal’s profitable potential

The dairy sector where now looks a really good time to be an investor, says the Motley Fool.

Tom Richardson If there’s one area of the Australian economy that looks a clear winner from the recently announced Australia-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) it’s agriculture. China already buys more agricultural produce from Australia than any other market, with the trade worth an estimated $9 billion to the agricultural sector in 2013.

Motley Fool

Trade Me's Amazonian challenge

Trade Me founder Sam Morgan. He's still a non-executive director with the company.

Matt Joass The Kiwi giant dominates its home market, but are its days numbered?


Investing is easy, and you already know how to do it

Give it a whirl: The good news is that no matter your life experience, financial prowess or your level of self-confidence, you can get started with investing.

Scott Phillips You know more than you think - and more than the 'smart money' does.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: Medibank’s future not assured

Reports suggest private health insurers could be handed some measure of control over every Australian's general practitioner – following the US example.

Matt King In the United States, there's a quiet revolution going on. Health insurers are being bypassed as health care providers begin offering their own health insurance.

Motley Fool

Gail Kelly's time holds lessons for investors

The Westpac's chief's departure will leave a large gap when it comes to women in senior management roles.

Scott Phillips Diversity of thought and opinion is vital: The more you can include different perspectives and disciplines, the better prepared you are as an investor.


Don’t cry over spilt beer

Beer sales are booming, but investors should be wary about the brewery industry, it's a tough one.

Andrew Page "You'll never go broke selling beer in Australia!", or so the saying goes.

Motley Fool

Meet Paul, the investor who will kick your butt

Making money by keeping his cool: Recessions don't bother Paul. Pullbacks entertain him. He's immune to that stuff, which is a big advantage over most investors.

MorganHousel If I could build a dream investor from scratch, his name would be Paul. Paul is an optimistic, apolitical, sociopathic, history buff who takes others’ opinions more seriously than his own. Let me tell you why he is going to kick your butt at investing.

Motley Fool

Only the paranoid survive

Scott Phillips What's happened to Australia? Change is in the air. Word from South Australian brewers Coopers suggests our love of tap beer is on the wane, Channel Ten may not be long for this world as an ASX-listed business, and multinational corporations are paying almost no tax.


Money lessons from the Melbourne Cup

Harness the benefits: Learn financial lessons from the Melbourne Cup.

Scott Phillips The race that stops a nation can help you improve your financial position.

Motley Fool

Is Flight Centre the new Macca’s?

Flight Centre’s bright red brand and its grinning pilot are trusted brands akin to the Golden Arches and Ronald McDonald, reckons Motley Fool.

Tom Richardson It's not hard to make the bull case for Flight Centre. While I don't want to make you hungry, I can see parallels with iconic US burger barn McDonald's. The chicken nuggets and Big Mac maker has a market value of almost US$90 billion ($102 billion), but Flight Centre with a market value around $4.3 billion may be on the same growth menu. Here's why.

Motley Fool

Is your dividend really delivering?

Dividends are wonderful -- but only when the company can continue to grow, says The Motley Fool.

Scott Phillips If you’re an Australian investor and you’re breathing, there’s a very good chance you love your dividends. Australians -- thanks largely to our relatively rare dividend-imputation system -- love dividends like almost no-one else on earth.

Motley Fool

Sorry Mr Barnett, the miners are right!

We may have grown up on the sheep's back, but we're now clearly riding in the back of a mining truck - and the ride is getting bumpy.

Scott Philips WA Premier Colin Barnett is pretty unimpressed. The big miners, he claims, are to blame for creating a huge hole in his state's budget. A more cynical observer might suggest he's ducking for cover after the state's bureaucrats and government so badly botched its royalty forecasts from iron ore.


Secrets of the millionaire next door

SMH Money cover showing a fellow washing his Rolls Royce

Scott Phillips Look past the European cars to those who are really rich.

Motley Fool

Accessing Mighty River’s golden stream

With dividend yields of more than 5 per cent, the Kiwi electricity company is also attractive for Aussie investors, Motley Fool reckons.

Matt Joass The New Zealand electricity producer has dodged government intervention and is ready to spark shareholder returns

Motley Fool

Beware the 'falling knife'

If you're an explorer, or a company that helps miners prospect, test or dig, you're in a spot of bother, says The Motley Fool.

