The ASX will have its bad years. For all we know, 2018 will be one of those periods. Or not.

Forget all predictions: History rhymes on the ASX

"They said you'd never make it," went the 80s beer ad, "but you finally came through". Which, while relevant almost every year, can certainly be said of the financial year which came to a close on Friday.

Ethical investing is gaining momentum for all the right reasons, but it's not always the best way to make a difference.

Trump doesn't care. Can investors do the right thing?

Responsible investing is gaining momentum for all the right reasons, but can investors make a difference? In some cases it might be better to go for maximum returns and donate a proportion of your profits to charity.

Vegemite has been snapped up as part of a $460m deal.

The other side of the Vegemite deal

I have to admit I smiled, knowing that Vegemite is planned to return to Australian hands. It is a national icon, after all. Is there really a more Australian product than Vegemite? Sure, we have our beer brands, and beer might be typically Australia, but it's not uniquely so.

Dollar Sinking In The Sea Showing Depression Recession And Economic Downturns generic pick of dollar sign sinking into water

GDP: Short for Generally Dubious Puffery?

GDP might well be the least bad of all the flawed ways in which we can measure the health of our economy. But it's far from perfect, especially if you're aiming to capture the impact of the economy on people.


Why Myer should be left on the shelf

There's every sign CEO Richard Umbers has the right strategy to get the best out of the challenged retailer. That doesn't mean you should buy the company's shares.

On the morning of October 8, 2008, as the global financial markets spun ever more rapidly out of control, Stevens came ...

A thank-you to Glenn Stevens

Glenn Stevens, will vacate the big chair in just over a week, having been at the helm during one of the most challenging economic periods in living memory, and has come out of it with the regard of economists, central bankers, politicians and investors.

Separate retailers with short-term problems from those in terminal decline, and you can still make a profit.

Why is retail so bleak?

Separate retailers with short-term problems from those in terminal decline, and you can still make a profit.

Will Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or challenger Bill Shorten win the election? Predicting a result may not be so easy.

Promises that cut

About the only election promise that you can believe is one to cut something. So who's winning on that score?

High expectations are riding on Mantra as tourism arrivals are booming, boosted by Asian travellers.

Cashing in on the tourism boom

Australian tourism is growing at the fastest rate in decades, and accommodation group Mantra is ready to make the most of it.

Vampire, Halloween, Feamle vampire, Human Teeth, Fang, Women, Horror, Haunting, Human Mouth, Female, Lips, Human Face, ...

Great leaders bare their FANGs

Why a chief with vision, drive and purpose is in many cases more important than a company's assets, inventory and order book.

Negative gearing is that it makes speculating on property more attractive.

A plague on all our houses

For a sharemarket investor, there are both risks and opportunity presented by the mooted reduction or abolition of negative gearing.

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