Scott Phillips Have you seen the share prices of mining services companies recently? In most cases, you could be excused for reaching for the magnifying glass. The share price charts look like a ski run at Perisher or Hotham, and you’ll be able to tell mining services shareholders by looking at them – they’re the ones who look perennially punch-drunk.

Motley Fool

The cast iron rules of money

Being wealthy is a state of mind, says the Motley Fool.

Morgan Housel No matter who you are, how much you earn, or how you invest, a few truths apply to you and your money.

Motley Fool

A sea of red? Well yes - red faces!

Share sell-down: Maybe it’ll the worst day since July. Maybe not. And it won’t matter a zac.

Scott Phillips The market took a tumble Friday morning, after Wall Street got the jitters. Those same jitters it's had a thousand times before, to the point it should simply be headlined 'here we go again'.

Motley Fool

Ainsworth has Aussie advantage, but know the odds

Len Ainsworth's pokies business has been growing rapidly over the past five years, but its share price undervalues its future prospects, Motley Fool reckons.

Matt Joass Let's face it, Australia is the world capital of gambling. Whether it is at the casino, racetrack, or pub, Aussies love a punt. In fact, annual gambling losses of over $1,000 per adult make us the biggest gamblers in the world. And with three times more poker machines per head than the United States, our gaming machine companies have become world leaders in design and innovation.

Motley Fool

Market highs: Cheer, but not too loudly

Scott Phillips Did you hear? The Dow Jones Industrial Average and US S&P 500 indices have hit fresh highs. Break out the bubbly (Dom Perignon, naturally).

Motley Fool

There's no surprise in the fall of iron or the dollar

Forget the crystal ball. Predictions are a mug's game, but recognising market trends to call out bubbles is a different story.

Scott Phillips There is no shortage of 'talking heads' – on television, radio or in print – prepared to make financial predictions.

Motley Fool

Webjet on cruise-control thanks to the power of habit

Not every Australian uses Webjet, but for those who do, the decision is almost as automatic as choosing Coke or Pepsi, says Motley Fool.

Matt Joass How much thought did you put in to where you did your most recent internet search? If you are like most of us, you probably didn't think twice.

Motley Fool

Your super is in your hands

The superannuation decision is woefully short-sighted from both a national and personal fiscal perspective, there’s little we can do about it, except take up the slack, says the Motley Fool.

Scott Phillips So the government has decided you don’t need increased superannuation contributions after all.

Motley Fool

Investing: Are you the problem?

More investors think the US market declined in 2013 than knew it had one of its best years in history.

Morgan Housel The S&P 500 rose 30.49% last year, after inflation. Amazingly, that was the fifth-best annual return for the US market since World War II.

Motley Fool

Protect yourself against crooks, commissions and conflicts

Quality financial planning advice can be vital when it comes to helping you structure your financial affairs properly.

Scott Phillips Another day, another financial planning scandal.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool: What you need to know about cloud computing

In the most basic form, cloud computing can mean using data centres with significant processing power to accomplish computing tasks.

Scott Phillips and Evan Niu "Cloud computing" has become the buzz-phrase of the 21st century, but does anyone have any idea what it actually means?

Motley Fool

These investment mistakes will cost you

Assume nothing: One of many rules to follow when investing, says Motley Fool.

Morgan Housel If you’re making these investment mistakes, you should be running away… fast.

Motley Fool

Here's a stock to make you smile

The global dental supply market is estimated to be worth many billions of dollars, and SDI already has an established presence with market leading products and growth potential.

Andrew Page Few investors will get excited over an Australian based manufacturer -- and given the fate of many, it's not hard to see why.

Motley Fool

The secret to investing? Keep it simple

The value of patience: investor Warren Buffett.

Morgan Housel You've probably heard the story about the guy who invented the game of chess.

Motley Fool

Why gold could be next to fall

Gold bullion

Scott Phillips We have known for decades - and probably centuries - that our economies move in cycles. Gold is no different.

Comments 9

Motley Fool

As you were: The case for worrying less

So happy together

Morgan Housel It's less a matter of 'no worries' than one of 'sick of worrying' that may explain an economy's ability to shed its funk.

Comments 2

Motley Fool

Leave the flip-flopping to the politicians

Morgan Housel The results of a recent survey of 1000 US investors by an investment firm carry some remarkable findings.

Motley Fool

Warren Buffett reloads the elephant gun

The elephant footprints are the oldest of their kind.

Scott Phillips Warren Buffett may well be loading Berkshire Hathaway’s ‘elephant gun’ with its cash hoard now topping $US40 billion.

Motley Fool

Protect yourself against these investing risks


Scott Phillips Despite some of the obvious risks when you invest, you actually face a host of different challenges.

Motley Fool

Investing in the 'new normal'

Sunrise over the Kalaweerina Creek where it flows into Lake Eyre.

Scott Phillips Market fragmentation and the 'store as a brand' are two trends investors should keep an eye on.

Motley Fool

Three opportunities from the downturn


Scott Phillips Memories can play tricks on the investor. We should forget how resilient the best companies are.

Stop listening to predictions

Illustration by Jo Gay for The Age Education cover, 17-9-2007.
Artwork shows a child silhouette listening with earphones; iPod; headphones.

Morgan Housel I don't watch the business news very often, but when I do, I soon find myself writing an article about how obnoxious it is.

Motley Fool

Four top stocks beating the market

 Racehorses racing--- racing, horse, gambling, betting, TAB, hoofs, thoroughbred   ******

Scott Phillips This stock-picker copped a bit of flak but the score - at half-time, anyway - is on the board.

Motley Fool

Navigating through the negativity

A Tagg Pet Tracker GPS pet tracking device.

Scott Phillips There's no point struggling through this current downturn only to give back the gains when the next bubble bursts.

Motley Fool

Four tips for energy investors

Excess water from the coal seam gas well was dumped.

Scott Phillips The energy sector offers different dynamics from mining stocks - and therefore, varied risks and rewards.

Motley Fool

Why the Barclays scandal matters

More headaches for Barclays boss Bob Diamond.

Matt Koppenheffer On Thursday, December 14, 2006, a derivatives trader at Barclays emailed a trader on the money markets desk, who we'll call Ted.

Motley Fool

Why Warren Buffett avoids technology

Information Technology Generic Info Tech Computers Cyber Technology  ? Mayu Kanamori 2000 041 924 5036

Scott Phillips Investing in technology can be profitable, you just have to make sure it's in your circle of competence.

Motley Fool

Buffett is betting on a recovery

Billionaire Warren Buffett

Scott Phillips Master investor Warren Buffett -- the world's third-richest man, with a personal fortune recently estimated at $US44 billion -- is renowned for making big, bold bets on the future direction of the US economy.

Motley Fool

Shares to weather the storm revisited


Scott Phillips Overall, the three companies we highlighted have performed reasonably well in a market that’s done very little – a passable result.

Motley Fool

Wesfarmers not yet on shopping list

Pension, shopping

Scott Phillips There was a time when huge, sprawling conglomerates were all the rage. That time has not returned - yet - for Wesfarmers.

Motley Fool

Three Buffett sayings that will make you money

Billionaire Warren Buffett.

Malcolm Wheatley It pays to listen to Warren Buffett's wise words - particularly in their full context.

Motley Fool

Sorry Facebook investors: it's your fault


Morgan Housel Facebook serves as a reminder that there's a difference between a great company and a great investment.

Banking: Same as it ever was

Where is the Aussie dollar headed?

Morgan Housel If the JPMorgan $2b loss saga tells us anything it's that the lessons of the GFC haven't been learnt.

A company poised to deliver

Baby and phone

Scott Phillips When is a company with declining sales and falling pre-tax earnings - worth your consideration?

Motley Fool

The most profitable bad news ever

Did you hear the thunder?

Scott Phillips Is it really that grim? Despite the great depression, wars, oil shocks, bouts of inflation, equities do better than you might think.

Motley Fool

Why you should stay invested


Morgan Housel Money flows in and out of assets at exactly the wrong time - in, just when things are expensive, and out, just as they're cheap.

Motley Fool

Telstra on the right track


Scott Phillips As Telstra shares top $3.50 for the first time since August 2009, there’s mounting evidence to suggest that we're seeing a sustainable recovery.

Comments 5

Motley Fool

Don't make these investing mistakes


Malcolm Wheatley A number of studies conclude that many investors regularly lose to the average stock market return. Clearly, they're getting something wrong.

Motley Fool

Avoiding the monopoly profits myth

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Zombie Scene 2 3

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Scott Phillips Being a monopoly - or even just big - doesn't guarantee a bumper profit stream for investors.

Motley Fool

Why good times can be bad for investors

Structural change is presenting companies with an ultimatum: shape up or die.

Scott Phillips Australia truly has enjoyed a Goldilocks economy these past 20 years. For some, though, the times just aren't good enough.

Motley Fool

The alternative Warren Buffett


Morgan Housel You don't have to be Warren Buffett to work out that small differences in annual returns blow out over time.

The problem with CEO bonuses

Colour illustration by Matt Davidson. THE AGE. BUSINESS. 27-11-2008. Fat cat, fat cats, wealth, wealthy, rich, CEO, golden handshake. Cat smoking cigar.

Scott Phillips The size of the packages being given to CEOs may be bloated and obscene - but for shareholders that isn't the main game.

Motley Fool

How to handle a China slowdown


Scott Phillips It may be a bit premature to call the end of the China boom, but being prepared for a slowdown can't hurt.

Motley Fool

Why Ken Henry is wrong on bonds

ken henry

Scott Phillips Ken Henry believes Australian super funds should have a greater weighting of fixed interest investment – corporate bonds in particular.

Motley Fool

The amazing power of dividends


Scott Phillips So much of investing goes in cycles. Whether it's the boom and bust cycles of the broader economy or the rhythmic patterns of corporate reporting, investors are used to ebbs and flows.

Motley Fool

Telstra: the bull and the bear


Scott Phillips Telstra shares have bounced 25 per cent since hitting all-time lows last year - but the question is whether it's been a relief rally or a renaissance.

Comments 2

Motley Fool

Why Buffett is cold on gold


Scott Phillips One of Warren Buffett’s favourite topics of late has been investors’ fascination with gold and with cash.

Motley Fool

Investing mistakes even the pros make

Scott Phillips Here are seven of the biggest rookie investing mistakes you can make.

Motley Fool

Investing with a conscience


Scott Phillips Richard Branson's latest book serves as a reminder that ethics have an important role to play in investment.

Motley Fool

Lessons from Buffett’s latest buy

Warren Buffett

Scott Phillips Warren Buffett’s style may not be for everyone, but his method is deceptively simple to understand – the difficulty is in being patient and disciplined enough to execute it well.

Motley Fool

Why you should shop overseas - for shares

Travlleing the globe is just a click away.

Scott Phillips The strong Aussie dollar makes the shares of some foreign companies tempting.

Motley Fool

Oroton worth considering for your stocks list

An Oroton bag.

Scott Phillips It takes some courage to invest in retail stocks in the current climate, but OrotonGroup is one stock worth a look.

Motley Fool

The rally is coming but don't ask when

Milan Stock Exchange

Scott Phillips It might be uncomfortable, but that is exactly the time to buy. When optimism returns, the opportunity will have passed.

Motley Fool

Four traits for successful investing

Gold barsKeywords:Banking, Bar, Billion, Brick, Bunch, Business, Carat, Chip, Color Image, Concepts & Topics, Corporate Business, Expense, Finance, Gold, Gold, Gram, Horizontal, Icon, Ingot, Luxury, Metal, Million, minted, Money, No People, Object, Ounce, Photography, Precious Gem, Purity, Reserve, Routine, Savings, Sculpture, Solid, Stack, Success, Symbol, Trade, Treasury, Wealth, Yellow

Jeff Fischer Investing should always be viewed as a long-term endeavour. And that means being in the market through its inevitable ups and downs.

Motley Fool

Without an iPhone 5, is Apple still a buy?

Apple's iPhone 4.

Eric Bleeker Only coming out with a 4S promotes the perception that Apple is getting lazy or falling behind when in actuality, it's not.

Motley Fool

Buffett gets bullish on Berkshire

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., speaks while on the exhibition floor during Berkshire's annual shareholder meeting at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., on Saturday, May 2, 2009. Buffett dismissed the importance of the government's stress tests of major U.S. financial institutions in helping him assess banks he invested in.

Morgan Housel It's a common irony that most share repurchases come at the worst possible time. Buybacks peak when shares are expensive and dry up when they're cheap. What's meant as a way to create shareholder wealth habitually destroys it.

Motley Fool

Three lessons for better investing



Fancy Dress Costume

Little Boys

Day Telescope

Dressing Up





Messing About




Looking Up






Differential Focus

One Little Boy

Waist Up

Little Boys Only

Scott Phillips It has been a tumultuous time in the markets. The extreme volatility may not be over. But rather than focussing on the day to day movements of share prices and indices, I wanted to see what broad lessons I could learn to help me be a better investor.

Motley Fool

One cheap way to play the retail recovery


Scott Phillips Westfield Group's long-term view makes it a stock worth considering even when markets are heading south.

Motley Fool

Investing isn't for wimps

Why men cheat (Thumbnail)

Morgan Housel A recent survey found 40% of people between age 18 and 30 agreed with the statement, "I will never feel comfortable investing in the stock market."

Comments 6

Motley Fool

Three beaten-down global winners going cheap

Strong rebound for local shares (Thumbnail)

Scott Phillips Wild swings in share prices do not translate into wild swings in the underlying value of a business.

Motley Fool

Dump your gold in favour of shares


Morgan Housel Gold is hitting fresh record highs. Investors should beware of the 'recency' phenomenon and consider selling the precious metal before it becomes less so.

Motley Fool

It's time to buy banks


Dean Morel Global financial markets have taken another stomach-churning downward spiral. Banks are in the firing line, with Bank of America and Citigroup plunging more than 10 percent in US trade.

Motley Fool

Five stocks for a choppy market


Scott Phillips There are three ways an investor can respond to the recent volatility - you can panic and sell, bunker down and wait for the storm to pass, or you can take advantage of the opportunities that may come your way.

Motley Fool

Investment trick is to stay calm

Just relax ... a yoga class.

Bruce Jackson The temptation is to sell stocks now. The news is not good. Our advice, though, is to keep your emotions in check - successful investing requires it.

Comments 7

Motley Fool

What to do when the market crashes

dart board

Scott Phillips Market swings can be scary but they can also offer bargains for the brave - and prudent.

Comments 30

Motley Fool

Three great US stocks on sale


Scott Phillips With Aussie dollar riding high, there may never be a better time to buy American shares.

Motley Fool

One MAD-cheap stock on our radar

Oil industry.

Dean Morel In a new series, each week The Motley Fool will highlight a company on our radar.

Motley Fool

Your US debt ceiling survival guide


Scott Phillips Nouriel Roubini, known in the media as Dr. Doom, foresaw the Global Financial Crisis. Like him or loathe him, he's quotable. On his Twitter account this morning, he offered the following:

Motley Fool

One hugely profitable discovery

Scott Phillips The United States economy is in a funk, consumers are reportedly turning away from mega brands and sugary soft drinks are well and truly a ‘sometimes’ food for families today.

Motley Fool

Too early for Greek bulls


Bruce Jackson Investors seem addicted to bail-outs with the latest rescue of Greece - and the US next - enough to spark a stampede.

Comments 6

Motley Fool

Death of DJs is greatly exaggerated

dj clearance

Scott Phillips David Jones's share price is more of a bargain than the heavily discounted fashion in the shop windows.

Comments 3

Motley Fool

The only way to get rich

Treasures uncovered in India.

Scott Phillips Forget ''get rich quick''. Other than in cases of lottery wins or sheer luck, it just doesn't happen.

Motley Fool

Retail recovery: closer than you think

Scott Phillips The old joke goes that economists have forecast nine out of the last two recessions. I can’t help but think the same applies to forecasts of the future of Australian retail.

Motley Fool

Good reasons to love shares again

Photo Illustration by Kate OliverAFR, GENERIC, SHARES Manager handing over a share package --- businessman, shares, parcel, gift, present,  wages, promotion, raise,  employment, unemployment,  jobs, male,  work, white collar, outsourcing, economy.   Wednesday 5th February 2003 photo Louie Douvis / ldz******

Scott Phillips Here are three good reasons to devote a substantial portion of an investment portfolio to shares.

Motley Fool

Three simple rules for stockmarket success


Scott Phillips It would be easy to dump shares in the 'too hard' basket and walk away. The long-term success of stocks, though, suggests it's worth the effort.

Comments 16

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